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IRC Nickname: Azriel
Alternate IRC Nicknames: Kanna, Azzy

Character Name: Marina Arabella
Nickname: Ri (pronounced like "ree")
Original Dimension: Rune Midgard (Ragnarok Online world)

Race: Human
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Class: Alchemist
Birth date: July 2nd
Birthplace: Alberta
Likes: Seafood, sailing, traveling, alchemy, teasing Yuka, her homunculus, and learning about how to make Marine Spheres to throw at monsters or explode things.
Dislikes: Overly sugary food, Glastheim and Nifilheim, people who have no sense of humor, overpriced merchandise, and when her experiments end up failing (for example her attempts at potion making sometimes).

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: Light, pale blue and kept short to her neck with bangs.
Eye Color: Dark Gray

Marina has a small to medium framed body. She has a cute face that belies her spiteful and cheeky nature. She also has a few freckles on her cheeks that gives her that spunky, tomboyish charm to her looks. Her arms have a bit of toned muscles from carrying and lifting a huge two-handed battle axe all the time and her legs have a bit of toned muscles in them as well from the constant walking and traveling on foot that she does. Her body sports an "hourglass" figure and a moderate chest for her age.
Marina Arabella 16717400
Marina Arabella Ro_achemist_aY7A1Ki7EsV
The second picture is for a more detailed and closer look at what her outfit consistently looks like, just imagine the colors I've chosen from the sprite instead of the default ones in the image.

Alchemist Class - As a part of this specific class, Marina specializes in the process of synthesizing different ingredients together to form an end result, in other words, alchemy. As an Alchemist, her talents lie in potion making, acid bottles, creating an homunculus, and creating Marine Spheres. She can pursue a variety of skill sets in the future as well based on GM approval, of course.

Current Abilities:
Axe Mastery - An ability that passively increases the damage that Marina deals while using an axe weapon by 30%. In other words, it's basically a buff so to speak.
Potion Research - An ability that increases the effectiveness of the potions made by Marina that people can drink.
Prepare Potion - An ability that allows Marina to create potions from herbs and various other ingredients from her homeland. This ability also allows her to create Acid Bottles as well. The types of potions list as followed: Red Potion, Orange Potion, Yellow Potion, White Potion, Green Potion, and Blue Potion.
Acid Terror - An ability that Marina utilizes to throw an Acid Bottle at an enemy that can deal toxic, lethal, and destructive damage. It can also cause severe bleeding or blindness depending where its been thrown to.
Bioethics - Allows Marina to create a homunculus from several ingredients.
Call Homunculus - Summons the existing homunculus that was stored using the Vaporize skill to the Alchemist's aid.
Homunculus Resurrection - Revives a homunculus that was KO'ed in battle.
Vaporize - Stores the caster's homunculus in a pocket space.

Potion Types:
Red Potions - Help cure minor wounds such as scrapes, cuts, and burns.
Orange Potions - Help cure common illnesses such as the common cold and fever.
Yellow Potions - Help mend broken bones and ripped tissue whether internally or externally.
White Potions - Are the strongest potions and are used for people who are critically wounded and almost dead.
Green Potions - Cure side effects from poison.
Blue Potions - Help speed up the process of recovering magic or mana for mage types.

Future Abilities:
Bomb - An ability that allows Marina to throw a Bottle Grenade at an enemy and cause a 3x3 fire damage to surrounding enemies. Basically, it's a bomb.
Summon Flora - Creates up to 5 friendly Plant monsters with a Plant Bottle. This skill is mostly used for harvesting herbs when Alchemists run low on supplies or are traveling very far.
Summon Marine Sphere - Allows Marina to summon a Marine Sphere by using a Marine Sphere bottle. Marine Spheres are bright, pink rounded orbs that explode into their enemies upon direct contact and cause destructive damage.
Synthetic Armor - An ability where a Glistening Coat is applied to Marina or an ally and protects their body from physical harm for a period of time.
Synthesize Shield - An ability where a Glistening Coat is applied to Marina or an ally and shields their body from magical harm for a period of time.

*Note: Marina has the possibility of changing from an Alchemist class and into a Biochemist class and learn even more new abilities, but only if she passes the Alchemy exam in the town of Al De Baran in her home world first and with GM approval much later on.

