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Grigori and Mikhail Empty Grigori and Mikhail

Post by Mainy on Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:04 pm

IRC Nickname: The Maininator

Character Name: Grigori Bannikov
Original Dimension: TORverse

Age: 38
Sex: Male
Height: 6'11”
Weight: 285lbs
Likes: Mamas borcht, bear skin rugs
Dislikes: Bears, Space Bears, Space Llamas.

Physical Description (Or picture): Grigori is a massive hulk of a man, towering at 6'11”, and built with solid muscel. He has silvery white hair that feathers around his face, and sharp, icey blue eyes. He tends to wear a tank top, a bombadere leather jacket, and beige Kahki pants, with large boots that require being belted up instead of laced. He also has a eyepatch.

Powers and Special Abilities: Grigori the ultimate survivalist. As long as the planet is livable, he is able to find ways to survive, away from civalization, for long periods of time. He does best in incredably cold climates, however.

Grigori is also trained with military equipment, and has been using such guns since he was 14.

Weapons and Gear: His hunting knives:

These knives he keeps with him on a regular basis. He won't if it's not permited, obviously, but, these are some of his main tools of survival, and he feels more comfortable with him.

Weaknesses: No weaknesses worth mentioning.

Background: Grigori was raised on a very small colony, where the Russian culture intensely intergrated into every day life. Even the language remained very much intact. This smaller colony had actually broken off from a much larger one when a massive conflict occured between two groups who had been attempting to force control, and during this period of time, Grigori lost his father. His mother attempted to raise him, but, at the lose of her husband, her soul was crushed, and she soon passed after the colony settled. Grigori was then raised pretty much by the entire colony, moving from house to house when one house became too strapped to provide for another mouth. He became pretty good at spending a few nights on his own, realizing that it wasn't really possible for any of the families to take care of yet another child. When he reached the age where he could use a gun, at 14, he began training at the one thing that kept the colony alive. Mercenary work. Grigori would find he had a real talent for the job, and would advance quickly in reputation and rank amongst his group. It was many, many years later, many many jobs later, that he and his group would come to a small colony from which they had recieved a weak signal from, only to find it obliterated. There were a few survivors, including a little boy who had lost his entire family in the attack. The boy was badly injured, and nearly died, and something in Grigori's manly, merc heart felt sorrow for this child. He decided, right on the spot, to take the boy in, raise him, and outside of the mercenary environment. It would take a few years for Girgori to wrap up all his Merc loose ends, but, now he seeks a nice place to raise Mikhail in peace.

IRC Nickname: Ms. Mainy Mainistein

Character Name: Mikhail
Original Dimension: TORverse

Race: Unknown
Age: 7
Sex: Male
Height: 4'
Weight: 35lbs
Likes: TONS of stuff.
Dislikes: Cabbage.

Physical Description (Or picture): Mikhail is a frail looking boy, but with what seems to be a perminant smile on his face. He has brown hair, with a white spot on the side of his head, and bright green eyes. He's a little taller then your average 7 year old, but underweight. He also has a bit of a paler complextion.

Powers and Special Abilities: None! He's just a little boy.

Weapons and Gear: None!

Weaknesses: Mikhail has a weak constitution, and easily becomes sick, or very tired. It's not sure why, but, he seems to get very tired, very fast.

Background: Mikhail doesn't really remember much before the attack that left his colony a smouldering crator, but, he does get brief flash backs of his parents. He knows Grigori isn't his father, but he loves the man anyway. He knows his name isn't Mikhail, but he can't remember what it was before the attack. All he knows, is that Grigori loves him very much, and works very hard to keep him safe. For this, Mika is very happy, and remains happy, no matter where they have traveled.

Notes: Mikhail will be an NPC.


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Grigori and Mikhail Empty Re: Grigori and Mikhail

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