Heroes are the ones who don't come back

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Heroes are the ones who don't come back Empty Heroes are the ones who don't come back

Post by `Citan on Thu Jan 07, 2010 10:09 am

The following is a clip from a news program shortly after the Alpha-Delta War, akin to Larry King, where a number of service men and women who had fought valiantly and lived to see their countries’ highest honors bestowed on them are being interviewed:

“Good evening human kind, this is Nathaniel Lane and I am speaking to newly promoted Major Tristan Cless, everyone, America Corps Army Rangers, and Medal of Honor recipient. How are you tonight, Major?”
“I’m fine, Nathaniel, thank you.”
“So, Major, how does it feel to be amongst the heroes of our species?” Cless gives Nathaniel a hard look, pursing his lips for a moment before speaking. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m proud of my service. But I’m not a hero. Ask any real soldier who earns one of these and they’ll say the same thing. Heroes are the ones who don’t come back. And what do they get? A stone on some backwards planet their families will never reach? A name on a giant plaque?” Nathaniel nods. “Than of the men and women who are heroes.. What would you say to their families who are watching tonight?” The major pauses for a moment, once again, this time wearing a veiled, pained expression. He takes a deep breath. “I can speak for a lot of my buddies on this… Most any of us who came home wish at least one of them… That at least one person who died… That it could have been us instead. That we’d have gladly taken that round they took for us… That they should be with their spouses or parents and that that explosion should have taken us… It’s something we all face after coming home at some point. We don’t wear our medals as badges of honor for ourselves. We wear them for them.”


Upon returning home that night, Cless sifted through his vids taken during the war, looking for a particular playlist… Finding the folder labeled ‘Heroes,’ he opens it, and sets all videos to play.

Clip 1

Camera comes on in a bar where a large group of men in two different styles of uniforms are having a celebration. Cless speaks from behind the camera to an unshaven man in a tan beret, upon which is a patch of a winged sword behind a banner reading ‘Who Dares, Wins’. “Captain Whyte! Smile for the camera!”
“Ach, an’ here I thought you Yanks were all guns an’ glory! Shouldn’t yeh be polishin’ your bullets or somethin’?” He flashes a friendly grin. “Hah, maybe, but I figured I should make something to remember a joint op of this scale by.”
“Ah, well…. De ya wan’ me te do a l’il dance for yeh or something? Because I think I need a lot more alcohol affore I attempt that, boyo.” He lets out a big belly laugh. Another man in a tan beret comes up, thrusting a pint of a dark beer into Captain Whyte’s hands, raising his own high. “ALL RIGHT MATES, HERE’S TO MAKING OLD DAVID HERE CUT A RUG!!” An uproarious laughter from both groups fills the room as David grins and slams back his entire beer before queuing up some old jazz music and dancing rather hilariously with the man who brought him a beer, who lets him lead.
A message Cless added at the end pops up when the video fades out. ‘Capt. David Whyte, 22 SAS, vanished after the Ranger/SAS Joint Op. His body was never recovered.

Clip 7

Camera is atop an armored vehicle behind a large turret that sweeps back and forth as Cless does. Another of the vehicles, a wheeled armored transport with a manned mass driver turret on top rolls along in front. It looks large enough to house about six men. More men move along the ground on either side of the vehicles before one points to the sky frantically and then moves with the other men to cover. Camera zips up to see a trio of enemy strike aircraft diving down out of the clouds, setting up for a low altitude strafing run. Both vehicles plus several more behind them open up with all available weapons, shooting down the first before it begins it’s run and the second shortly after, but the third manages to get its cannons blazing, tearing a line through the street and the front vehicle, causing it to explode in a brilliant fireball, before finally dropping, hitting the pavement just behind the vehicle it just destroyed before slamming into Cless’, causing the camera feed to die. The message afterwards displays a list of ten names and ranks, the men who were killed by the third fighter.

Clip 18

Cless is moving through what appears to be an occupied city; buildings and streets show varying degrees of damage. He moves from soldier to soldier, greeting everyone, sounding fairly cheerful. After a few minutes the camera JOLTS sharply and a red spray is seen from the bottom of the view. The camera falls with Cless; it is apparently fixed to him at this point, and is viewing the sky when a man kneels over him. “Lieutenant!! SOMEONE GET A MED—“ The man’s call is stifled by the same sniper sending a round through his skull. The message reads: ‘Six men lost their lives to find that one who shot me,’ and provides a list of their names and ranks.

Clip 27

This one is a video message:
FROM: Cless, Col., Confederate Office of Intelligence, ECS Mandella
TO: Cless, Capt., America Coprs, Army Rangers, ECSF Station Phillidelphia

A man appears on screen, resembling Cless rather strongly. He looks scared and the room he’s recording from looks a wreck. “Big brother, I don’t know if this’ll get to you… But they’ve found me… They’ve been hunting intelligence officers. They got one of our names and through him they know the rest of us and they’re learning what we know… Brother, if you see me again, you’re going to have to kill me. When they turn someone, there’s no going back… Tell mom and dad I love them. …. They’re coming, I have to go!” The message goes to static.


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