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Post by Chelody on Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:11 am

((I was told I was allowed to post this up, please don't hate me!))

IRC Nickname: Chelody
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Norra

Character Name: Viral infection Azure prototype 12. Really she just prefers Blue.

Original Dimension: Original World Tarum.
Race: Viral Strain
Age: 176
Sex: Has decided on female.
Height: 6’2
Weight: 180
Likes: Booze, parties, life in general.
Dislikes: Buzz kills, destructive types.

Physical Description (Or picture): Whatever body she is using, Blue always seems to take on the same physical attributes. Tall and strongly built with short, straight, dark blue hair. Her eyes are sharply angled and a powdery blue color. Most often not having a choice she’ll wear whatever is on hand.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Created specially for longevity on the field Blue has extensive weapons and tactical military knowledge (Though it is mostly regulated to a medium level technologically capable planet.) She can adapt and learn to handle most new guns and combat vehicles.

Her true form being a strain of something related to Solomon virus, Blue was developed to infect and revive cadavers, using the body to continue combat long after her first host had been destroyed. So as long as death and destruction reign on the battle front, she could keep on coming.

As a virus Blue has a 24 hour survival rate outside of a petri dish when not in a shiny happy host. Inside a body, as long as she is careful Blue is unsure how long she can go. So far the highest count is to 60 years.

When in a body she possesses extraordinary strength and agility.

Weapons and Gear: She had come to the Mark carrying the leg of a Death Angel drone, and in very basic combative armor.

Weaknesses: When out of her host, antibacterial spray, heat, freezing can put her into stasis. When in her host it is a different story. To still the body you must sever her head, or destroy her heart. Crushing works well if you can pull it off. Extreme damage is really the best way to make sure she can't make her host form get back up.

Background: Azure viral infection prototype 12 was created by a scientist by the name of Picola Dabrive and a group of others commissioned to end the struggle Between the houses of Abriav and the rebels from Outlands. By end of course they meant destroying the Outlanders. AVIP was in development for over twenty years. Over this time Picola watched her creation develop sentience. Each simulation brought the war virus more insight and… personality. After 25 years she was ready for combat. However… by the time she was ready, the conflict was ended. Picola was told to destroy her creation and end the project. When the scientist refused the governing body swooped in to end it themselves. Only, AVIP was released and sent into a defective clone form. Everyone had expected the worst, they had said that leaving the Azure sky project uncontained was like leaving out a loaded gun.

However, instead of going on the mass killing spree that had been foretold, AVIP escaped and… hit up bars. She wasn’t the kind of loaded gun they had predicted. She didn't even want to carry a gun. Azure Virus 12 just wanted to live her own life and actually enjoy it. For a while she bummed around Tarum, getting wasted and making friends as she went, she dubbed herself Blue and tried to remain hidden, She didn't want trouble from anyone, trouble meant being caught- meant no one would take a shout from a certified (and almost copyrighted) product of death and destruction. For a while she stayed safe, stayed out of sight. That was until the Magistrate attacked...

After finding her way to the Mark Blue soon left the ship and her duties as a janitor. She'd bounced from vessel to vessel until finally ending up with a sweet gig as a cafeteria worker. It gave her plenty of in between time to drink and relax and it was easy to ignore the people who complained about finding cigarettes in their meals. Until a particularly large android got violent. After seeing how easily the 6'1 woman managed to disarm and disable a 7'7 600lb man she was signed up to start CQC lessons for various ship crews.

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Post by LocheEric on Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:24 am

Approved, we got something worked out!


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