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IRC Nickname: Kuro
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ku|BUSY, Ku|OUT, Ku|CLASS, Ku|LAUNDRY, Ku|WORMS

Character Name: Ness Leigh
Original Dimension: Earthbound / Mother 2

Race: Human
Age: 17
Sex: male
Height: 5'9" or so
Weight: about 120 pounds
Likes: Good food, good friends, baseball, rock music
Favourite food: Fries
Dislikes: Pushy people, being homesick

Physical Description: Ness is a fit and athletic kid who spends a lot of his time outdoors. He's often found in casual clothes, chosen with an "I wear what's comfortable" attitude. He's both light on his feet and strong for his size, but is otherwise a normal human.
Ness, about to throw down.
From left: Paula, Poo, Ness, and Jeff.

Powers and Special Abilities: Ness is a self-taught psychic, and while he's strong, he lacks refinement. He's got experience fighting psychic aliens, robots, and creatures much larger than himself. In addition to his skill with a baseball bat (both for combat and for sport), he's been training in basic unarmed combat and boxing.

Telekinesis: Ness can lift and move small objects from up to 50 feet away.

Telepathy: Ness can open a two-way telepathic link to communicate mentally with animals and people (regardless of language), but can't forcibly read minds.

PSI Rockin': Ness can unleash a wave of destructive psychic energy in several shapes, including blasts, focused directional or wide-area waves, explosive orbs, or forceful beams that push enemies away. Now that he's gotten back into using his powers regularly, he's demonstrated remarkable endurance for repeatedly using Rockin'.

Flash: Ness can create rapidly strobing patterns of light, of incredible brightness. This can temporarily blind an enemy, or cause other strange effects depending on who it is used.

Lifeup: Ness can heal both his own wounds and those of others. He can do this from a range of up to 20 feet and affect multiple people at once, but it's stronger at touch range and single-target. His medical training has also honed his healing abilities, giving them added precision.

Healing: Ness can purge poisons and cure diseases from both his own body and others. He also has a knack for healing unusual and magical ailments, such as curses and transformations. Touch range and single-target only.

Shield: Ness has two variations of Shield. The first is a low-maintenance barrier that negates or significantly reduces (in the event of stronger attacks) damage, while the second is a high-maintenance, stronger barrier that lashes back at the point of impact when struck. Both can be used on up to four people at once, and manifested at a distance of about 20 feet.

Hypnosis: Ness can create an illusory hypnotic pattern to put people to sleep. A strong will or averting your eyes prevents this. Anyone affected can be awakened as if sleeping normally.

Paralysis: Ness can numb an enemy's limbs, causing them to trip, stumble, and generally have difficulty moving. A strong will can resist it.

Teleport: If he gets a good running start and has enough room, Ness can teleport anywhere he's been previously -- as long as it's in the same dimension. He needs to get running up to 88 mph to teleport, and enhances his speed to do this as part of the power's routine.

Rockin' Ride: Ness can create a harmless orb of low-power psychic energy beneath his feet, about 1 meter in diameter, and ride around on it. It has a top speed of around 70 km/h (43 mph) on the ground and excellent acceleration, and Ness can use it to bounce high into the air -- up to about 10 meters (32 feet). He can also hold it over his head and use it to gently float to the ground.

Weapons and Gear: A wood baseball bat, a baseball cap, a yo-yo, and a yellow backpack.

Ness also has the Franklin Badge, a small badge with a picture of a lightning bolt and the Earth on it. Normally worn either on his shirt or his hat, the Franklin Badge draws electric attacks towards it, then reflects them back to the source, with no harm coming to the wearer.

Ness is also the owner of a heavily-enchanted baseball bat, crafted for him by Ziranathz. The bat has been enchanted to strike truer, smash through defenses, withstand incredible amounts of damage, and assist in defending. (in D&D terms, it's a +4 bat with the Defending and Impact enchantments. Thanks to the +4 bonus, it has a total hardness of 13 and 45 HP)

Weaknesses: Despite being a powerful psychic, he's physically a normal (but athletic) teenage human. If he's unable to concentrate, he can't use any of his powers -- including Lifeup, which provides him with greater longevity during combat. Despite being back into the swing of using his psychic powers regularly, Ness still isn't -- and will never be -- as powerful as he was when he was channeling the sum of the Earth's power.

Background: Ness was born to an average family in the suburbs of a small town called Onett. He lived with his mother, his sister Tracy, and his father (who sadly spent most of the time at work). When he was about 13 years old, a meteor crashed just outside of Onett, and that began his crazy adventure to save the world.

Along the way he met a talking psychic beetle from the future, a cute girl who was also a powerful psychic, a boy genius, a friend from a far-away land, a man who wished to become a dungeon-man, an evil statue, a cult obsessed with painting everything blue, a sentient pile of barf, and psychic monkies. Together, Ness and his friends defeated Giygas, a powerful evil alien who sought to take over the Earth.

In the two years since the battle with Giygas, Ness had been living a normal life... that is, until he agreed to test out the newest invention of Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturns: the Phase Distorter, Version 3 -- the newest iteration of the teleportation & time travel machine originally devised to help fight Giygas's evil forces.

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