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Post by Kuro on Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:28 pm

IRC Nickname: Kuro
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ku|OUT, Ku|BUSY

Character Name: Isuld Ziel
Original Dimension: Motana (high magic / low tech world)

Race: Human
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 pounds
Likes: Spicy food, fighting undead and demons (because they're weak against her powers), high technology
Dislikes: Tyrants, fanatics, dark mages (because she's weak against their spells), mint (it should be in dental products and nothing else), luddites, things designed only for right-handed people

Physical Description: Isuld is rather androgynous in appearance: her red hair is kept in a short, boyish style, and despite her freckles, her face is pretty plain. This isn't helped by her slim and athletic physique, similar to that of a swimmer.

Her casual clothes are also rather boyish, outfits consisting of a mix of both modern and Motanan fashion, primarily pants and long-sleeved shirts. As formal wear or when on a mission, she wears the Vollen Sentinel uniform. This consists of dark red pants, matching jacket with gold trim and a black undershirt, a red waistcape with the Order symbol on it in gold, and black boots.

Isuld in her Vollen Sentinel uniform:
Isuld Ziel Isuld-fin

- Motanan Swordsmanship: Isuld has been trained in the use of a wide variety of swords, including curved, straight, long, short, thin, broad, one-handed, two-handed, two at once, and others. She even has the strength to handle greatswords.
- Melee Combat: While swordplay is Isuld's primary focus, she has been trained in the basics of unarmed combat as well as the use of other melee weapons; however, her sword techniques can't be performed with these weapons.

Isuld possesses the gift of Soulflame, a power that is rare on her homeworld. This gift has made her body a source of holy energy, and makes her very resistant to spells and attacks that also use holy power.
- Channel Soulflame: Isuld's holy spells are significantly more potent than holy spells cast by normal mages. Additionally, Soulflame's power flows through her body, giving her a boost in overall physical ability.
- Sense Magic: The gift of Soulflame also makes her very sensitive to the ebb and flow of magic and other supernatural forces, allowing her to sense the general direction of distortions and disturbances, or recognize familiar or unique signatures.

Isuld is a talented spellcaster, but the gift of Soulflame limits her to holy and non-elemental spells in exchange for her boost in power. For ease of reference, her spells have been divided into three categories: Attack, Defense, and Utility.

Attack Spells
- Swords of Fori: An attack spell that conjures a number of swords made of holy energy that float around Isuld. She can launch these swords at enemies for piercing and holy damage; if she concentrates, she can maintain them after they stick into enemies for continuous holy damage. The more swords that are conjured (max 10), the weaker each individual sword is.

Defense spells
- Guardian: A very powerful but short-lived barrier that protects against both physical and supernatural attacks. Appears as a green sphere around Isuld, large enough to cover one or two additional people if they're very close.

Utility Spells
- Cure: A simple healing spell that can be cast at range. Can be concentrated into a single target to provide stronger healing, or spread across multiple targets for proportionately weaker healing.
- Skyward Step: A simple spell to perform superhuman leaps and negate damage from long falls. Leaves a short trail of blue afterimages.
- Dispel Magic: This spell picks other spells apart and neutralizes them. Isuld can target a single spell to neutralize, target a creature and try to remove all spells affecting it (positive or negative), or target a magic item to temporarily suppress its power. If Isuld readies, she can also use it as a counterspell.

Sword Arts
Isuld is quite skilled with swords, and is able to channel Soulflame through her body and weapon to accomplish superhuman feats of swordsmanship. This is virtually identical to the way martial artists use chi, the only real difference being Soulflame's magical nature.
- Fang: Combines a long Skyward Step-assisted jump with a fierce stab or slash, using the jump's momentum to add striking power.

Weapons and Gear:
- A full suit of armour made from modern materials, providing effective protection against melee, projectile, and energy attacks.
- A compact segmented shield that unfolds from her armour's gauntlet.
- A greatsword forged by Marshal Baelor Ironhewn.

Weaknesses: Isuld's dependency on Soulflame for her combat ability causes her to be weakened in low-magic dimensions, and reduces her to the abilities of a non-powered human in null-magic dimensions.

Her affinity to holy spells makes her vulnerable to dark powers; they're harder for her to resist, and even if she succeeds in defending against or resisting one, they leave her more drained than other types of spells.

Her lack of experience with modern technology further hurts her combat ability in low-magic and null-magic dimensions.

Background: Isuld was raised by the Order of Vollen, an organization dedicated to training people to fight undead, demons, monsters, and other non-human threats to civilization. She was identified at a young age as having potential as a mage, and shortly after the beginning of her training at the order, she was identified as a recipient of the gift of Soulflame.

Now that Isuld has graduated and attained the title of Sentinel, she has been assigned to work with the Marshalship as a representative of the Order of Vollen, as well as to gather knowledge of spells and sword techniques from around the multiverse to bring back to the Order to expand its knowledge base.

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