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Name: Genevieve Arinborn Derrison (Changed from Genevieve May Nadia Lilianne)
Nickname: Genny
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 7 (But actually turns a year older on July 7 due to timeskip)
Place of Birth: Saillune City
Specialty: White Magic

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: Black, long, wavy

Small and skinny, with delicate features. Usually dresses in robes loosely worn over nice silk clothes, with soft velvet shoes and silver accessories.

Genevieve Arinborn Derrison Chargen-genevieve
Genevieve Arinborn Derrison Freezearrow
Genevieve Arinborn Derrison 300px-Tiff


Genevieve was born and raised in Saillune City, the capitol of the country of Saillune and the most prominent center of white magic in the civilized (Slayers) world. As a child, she was left in the care of a retired priestess who reared her kindly and doted on her.
She demonstrated a keen interest and talent for magic from early childhood, and was invited to join the Sorcerors' Guild as soon as she was considered old enough. Her early achievements eventually earned her a title in the guild: Genevieve the Silver. This wasn't because of any relation her magic had to silver; rather, it was simply because the guildmaster thought the color was cute on her, so now she has to wear silver accessories and robes.


Genevieve stumbled across a mysterious ship in her world, which had systems that activated at her accidental prompting. The ship warped close to the location of the Mark One, thanks to the Mark One's built-in dimensional anomaly attractor. Unfortunately, the ship did not survive the trip, and it was scrapped after Genevieve's safe recovery.
Genny did not mind being stuck after a one-way trip; she was quickly caught up in the sense of adventure prevalent in the Mark One, and sought to join the crew stationed on it. After seeing the crew and its acting commanding officer in action, she grew inspired to seek out membership in the Marshalship itself. Rather than devoting months or years to classroom training, however, it was decided that Ralf Derrison would take her in as an apprentice.
Since then, Genny has enjoyed a strong and still growing rapport with several crew members, including Ralf himself. She continues to work as an assistant medic on the Blaze of Glory even as she seeks to one day become an accomplished mage rivaling the ranks of her home world's High Sages.


Esper Affinity - Has a strong affinity for magic which comes from having small traces of Esper blood. If she died, her magical essence would crystallize into magicite.

White Magic

Lighting: Basic light spell, summons a floating light orb and uses minimal energy. Can be used to blind unsuspecting opponents when used up close.
Sleep: Basic sleep spell, capable of AOE targeting.
Lock: Spell to imbue things such as doors or chests with magical locks.
Unlock: Spell to open physical or magical locks.
Recovery: Light healing spell. Accelerates the body's natural regeneration to heal all but really nasty wounds.
Resurrection: Heavy healing spell, taxing to use. Does not restore the dead to life, but can reattach lost limbs. Intended for those near death, where a Recovery spell's effects could do more harm than good.
Dicleary: Slayers equivalent to Esuna; purifies bodies of ill effects from spells, drugs, and poisons.
Flow Break: Mass AOE dispel. Cancels out non-permanent magical effects in the immediate area.
Barrier: Summons a barrier to protect a group or target of choice. Will stop basic attacks, or absorb some of the impact from nastier attacks before getting broken. Requires full caster concentration to maintain.
Chaos String: Creates strings of magical energy which the caster can wield to lash at objects or snare them.
Valis Rod: Creates a staff of light which can be used to attack living creatures, objects, demons, and the undead. This can also be adjusted to act as a whip. This spell is a custom modified version of a black magic spell of the same name, which utilizes holy power rather than demonic.
Holy Bless: A spell which can cleanse a very large area of all undead presence. Heavily taxing and usable only rarely.

Shamanist Magic

Freeze Arrow: Fires an ice arrow which encases its target in ice upon impact. Also used to cancel out Flare Arrows.
Dark Mist: Fills an area with dark mist to obscure visibility.
Flare Arrow: Fires an arrow of flame which explodes upon impact. Also used to cancel out Freeze Arrows.
Fireball: Sends a ball of fire which explodes upon impact.
Diem Wing: Fires a small blast of wind, used to knock opponents off their feet, into pitfalls, etc.
Levitation: Used to slowly float upwards. Movement is more slow when carrying others.
Ray Wing: Used when Levitation is too slow - a free flight spell with the added benefit of an air barrier that allows for basic attack deflection or travel underwater. Notably more taxing than Levitation, so used much less frequently.
Elmekia Lance: Fires a lance of astral energy at an opponent. Used to damage opponents with strong astral presences, such as demons. Notably less effective on those with lesser astral presences, such as humans.
Shadow Snap: Cast by embedding a knife into a target's shadow. As long as the shadow remains pinned by the knife, the target is rendered unable to move.
Astral Vine: Infuses a weapon or object with astral energy, in order to allow it to damage supernatural creatures.

Time Magic

TimeTwister: Single-target temporary haste spell. Duration of roughly 10 seconds in which the user's speed and mental capacity are both drastically increased.

Rune Magic

VitalityRune: Single-target regeneration spell. The spell will continue to gradually replenish the target's health for the entire duration of a battle.

Realm Magic

EnergyChain: Single-target long range attack spell which fires a chain of energy at an enemy. It has a low casting cost which allows those with sufficient mastery of the magic arts to cast it freely with no cost. With higher levels of mastery, the spell can entangle its target and temporarily stun it.

