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IRC Nickname: Illucia

Character Name: Livak
Original Dimension: Changeling Universe

Race: Changeling (Fae-touched human)
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Dancer
Court: Spring
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125 pounds
Likes: Kismet, Music, Wine, Social Gatherings, Damien Rice (Singer), Finery
Dislikes: Duplicity, True Fae, Narcissism, Standing Still

Physical Description (Or picture):

The Mask: To all outside appearances, changelings look completely human. Only the Fae or other changelings can see their true forms. They feel completely normal when touched. (Always active, complete transfiguration) Despite the Mask, there are clues to Livak's true nature in her uncanny inhuman grace and tendency to be in motion, drawing the eye of any not Fae-touched.


Livak Livak

True Form: Livak's hair in her true form is the gilded rose color of the sunrise, darker at the roots, and lightening towards the ends, the strands of her hair shine with the luminescence of the sun's beams. Her skin shimmer's dimly as if the sun were reflecting in a mirror, while her eye's burn the color of the sun's fire. Her ears are pointed, and her feet are gracefully arched, more so than a humans. In true form, Livak's grace and lithness is unmatched by anything the human eye has ever seen.

Powers and Special Abilities:

(First, a note on changeling magic and how it works: rather than mana, changelings use Glamour. They obtain Glamour from “feeding” on the emotional displays of humans. Since Livak is a member of the Spring Court which focuses on Desire, she gains double the Glamour from being around a person feeling a strong desire of any kind (hatred, arousal, etc.).

If a Contract has a “catch,” this means that the Contract costs no Glamour to cast
if the changeling does the catch.)

Cupid's Eye -
Livak can take the first step in fulfilling a person's desires, or teasing him and stringing him along, by revealing what those desires are. By revealing this desire, this spell gives Livak an upper hand and hold over the subject at a later time. Should the spell go wrong, Livak receives false impressions, but is positive that the object's desire is something it's not.
Catch: Livak has kissed the subject within the past 24 hours or the subject's object of desire is Livak.

Songs of Distant Arcadia -
This spell allows Livak to become an exceptional performer, causing her audience to listen with rapt attention for the span of time she is performing. This includes preternaturally skilled storytelling, inhumanely beautiful singing, or eloquent speaking. Should the spell go wrong, Livak's confidence in her ability is utterly misplaced. She bumbles through the performance, making a fool of herself, but is under the impression that she is giving an excellent performance.
Catch: Livak is performing in front of a wealthy and powerful audience.

Tread Lightly -
Livak can partially remove herself from gravity's influence. She cannot fly or even jump further than normal, but takes no damage from falling. In addition, she can walk or run over any solid surface even if it would not normally support her weight, such as tissue paper or thin panes of glass. She can also walk across mud, dry sand or any other surface without getting her feet even damp. Should the spell go wrong, Livak trips and falls, landing prone. She cannot try again until she gets to her feet and fully regains her balance.
Catch: Livak is wearing fancy and delicate footwear that would be ruined if she did not use this clause.

Warmth of the Blood -
Being of the Spring Court, the power of spring coursing through Livak is strong enough to heal injuries and soothe pain. This clause allows Livak to channel the verdant might of spring into a person's body, mending his wounds. This power works only on a living creature of flesh and blood. Should the spell go wrong, the clause's effects go astray and the changeling feels overwhelmingly drained, but the target's wounds are not healed.
Catch: The target has honestly professed a heartfelt and deep love, romantic or familial, for the changeling.

Gift of Warm Breath -
As a part of the Spring Court, the contracts of eternal spring provide powers of growth and rejuvenation to Livak, just as spring brings growth and rejuvenation to earth. This allows Livak to revitalize her energy and appearance despite her level of exhaustion. Should the spell go wrong, Livak feels as if she is starving and is fatigued as if she has been deprived of food and water for several days.
Catch: Livak has been freely offered some form of sustenance since the last sunrise.

Mask of Superiority -
Livak has the ability to convince a single subject that she is their professional superior, both in appearance and voice. Should the spell go wrong, the subject takes extra offense to the changeling's obvious lies, and shuns her for a period of time.
Catch: The changeling pretends to be a socialite or similar celebrity whose fame comes from high standing or good looks alone.

Mantle of Terrible Beauty -

Livak appears in her true form to all onlookers in a fashion that makes her appear both frightening and terrible. Onlookers see the changeling as a great and terrible version of her normal seeming, but afterwards cannot remember the exact details of what she looked like, only that she filled them with utter terror. Should the spell go wrong, Livak appears completely harmless and nonthreatening.
Catch: Livak is fighting a duel or some other combat that has been agreed upon in advance by both sides.

Mask of Duality - As a member of the Spring Court, Livak is highly resistant to most forms of manipulation and duplicity.

Livak has an inhuman grace and beauty surrounding her due to her training in the Dancer Kith. Due to this, Livak has the ability to make another subject pause and lose their train of thought while watching her dance. This is more successful when accompanied by music of some sort. Livak also has the uncanny ability causing animal's to trust her, due to her grace and beauty.

Livak and Kismet can enter the dreams of others and minorly shape them without being detected, but rarely do so. They normally only do this to gain Glamour.

