Post Seron Documentation - Followup on Destroyed Planets

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Post Seron Documentation - Followup on Destroyed Planets Empty Post Seron Documentation - Followup on Destroyed Planets

Post by Excellen on Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:18 pm

FROM: Genevieve May Nadia Lilianne
TO: Blaze of Glory Posting Board
CC: Gatekeeper Resource Database
SUBJECT: Post Seron Documentation - Followup on Destroyed Planets

There were a number of events which led up to the Siege of Seron. Chief among these was the continual chain of inexplicable planetary destruction which drew the majority of Gatekeeper's forces away to act as damage control. As many as ten known planets were destroyed, and there are possibly more of which we remain unaware.

The circumstances were similar at each point. Primal elements of nature were thrown entirely out of balance. While the details would vary from place to place, with variances in flooding, hurricanes, volcanic eruption, earthquakes, etc., the end result was inevitably widespread destruction. Some planets were lucky enough to have survivors, while many others were not so fortunate.

At every planet we visited, we would catch the tail end of a Dimensional Space Magic signature matching that of their standard warp. In some cases, we would even witness a ship warping out. Based on events in Seron, this was later determined to be a ship granting transport to Raven, the Right Hand of Reven. She personally visited each planet before its destruction. Later information, combined with circumstances, led to the conclusion that she had actually destroyed each world's primary god, or even possibly their entire primary pantheon, which led to the result of loss of divine balance, and ensuing natural chaos.

Given the timing of these events, it would seem as though Reven took a new approach to destroying planets, in an effort to distract our forces before his push on Seron. If that was the case, it would make everything make more sense. However, this doesn't add up by itself. Reven has never gone out of his way to deliberately lay waste to planets just for the sake of serving as a distraction, much less just to make one small military gain. And destroying planets at a whim goes against everything that his Ideal stands for. It's hard to accept that this is all there is to it.

Another source, thinking along similar lines, managed to access information in the Void concerning the attacks. It was confirmed that they were, beyond a doubt, instigated by the Void. But it appears that at least for some of them, separate reasoning was involved. The attacks on gods or pantheons were ostensibly carried out as defensive or protective measures concerning other worlds within the Void's sphere of influence. At least two of the worlds involved were noted as having gods which were hostile to other worlds, or who planned to aggressively expand their territory into other worlds, possibly even other dimensions. It's possible that the matter was a subject of serious discussion and consideration within the Void, at least among the higher-ups, but the final decision was that the loss of natural balance and ensuing loss of life had to be acceptable collateral damage in order to eliminate the greater divine threats present.

The end result is either that the timing of the attacks could have been planned to conveniently coincide with the attack on Seron, or that the attack on Seron could have even been designed as an afterthought capitalizing upon an incidental opportunity, once the Marshalship's response to the attacks became more apparent. Either way, information exists which establishes that these were not random distraction attacks, as was our initial impression.

Furthermore, while not publishing it widely, the Void has also made no effort to conceal this matter from its followers. The information mentioned above was available for public access, not proprietary or confidential.

This report is not by any stretch a condonement of the events which took place, but likewise, this report is not an appropriate place for condemnation either. The more we can understand the other side's reasoning, the more productive everyone's actions will be. I hope that this information is of help in that regard.

Thank you for your attention.

~Genevieve May Nadia Lilianne~


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