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Ashley Empty Ashley

Post by Alexia on Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:51 pm

IRC Nick: Sango
Alt IRC Nicks: Sango

Character Name: Ashley

Race: Human
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150lbs

Physical Description:
She stands with a well arched back and slim figure, her large chest and flared hips custom tailored to specifications that she would have never chose for herself. Looking nothing like her original self, she has long brown hair down around the middle of her back and bright glowing yellow eyes. Her bone structure has been physically altered as well, strengthened to that of hardened steel.

Two types of personality. The hidden control collar built into the collar around her neck forces her be very submissive and pleasant to those around her, easily controlled by suggestions.
When the collar is removed, she is back to her normal self where she will gladly argue with people and not give in to any one if she does not feel like it.

During her transformation into her current life, she was trained and given the ability to fully heal wounds through biological means. This can be very draining on her if she has to actively use it in battle, so she must rest to replenish this energy. The healing compounds are created by her body directly as the result of excess energy intake such as sugars and starches. Primarily she produces the green looking goo from the pours in her hands, but she can easily produce it all over her body to self heal herself when needed.

Before being custom tailored for purchase, she was an electronics and mechanical engineer at an intermediate level. It would cover complex electrical circuit design to simple house wiring. Her work on the mechanical side would be simple compared to space ships, but good enough to repair or design small land engines.

Easily manipulated if she is under the influence of suggestion, especially if she is collared. As well, she feels "pain", but to her nerves it feels like a good sensation which throws off her perception if she is hurt or not. This can cause her to push too far towards death.

Just the clothing she is wearing.

Previously on #DJRPG...
Ashley's background and current situation comes from being forced into captivity. Taken as a captive, she was sold to a scientist that changes people into custom tailored humanoids for his customers. Before that she was just an engineer that worked for hire, mostly on prototype designs.

Currently on #DJRPG...
Having been reassigned temporarily to Gatekeeper pending a psychology examination(See stabbing self with fork incident) and working towards Marshalship Certification Ashley is currently awaiting the chance to get back in the field.


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Ashley Empty Re: Ashley

Post by LocheEric on Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:30 pm



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