Miscellaneous Magic:

Arcane Denial: Counters a spell, bestowing a moment of clarity upon both spellcasters.
Mana Leak: Counters a spell unless the caster pays an additional 3 mana or expends a third-level spell slot to reinforce it.
Rope Trick: Causes a rope to rise roughly 10 feet into the sky, leading into a pocket dimension which can hold up to ten people or a certain amount of weight, whichever comes first. It cannot be seen visibly until someone is actually inside of it. The rope can be pulled inside, making it effectively completely invisible to the outside world. Nothing can be thrown into it from the outside, but things can be thrown from the inside back to the other side.
Saigyou Kekkai

Spells specifically recorded in the Tome of the Silver Star, in addition to spells listed above:

Barrier Jacket: Creates and maintains a personal defense barrier spell around the caster, which manifests itself in the form of an outfit of the caster's choosing. The spell has variable modes such as offensive or defensive outfits, depending upon the situation. Genny's favored outfit is an elaborate set of silver and navy robes.
Frog Suit: Puts a Super Mario Brothers 3 Frog Suit on a chosen target. Suit can only be removed by hitting the target.
Tanuki Suit: Same thing with a Tanuki Suit.
Hammer Suit: Same thing with a Hammer Suit.
Fire Flower: Same thing with a Fire Flower.
Bee Suit: See above.


Rune Stones: A satchel of four round stones. They absorb and channel the power gleaned from touching the four High Runes scattered throughout the SaGa Frontier universe. They are a required item for the quest to obtain the Gift of Rune Magic. It currently has made contact with one of the four runes, the Victory Rune.

Barrier Control Gloves: An invention of Crono Arinborn - a pair of long, white, silver-lined, elbow length gloves with hexagram emblems on the back. The gloves contain a neural control interface designed to respond to feedback generated from barriers and assist the user with redirecting power accordingly, to allow for longer and more efficient barrier maintenance.

Mana Regulation Glove: Crafted by Ralf Derrison - a single, adjustable glove with an LCD-like display on the back which shows readouts for vital signs and mana. Attuned to the wearer, such that it is capable of responding to the wearer's will and regulating the wearer's own mana flow to suppress it when desired.

Tome of the Silver Star: An Intelligent Device which functions as a book capable of recording, translating, and casting the owner's spells. It is also capable of scanning, holographic displays, and storage and transfer of data. In Idle Mode, it exists as a silver, star-shaped pendant on a chain. The owner must have a relative mastery and understanding of the spells being recorded. The recording itself is done via dedicated mental linking. When casting, it draws upon the owner's power, and spells which require long incantations must still be handled by the caster herself. The current owner has named the tome's administrative system "Argente."

Marshalship Cadet Jacket: Silver jacket with a Marshalship insignia badge sewn by hand onto it, slightly lopsided. It also has eight well-shined Pokemon gym badges from the Kanto region.

Scanner Stylus: A stylus designed to perform full, independent medical scans in field operations. It sends related data to the user's associated datapad.

Master Pokeball: A Pokeball capable of catching any single Pokemon at whom it is thrown.

Assorted festival prizes:
Mew plushie
Vulpix plushie
Backpack identical to Ash's (from Pokemon)
Inflatable Lapras pool mattress
DS that looks like a Pokedex
Pokemon Platinum
Elekid nightlight
Ash-style Pokemon trainer hat
Lunch tote shaped like a Pokeball
Windup mechanical Butterfree that flies when wound up

Assorted other objects:
Handwritten notebook from Luca Sparda with detailed notes on the demons, undead, and other supernatural creatures common to the Devil May Cry and Hellsing settings
Fancy inkwell made in the artistic style of the nation of Berlson
Bookmark with a top decoration like a warp star, linked to a locating device owned by Ralf Derrison
Roughly 2 foot tall robotic pegasus with flight capabilities and realistic movements
Elaborately carved wooden music box with spinning figurine of Zaea
Silver bracelet with holographic decorative displays
Set of light blue Tolarian-style robes
Set of white-trimmed light blue robes with Saillune's crest on the chest
Slightly worn red staff with gold-colored ends
Official Marshalship small vehicle piloting license, applicable in atmosphere and space
IRPO police hat with Ralf Derrison's IRPO badge pinned to the front
High quality white dress with an empress collar
Pair of white gloves with happy flower faces on the fronts
China doll that resembles Genny
Handwritten book by Sokai Hemmingway chronicling the exploits of House Hemmingway
Photo album
Heart-shaped pendant with built-in image projector
Christmas ornament shaped like the emblem of Saillune
High quality white cloak with silver lining
White harp inscribed with the insignia of Saillune and the Marshalship
Starglobe with a replica of the planet Verorox
Starglobe with a replica of the battleship Soyokaze
Ribbon from Aliciel Rozencratz
Rainbow-patterned skateboard from Vivio
White flower barrette
6-foot wooden staff
Several sets of nice dresses and skirts
Handbound primer and detailed sets of notes on ice magic from Keona
Handwritten and handbound book detailing a large volume of information about the realm of Origold, written by Zaea, the world's creator
Access pass for Midchilda's Infinity Library
Handheld Tamagotchi, White Mage edition; Doubles as a holoprojector and datapad.
Buneary plushie
Misdreavus plushie
All 8 Kanto region Pokemon trainer gym badges

Pokeball containing Milotic (female, timid)
Pokeball containing Lopunny (female, sassy, knows Thunderpunch and Ice Punch)

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