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Post by `Citan on Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:26 am

IRC Nickname: `Citan
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): `` Citan

Character Name: Iraia T'soni
Original Dimension: Mass Effect

Race: Asari
Age: 148
Sex: N/A, mono-gendered species, though outwardly female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 134 lbs
Likes: Tact, good conversation, learning
Dislikes: Ignorance born of choice,

Physical Description (Or picture):

Powers and Special Abilities:
Mind Meld: All Asari can meld minds with another being (one at a time) for the sake of reading, giving or sharing thoughts, feelings, etc. This ability is integral to the species in multiple ways and is never taken lightly.

Biotic: Like many Asari, Iraia is a biotic, able to produce and manipulate mass effect fields to alter local space-time on a relatively small scale. This is possible via rigorous training and a biotic amplifier (see: Gear)

Biotic Abilities:
Lift: Projects a sphere of contra-gravity (reverses the acceleration of gravity within the sphere). Any object or creature caught in it's area of effect will be lifted into the air. This can be used to immobilize enemies. She can throw the sphere up to 10 meters away and the sphere is 2 meters wide, lasting for about half a minute.

Throw: Projects a mass effect field powerful enough to hurl objects and enemies caught in the area of effect out of the way. the area of throw is in a 1 meter semicircle in front of Iraia and can throw beings of up to 400 lbs.

Barrier: This ability bolsters the kinetic barrier in her suit with a mass effect field that can absorb large amounts of damage, essentially doubling her shield power. This ability does not re-activate when her shields do.

Stasis: Completely mobilizes a single target. She can do this without further attention to the target for about a minute, though with maintained concentration on the target, she can extend this to about five minutes.

Warp: Projects a mass effect field that wreaks havoc on a subatomic level. It weakens a target's armor (if any) and inflicts damage on the target for as long as it remains in the area of effect. She can project the Warp effect about ten meters away, with an area of effect of one meter. The attack lasts only a few seconds.

Singularity: Projects a sphere of energy that basically acts as a gravity well, drawing in and potentially causing damage to anything in the area of effect. The singularity can be placed within 15 meters of Iraia, with an area of effect of about 3 meters (with damage only occurring within roughly arm's reach to the center) and lasts for about ten seconds.

Weapons and Gear:
Armor: Her combat armor is a light softsuit with plating designed to balance freedom of movement with protection, though in her case movement is prioritized at the cost of armor thickness. The armor also has a kinetic barrier that can greatly reduce damage taken until the system is overloaded, in which case it shuts itself off until it can recharge. It cannot recharge while the suit is taking damage. The suit includes an (optional) helmet that can be sealed against highly hazardous environments.

Weapons: She carries a pistol and assault rifle using micro-scaled mass accelerator technology. The weapons fold into smaller, more easily stowable shapes, the pistol magnetically attaching to her hip and the rifle to her right shoulder blade.

Omni-tool: A wrist mounted, holographic, multipurpose PDA and interface divice.

Biotic Amplifier: Implanted into the base of Iraia's skull is a port, into which can be inserted a Biotic Amplifier, or Amp. The biotic amp is required to make practical use of her powers, and the make and model of amp inserted can effect the magnitude, duration and cool down times (see: Weaknesses) of her abilities.

Other Gear: She carries several single use canisters of Medi-gel, a genetically engineered bioplasm created to be a local anesthetic, disinfectant and clotting agent all rolled into one. Used as a quick fix in the field, it fiercely adheres to flesh until removed via a particular frequency of ultrasound. It should be noted that Medi-gel is not a substitute for actual medical attention.

Weaknesses: Aside from her species being able to live for up to a thousand years, she is completely mortal and organic. While trained in martial arts and combat with weapons and biotic abilities, she has virtually no experience using them in a real fight. Her specific biotic abilities cannot be used repeatedly in quick succession; each time she uses one there is a "cool down" period until she can use that particular ability again; with the cool down times on her destructive abilities being longer than the others. Her amp port implant is basically an electronic gateway to her brain. It can also cause serious issues if it's damaged, contaminated or otherwise compromised. As a member of an alien species not quite so hearty as, say, a Sangheili, human diseases and contagions can potentially have unpredictable if not dangerous results on her. With her alien physiology, the Blaze's medical team will have to learn as they go. Her mind meld ability can only work in a willing individual. On top of which there are strong social connotations to it's use on many levels. Other social issues, such as her home dimension's stereotypes of her people tend to follow her around as well.

Background (Please keep this semi-short): Born from a young Asari archeologist, whose adventures with her other 'parent' lead her to many adventures she never expected to have, her mother was sure to instill in her the need to learn to defend herself regardless of where she would go in life. She eventually chose to join the diplomatic core, where she would eventually be assigned as a Citadel representative to CoRe.


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