Weapons and Gear:

Livak carries a hand fan that she fastens about her wrist with a silken cord, it is her Objet de désir. While holding no obvious enchantment, this fan allows Livak to coyly and demurely conceal her face when she chooses.

Livak HC3264g

Bone Comb -
This comb was taken from the dresser of Livak's narcissistic Keeper. When a changeling runs the comb through her own hair 100 strokes, no less, no more, she can change the color of her hair for a single scene. In addition, she gains the Striking Looks merit, which causes the changeling to be exceptionally attractive by modern standards. This brush appears like a normal brush to most, especially those who are not Fae-touched, but when active, it becomes a crooked comb of delicately carved bone After the scene the Changeling looks drawn and worn out for the remainder of the day, nor will Gift of Warm Breath revitalize her.

Livak IvoryBoneComb

Glimpsing Mirror -
Those who look into a Glimpsing Mirror don't likely realize that it is looking into them as well.
The reflection takes a snapshot of one's soul, in a manner of speaking, and the changeling who activated this token may return to the mirror and ask it one question about a person. This person in question must have glanced into the mirror within the last 24 hours, even if the look was only fleeting, and the changeling must know that person's first name. The mirror is activated before the time in which a target stares into it, once activated it remains active for one hour.

Livak Handheldmirror

Sandalwood Peach -
Contained in a peach carved of sandalwood is a simple piece of fabric that appears to be nothing special to the untrained eye. However, when Livak pulls the fabric from the peach, she can transform the fabric into any piece of clothing attire she can dream up, of any fabric or material.

Herb Pouch – Due to Livak's twin sister, Kismet, being a Ranger of the Autumn Court, meaning that she’s made many trips to the Hedge for herbs and fruits, Livak has a small supply of herbs gifted to her by her sister.. However, these herbs grow nowhere else and she only has a limited supply of each:
Slumberberries: These small, dark green berries grow sparsely on parasitic vines that spread through the Hedge. The sour berries appear only in clumps of five or six, with each branch of the vine only producing fruit at one spot. When eaten raw, the berries cause drowsiness; if eaten just before sleeping, they will cause a character who eats them to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep. If the berries are boiled and the liquid drunk as a tea, it will cause vivid nightmares, usually involving the character suffering immense pain or physical torture. Currently has 2.
Pitt Moss: Looks a bit like rubbed sage, and has a very rich, pungent taste, used in sparing quantities in many opulent dishes in Faerie. Eaten raw, in quantity (about a salad's worth), and by itself, however, pitt moss bestows an overwhelming dolor upon the individual. This effect can last as little as an hour or up to half a day depending on how many are eaten. Currently has 2.
Fuguespores: These brown spores come from a type of fungus that grows on the briars of the Hedge. When ingested, they tend to lodge in the intestines, growing slowly through the gut wall and releasing toxins into the bloodstream. These toxins, over time, can cause hallucinations or dizzy spells. When the fungus matures inside the body, more spores can be released into the bloodstream to grow in other parts of the body. If a spore lodges in the character’s brain, the fungus destroys the character’s memories, leaving him in a fugue state. Currently has 1.


Livak's effectiveness is reduced dramatically when she’s separated from her sister because their bond is so strong.

Livak has an unnatural fear of her Keeper, who is a strong male figure, therefore making her gun-shy with other strong authoritative male figures.

If she isn’t careful with her spells, she runs the risk of becoming addicted to her magic, which can have dire consequences. In addition, if her magic becomes much stronger she will be susceptible to Major Frailties or still worse – transforming into a True Fae.

Minor Frailty: If one speaks her true name backwards, Livak will experience sharp, debilitating pain.


Livak, twin sister to Kismet, was born to an average Irish couple in the small town of Limmerick, Ireland. Their father owned a small pub, while his wife manned the bar, a solid foundation in their town. Nothing about Livak and Kismet was ordinary, though. Twin-born, Kismet graced the Earth at the cusp of the moon's rise, midnight. Livak followed 12 hours later, at the cusp of the sun's rise, noon. Unfortunately for them, the circumstances of their birth along with their unusually close bond drew the attention of a Fae. This Fae watched the girls until they were eight years old, then abducted them to Arcadia. Only after years of serving as the Fae’s playthings did the sisters manage to escape, miraculously finding each other in the Hedge.

The two integrated into Changeling society, forever changed by the power of Arcadia and unable to return home as they’d both been replaced by fetches. Livak joined the Spring Court, becoming a Dancer and using the power of her grace and beauty to captivate and seduce. She often accompanied her sister Kismet, a Ranger of the Autumn Court, on dangerous forays into the Hedge as she foraged for herbs and goblin fruits.

The last time the two were in the Hedge, something went horribly wrong. They wandered too far in, too close to Arcadia - close enough that they could hear a grand hunting party of the Gentry approaching. The two hid, terrified – if they were caught they would certainly be dragged back to their Keeper. Kismet was fortunate enough to have Brumebulb on her and the two girls bit into the foul fruit. As normal they were expelled from the Hedge, yet they had not arrived anywhere they were familiar with…

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