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Outbound mission recommendations Empty Outbound mission recommendations

Post by MajorJim on Sat Jul 25, 2009 12:23 pm

FROM: Major James Foster
TO: Blaze of Glory Posting Board
CC: Captain Ralf Derrison, Major Jacqueline Egret, Seiya Sumeragi

I have a couple of recommendations for outbound missions. Most of this is common sense but it bears repeating nonetheless, if only for discussion purposes and to make sure we're properly equipped.

1: No technology or magic that we haven't seen demonstrated on the planet. Apparently teleportation and directed energy weapons are pretty much a no-go zone here.

2: Nonlethal force if at all possible. We have gel rounds already being replicated by challen, and I put in a special order with her for gas grenades and a multi-shot gas grenade launcher, so that should give us some options if we have to engage in a fight to retrieve either prisoners OR marshalship technology. Hopefully that can be avoided but I doubt the corporations involved with the possible salvaging of our lost ship will be inclined to give it up without some duress.

Now, if someone's shooting to kill you, or has already wounded your friends, feel free to use your own discretion, but remember that corporate security are just schlubs who are there for a paycheck and job reliability, they aren't dedicated to an inherently evil cause like say, the void, and they're likely to have families and such. The keys should be bypassing as many fights as possible, and keeping ones that we're forced into non-lethal if it all possible.

3. Munitions: We've got gel rounds that can be reproduced at this point by our replicators. From the security catalogs I've found, a couple of things that are reasonably cheap and can be procured through our local contacts come to my mind. 3-5 pairs of shock gloves. They cost 500 nuyen a piece and allow electrical stunning in addition to the force of your punch to be translated. So this enhances both your non-lethal and overall close combat potency. Stick and shock ammunition is also useful, as it will allow us to effectively turn even our assault rifles or machineguns into tasers, but this may be prohibitively expensive. I'm not in charge of disbursement of local funds, so this one's at the discretion of our mission commanders, but I think the shock gloves may prove of particular use.

Please feel free to append your own discussions and thoughts regarding the local situation to this thread, I want it to be a living document so we can make sure we're all on the same page before a deployment.

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