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Post by Shaila on Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:33 pm

This is a superhero sim created by Shaila Swiftblade. It has a dark, gothic theme with influences from various religions, chiefly christianity. It is open to be played at any time, I only ask that your character play someone other than themselves in the sim.

It takes place in a perpetually dark city named Gomorrah. It's a futuristic city, with hover cars and very very tall buildings. Gargoyles are a common decoration used, and the buildings are mostly painted black and dark blue. The police are of course corrupt, and crime runs rampant. The richest people in the city all live in the highest floors of the highest buildings, their domiciles being harder to access.

Surrounding the city is a large desert called The Roving Grounds populated by zombies and roving gangs of bandits. It is because of this that the city itself is surrounded by a heavily fortified wall, filled with turrets and surrounded by a moat of holy water. This desert is in turn surrounded by a jungle populated with dinosaurs, known as Hell's Garden. Finally, the mountains surrounding the jungle are populated by demons, the tallest mountain known as Baal's Palace. It is a twisted, spiked mountain filled with passageways and is the dwelling place of the demon Baal. Past the mountains is an ocean known as the Nameless Sea, populated by a number of horrific gargantuan creatures.

The city is chiefly patrolled by a hero known as Sister Shaila Sinslugger. She wears a more casual nun outfit, brown hair cascading down from under her hood, her neck and the top of her chest uncovered. She has a number of guns and daggers hidden within her robes, and wears large black boots.

Her common mode of transportation is a motorcycle that conceals within it a number of gadgets including two miniguns, missile launchers, nitro boosters, and a hose full of holy water.

If things ever become desperate, her hidden power is activated. She sprouts large black feathered wings, and her nun outfit is obliterated completely revealing a stupidly skimpy leather outfit underneath. Runes tattooed on her body glow red all up and down the sides of her body, and she summons a flaming sword. Her eyes glow a blazing white.

The current main villain of the sim is the demon Oze. He is a large black leopard with flaming red eyes. He has the ability to polymorph his opponents into any form he desires, and can cause madness and hallucinations.

He favors science and art, his cronies being highly advanced in nature and commonly stealing from art galleries.

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