Earth Analogue Tracking - History, Resources, and Next Step-Updated 8/05

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Earth Analogue Tracking - History, Resources, and Next Step-Updated 8/05 Empty Earth Analogue Tracking - History, Resources, and Next Step-Updated 8/05

Post by Crono on Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:27 pm

Network Analysis Results: Discussion Tracking
Current Local Funding: Balance
Local History Brief: A History less for the Reality Impaired -FastJack Files
Underground Society Research: Ork Underground -FastJack Files

Whats Next-Current Leads and Potential Follow-ups:

  • Decryption efforts on MCT files proved successful. They are carrying a bulk of the ship's navigational systems and are working on researching them, if their relating personnel list we retrieved is any indication. This is technology we cannot let slip by, and must be attended to. We have the address for which this process is taking place at.
  • Mit's employer, a Herr Brauchaus, has managed to find out Mit is assuredly working with another party. We have no immediate reason to believe, however, that he has any more information than that. He has, however, requested a meeting with said party (us). It will be Tuesday night at 8PM in a high-security private back room of a local restaurant.
  • Information from Mit has pointed to a fixer by the name of 'Lazlo' as being the one who worked with the Void's Mr. Johnson representative. Contact with him may provide information with further Void activities in the area. Furthermore, he is reputed to be one who vests heavily in coordinating with Renraku, and could prove to be a strong source of leads as a result.
  • FastJack files decrypted has provided us with detailed notes of city-specific megacorp affairs. Specific note of interest brings attention to the fact that Renraku, despite being the first on the scene of the Endymion recovery, had formally removed themselves from the area after an incident that put them in much debt, leaving only local subsidiaries. With this fact brought to our attention, its less likely that Renraku was simply faster on the draw of response, and more ready for the crash itself. We should act with this being the most likely assumption in mind.
  • Local Contact Runner - Mit - Working to provide us with further information on the Renraku and MCT recoveries of the Endymion crash. By Mit's observations, Renraku had some edge on this effort, first to the scene. Whether that was by some capability of detection or by speed of mobility is yet to be deciphered.
  • Our current arrangement with Mit has established our interest in trading the MCT manifest for a similar manifest from Renraku, should he prove capable of providing it.
  • Forced entry of local data haven belonging to one 'FastJack', rumored to be the best hacker on the planet. We received many files running through decryption as we speak. We may find something useful from further analysis. We were, however, detected in our attempts at entry, and we should be leery of potential retaliation to that in the future.
  • Two Void commlinks and prisoners taken as a result of their attempted ambush on us during our follow up with the Crimson Claw encounter. Current efforts are being made to learn from these what we can.
  • Crimson Claw's recorded sessions with the 'Mr. Johnson' that proved to be a Void operative revealed that their initial meeting had been just after Claw's defeat in the arena, still in the area. They are likely to be watching us if we head to that location.

Whats Next-Resulting focus: Currently, there are four main avenues to pursue.
-Follow up with Mit if he can provide a Renraku recovery manifest, as that is our biggest lead on finding the Endymion crew, by process of elimination concerning the other two. Finding the crew is priority, but pressuring Mit to work faster won't speed the process.
-Follow up with Mit and Esmere when they can put us in contact with the fixer Lazlo, for gathering information about Void and Renraku hiring activities, potentially having to pose as a Runner group in order to do so.
- Meet with Herr Brachaus under a similar guise as local Runners in order to keep our outsider presence hidden.
- Infiltrate the MCT research area and dispose of all navigation system's evidence to prevent the technology from falling into the wrong hands under the wrong means.

Prior Progress Quick List

  • Mapped local network space to allow proper browsing and automated searching.
  • Used network to find reports of 'asteroid' crash in the area of Puget Sound as a result.
  • Made local contacts due to mutual interest in the asteroid reports.
  • Local contacts set us up with the opportunity to build local funding, and also earned ourselves local commlinks with six forged SIN's to allow easy planet side purchase.
  • Established the three megacorps that made recoveries of the 'asteroid' crash and the whereabouts of one - Ares - at a nearby dock.
  • Made a move in taking the Ares' recovery. Only managed a partial recovery. Had run-in with local competition, Shadowrunners, and took a prisoner.
  • Used competition findings to verify Void presence in the area. Followed up on this to setup conflict with a Void operative acting as a Mr. Johnson and stopped his hiring of locals for counter-action. Local prisoner was released on friendly terms after cooperating with this setup.
  • Made second move in taking the Ares' recovery, taking the rest from an AreSpace sky rise in the downtown area.
  • Forced entry into local data haven and retrieved files giving detailed history lessons to help further our understanding of the setting.
  • Entered the arena once more, bolstering out local funds substantially through use of the gambling system in place, and further established our presence through contact with Esmere and by showing our faces. -Updated 8/03
  • MCT data stores infiltrated via VR interface. Recovered manifest of their Endymion recovery and address for where they are researching said items.

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