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Post by Forte on Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:47 am

IRC Nickname: Awesome
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Wall-E

Character Name: Glen Ichimonji
Original Dimension: Earth-557

Race: Human
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 200
Likes: Motorcyles, dirt bike racing, his grandpa
Dislikes: People who call him a monkey

Physical Description (Or picture): Average looking Japanese guy, usually wears a biker jacket. Pretty good looking, but looks like he is always upset or annoyed at something.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Is an amazing guitarist

Has been trained extesivly in Ninja arts since he was a little kid, is a master of stealth, subterfuge, assination, and agility, and is a ninja weapons master.

Is a professional motorcycle driver, has competed in many professional races.

Weapons and Gear:

Raijin: A large wolf with light blue and white fur. Glen uses the cards in the deck on the dog itself transforming it into the weapon or usign it as the medium for a special attack.

THe Hanzo Deck: A deck of cards his grandfather left him. The deck contains cards and weapons that he uses in conjucnction with his ninja dog, Raijin.

Weapon Cards Unlocked: Ikazuchibuin (Staff), Hiraishin (A large Shuriken), Shuurai (Summon lightinig Bolt)
Special Attacks: Shuurai (Summon lightinig Bolt), Denkou (Transforms into a lightning dog and slams into the enemy), Hirameku (Gives himself and Glen a speed boost)

Weapons to be unlocked: Denkosekka (ninjatou), Kiba Inazuma (Kyoketsu shoge), Raiden (gauntlets with long clawed fingers)
Special Attacks to be Unlocked: Tokkan (Fires a huge electric blast from his mouth), Enrai (Howls and gives Glen and himself an attack boost with electic element affinity), Toonari (Makes lightning clones of Glen)

Weaknesses: Is very very quick tempered and stubborn

Background (Please keep this semi-short): Was born in Japan, his father a photographic journalist and part time crime fighter. His mother was a reporter. They left him alot with his grandfather who owned his own dojo. One day, his mother passed away and his father, who was busy with his own personal business left him with his grandfather who raised him up to follow in the family business of ninjitsu and fought an evil race of Onis with four other ninjas forming a special fighting force. Through that he met many poeple who influenced his life and eventually he was reunited with his father. Years passed and he was given a deck of cards and his ninja dog from his grandfather, good thing too because for reasons unknown he was sent aboard the BOG and hurtled from his home dimension.

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