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Post by Shaila on Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:13 am

She swayed from side to side, her legs moving to the rhythm of the music. It flowed forth like a warm stream all around her, urging her to keep moving with it and become lost in its flow forever. She was dancing with her lover, his arms wrapped around her as he stood behind her, swaying with her as she moved. She would warm him with her dance, melting the chill that seemed to constantly emanate from him. His armored hands ran down her arms, and she turned her head to the side and smiled as she lost herself in his embrace and the music became ever more pervasive, permanently ingrained into their minds. Forever would it be the song to which their love was set.

A beam of light intruded into the darkness, shining onto the red-headed slightly freckled woman who was dancing alone as she did so often lately. She paused, turning to frown at the intrusion. Her smooth red hair fell down to her waist, her eyes casting a strangely soft glare at the doorway, one eye red and the other green. A small black circlet was set upon her forehead, and she wore a black vest over a dark red long-sleeved shirt. She also wore a dark red skirt that came down to her thighs, along with black leather boots and a long black hooded cloak.

The intruder was a man concealed in a black robe, a cloak concealing his features save for a glimpse of a large and cruel nose.

"My lady Vespa, do you dance with him once more?" His voice was kind and patient as he asked this.

She shivered, and strode over to light a few candles around the room. It lit up, the light flickering against a small cavern decorated with a lavish bed and numerous other furnishings, treasure on the walls glittering. She shook her head.

"No, not anymore," she replied. She looked at the man, smiling. "What do you need?"

He bowed. "Thank you, my lady. Emiel requests that you come speak with him. It appears that he is growing rather wrestless."

Vespa swayed to one side and then the other, dancing a few steps before pausing and shrugging.

"Emiel needs to relax. But alright, I'll speak with him." Vespa then looked at the man once more, her green eye gaining a cheery shine to it. "Are you doing okay? He wasn't short with you, was he?"

The man shook his head, then bowed. "Thank you, my lady. No more than usual, most of us are used to it."

"Hmmmm..." She swayed once more, shortly, before stopping and standing upright. "Alright. Please go have something yummy to eat. I'll speak with him."

And with that she strode out of the room, putting a comforting hand on the man's shoulder as she passed. He sighed briefly, shook his head, and left after her.

In her dimly lit room, the black as night helmet of her deceased lover watched the door that she departed through, its single staring eye swiveling in its socket.

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