Testing Ground 4 - Post-Mission Report

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Testing Ground 4 - Post-Mission Report Empty Testing Ground 4 - Post-Mission Report

Post by Excellen on Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:24 pm

FROM: Seiya Sumeragi
TO: Blaze of Glory Posting Board
CC: Captain Ralf Derrison
BCC: Officer Kass Rooks

On Saturday, October 10, by Dimensional Standard Time, there was a mission established to investigate a space station suspected of being a Void weapons testing site. The team of investigators sent to look into this matter included Revia Bowen, Lady Anastasia of Facinaturu, and myself.

Before going in, the following facts were determined. The station was not under direct Void ownership, but had regular Void contact and used Void security protocols. It was unmanned at the time of our investigation. The area of the system in which it was located had nothing but resource asteroids in the general vicinity. The only known life in the entire system was located very far off, and their technology was judged to be roughly equivalent to that of the Earth's Bronze Age.

We used a captured Void transport to approach the station and dock. From the security protocols exchanged, we learned that the station's designated name was Testing Ground 4. When we went inside, we found that there were places for anti-intruder floor turrets within the hangar, but at least one of them seemed to be unarmed. Further followup investigations revealed that all of the turrets were filled with IOUs for guns, suggesting neglected planning for defenses.

The station had a computer and testing interface surprisingly similar to that which we encountered when going up against the Mammon Machine located in the Agamemnon's core. Given prior experiences with the Mammon Machine, we opted to go along with the testing on the belief that a successful test would grant full access to the computer systems afterward.

The site at the time of our visit was devoted to housing and testing a large weapons platform known as the Panzer Jagermorder, or "Hunterkiller Tank" in English. The site had a sizable array of standard weaponry and armor for this purpose, ranging from guns, to explosives, to body armor, to throwing stars. We were granted access to this area as part of the testing procedure.

The testing process had a mandatory background music requirement of Black Dragon, by Luca Turilli. The volume was set at 11 and all lower options were greyed out.

For its part, the Panzer Jagermorder had an unfamiliar logo on the front of its head. The logo was that of a cartoon-like skull with a small hand pulling down its eyelid and sticking out its tongue.

When the Panzer Jagermorder emerged, it turned out to be a rather formidable opponent. It rained down a constant hail of rubber bullets while simultaneously firing both conventional homing missiles and non-homing teleporting missiles. In addition to these weapons, it also controlled three remote satellites capable of charging up and unleashing heavy energy beam barrages.

However, its most notable feature turned out to be the metal that comprised the front of its body. It utilized ferrofluid which was capable of altering its shape for tactical weaponry. This allowed the tank's frontal body to turn into a massive hand, which was then able to snag me out of the air with excellent reflexes and trap me until Lady Anastasia turned it into stone. That gave Revia the opportunity to slash through it with a lightsaber, which severed the ferrofluid hand at the wrist. Once it was severed and the stone enchantment wore off, the severed ferrofluid seemed to go dormant and remain beyond the main body's control.

The tank was ultimately destroyed beyond the point of being salvageable, so we were unable to learn anything conclusive about its control system, but dormant nanomachines within the ferrofluid suggest that a constant electronic link is required in order to shape and control the liquid metal.

When checking the station's systems after successful testing, it was found that our victory was the first the computer systems had recorded. This likely meant that either the tank had previously gone undefeated, or that no one had actually tested it before this. Judging by the unsecured nature of the base, I tend to lean towards the latter option as the more likely of the two.

Regarding the systems themselves, the interface and control system were heavily similar to those that came with the Mammon Machine. This station's system, and that of the Mammon Machine, are rather unique, in that they bear no resemblance whatsoever to over 90% of the Void's known technological build patterns and AI patterns. This makes them seem heavily proprietary in design.

When adding the above facts to the unfamiliar skull logo that was present on the tank, the first conclusion to draw would be that there is an independent contractor designing high level systems and weapons platforms for the Void, one who happened to be absent from Testing Ground 4 at the time of our visit.

For the time being, it has been decided to maintain watch on the station through surveillance equipment placed on it after the full investigation was finished. Further updates will be posted as they come in.

-Seiya Sumeragi, Blaze of Glory Spiritual Consultant, Paranormal Joint Operations Field Commander


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