- General human weaknesses
- There's a possibility that an accident with an Acid Bottle could cause her harm if an enemy breaks the bottle before she can throw it or if the bottle is still within some distance of her and it gets broken.

Name: Goop
Age: ?
Sex: ?
Race: Formless
Species: Vanilmirth
Favorite Food: Scell
Marina Arabella Skill_2005628_44
Attack - Normal, neutral body slam attack from Goop.
Caprice - Chance of casting either a Fire Bolt (fire spell), Cold Bolt (ice spell), Lightning Bolt (thunder spell), or Earth Spike (earth spell) spell at an enemy. (So, I would roll a 1 out of 4 dice and whichever number it lands on, go in the order that I've listed the spells here and use it when he casts this ability).
Chaotic Blessings - Casts a healing spell on himself to restore a little vitality that was lost.

- She carries a sturdy, steel and silver made cart with wooden wheels to carry ingredients for her alchemy or her homunculus for fun when it wants to take a ride.
- A pair of plain, clear goggles on her head to protect her eyes when working with alchemy or acid.
- Empty bottles and stirring wands for potion making and acid making which are kept neatly within her cart.
- Her large, two handed, single bladed axe called "Heart Breaker" that has a rounded, silver hilt with a gold accent and bevel towards the bottom handle. The blade is made out of tempered steel and has a broken heart insignia etched into the flatness of the metal on both sides of the blade.
- Her natural Alchemist class uniform with a pouch equipped on the right side of her belt that carries her finished potions and acid bottles she'll need for battle.
- A small, simple dagger and hilt equipped on the left side of her belt in case someone tries to rob her for free potions.


Marina grew up in the bustling, seaside port of Alberta. Alberta was a town known throughout Rune Midgard for its pleasant ocean breezes, the Merchant Guild, and its gateway to cultural trade with some of the more traditional towns such as Amatsu, Ayothaya, and Louyang. Marina's legacy, the Arabella Clan, was one of the most prosperous and prominent families who dominated the ranks in the Merchant Guild. The Arabella's dealt with over-seas trade and controlled the foreign market with unique and diverse selections of goods that couldn't be found anywhere else. As the family business was booming, Marina was starting to grow less interested in her family politics. As the eldest daughter of the Arabella family, her parents bestowed upon her that it was her responsibility in her future life to take command of the family's trading business and continue the growth of their wealth. At this time, Marina was only thirteen year's old and they were already putting pressure on her. What lovely parents. Despite what her parents wanted from her, Marina had other ideals and dreams she wished to pursue for her future career. After a run-in with a group of travelers who were adventuring across the lands for fun and excitement, Marina met an Alchemist who was traveling with the group. She entertained him with smiles and humorous jokes in return for his answers to her curious questions. Marina knew right then and there that she wanted to learn alchemy and study in Al De Baran, the Alchemist's City.

Until Marina matured to the age of 18, she couldn't leave her parents or Alberta since she wasn't eligible to live on her own. Once her eighteenth birthday was over, she sneaked out of her seaside cottage during the night and hightailed it out of Alberta on foot. Like every worried parent, her family set out posters, friends of the family, and guards to go search for her, however, Marina was not stupid for her age and managed to hide from their eyes until she could make it to Al De Baran. Once there, she immediately enrolled into the Alchemy Academy with a decent amount of money she "borrowed" from her parents account and passed her first Alchemy exam to become a low-ranking, Alchemist class. With a couple years going by after her first exam, Marina went to go visit the capital of Rune Midgard, Prontera, for a little sight-seeing. Little did she know that she would find a best friend there in the young, timid, priest girl called Yuka. It didn't take long for the two to get along and become fast friends, nor did it take very long for the two to form a group of friends either. With this new found group of adventurous friends, it was decided one evening that they would go traveling around the world to see the spoils and mysteries the continent had to offer. A similar fate to Marina's first encounter with an Alchemist and perhaps destiny.

Nevertheless, there would be another little surprise during a trip toward the town of Geffen. Yuka finally learned how to "warp" people from one town to the next which cut the time of getting there in half and the walking. However, it was her first time trying out a warp spell so naturally, she wanted to test it first. Marina, being Yuka's best friend, of course volunteered first with her usual cheeky attitude. The warp spell was successful in some regard, however, it warped Marina to a completely different place instead that wasn't even part of her own dimension!

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