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Post by gubaba on Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:50 am

IRC Nickname: Kagome
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Kula

Character Name: Persephone Aensland
Original Dimension (this should refer to anime/TV show/movie/etc your character is from, if they are an original based in that world or an established from that world): Darkstalkers (Mi2)

Race: Devil/Succubus
Age: looks 25 but is actually around 517
Sex: female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 130
Likes: challenges, puzzles, things that succubi like.., understanding the psyche
Dislikes: holy stuff, things she can't understand, crass people, senseless stupidity

Physical Description (Or picture):
Persephone Aensland Persie-older-outfit

Powers and Special Abilities:
Being a succubus, Persephone has the ability to alternate between her succubus form and a normal 'human-like' form. However I -do- want to point out that Persephone does not like to fight (She considers herself more a lover than a fighter and prefers to talk things out rather than fight people, this is usually just for self defense or if she absolutely -has- to).

in her succubus form, Persephone changes into a rather revealing outfit and grows large sleek bat-like wings on her back
and smaller 'batwings' on her head (like Lilith and Morrigan have)

She has all of Lilith's fighting moves as Lilith had them instinctively she was able to pass it on to Persephone, these
moves include:

Shadow Wave: a large power infested uppercut against her enemy

Soul Fist: a fireball shot thing made of soul energy? I dunno. made of something.

That super where Lilith goes naked and bats fly around her which at that point she flies at the enemy and if she gets close
to them, the bats beat the crap out of the target. This hurts quite a bit.

Itsu Show Time!: Persephone throws a top hat at the target and if it hits the target, they find themselves on a stage with
a spotlight while Persphone holds up a sign reading dance moves. If the target cannot dance well to suit the audience, the
audience will boo and throw crap at the target. This'll be a more comedic move but it really really hurts too^^;; this is one of Lilith's strongest supers. However, IT IS PRETTY RIDICULOUS.. so Persephone probably wouldn't use it ^^;;

Double Illusion: Persephone has the ability to split herself and have a twin aid her in combat.

Shadow Tentacles: From her fathers side, she has the ability to use and control them~

Also from her training with Astaroth, Persephone learned some basic stuff like being able to create shields, blasts (though she could and usually just do a soul fist), and some curses. None of these skills are superbly powerful or anything at all.

Pheromones: Being a succubus, Persephone also has the ability to help enhance peoples' moods. Being the ships psychologist she would probably use this to help calm people down, get them to open up and speak with her. She does not use this in hurtful ways.

Weapons and Gear: none!


Persephone being a devil and succubus is -extremely- vulnerable to holy attacks and pretty much anything holy. She pretty much takes more damage from it than a typical demon.

Background (Please keep this semi-short):
Persephone was born from the brief union of Lilith and Damion while throughout Damion's marriage whenever he was having marital problems with Morrigan, Lilith would show up sometimes to make him feel better! Anyway, from these many
brief little get togethers, Lilith and Damion ended up with a little kidderoo. Lilith surprised at being able to have a child, told Damion of the news and quickly decided to take her new toy with her and invest it into something invaluable without Damion's approval. Of course this being the case, Damion has tried very hard to search for his lost child and his search coming up to null as Lilith had taken Persephone to the one place Damion could not go. Hell.

Lilith wanting the 'best' for her new toy and also not wanting to take much responsibility, left the care of the child in the hands of Astaroth, one of the Devil Princes of Hell. Astaroth then groomed her to be a perfect seductress and how to corrupt people.... to make them act against their will, make them sin, make them evil and so on. Persephone caught on rather well by her succubus nature and learned what she could from Astaroth's teaching to be the perfect deciple. While also in hell, Persephone tried to chill with the other dudes but ended up hanging out mostly
with Asmodeus. Why? Cause he's the devil of lust. She's a succubus. You figure it out man.

Anyway, after all the training and growing up tidbits. Persephone also learned of the heiarchy of Hell and Makai and from her mother's knowledge, she realized that the Aenslands had a really large role to play in the system.


There was already a heir. And that heir was not Persephone. It puzzled her to wonder why her relative would not stand up to such a great honor, but after finding out that the father of this relative was a betrayer of hell, Persephone decided that this heir was not worth it. The position would be more suited to someone like her. She would try to find this heir and either knock some sense into him, or get him to give the position to someone more suited of the job. Namely..herself. Later on in her life she succeeded in seducing the prince of the Makai and therefore becoming the new ruler.. however she became unpopular with the people. They chased her out and she fled to hell. ..and then finding no solace in hell, she fled to the next dimension that would accept her.

Which is hopefully the Dimension Jumpers world. She is very apt in reading people, wanting to turn a new leaf over.. and wants to of course, stay out of sight and regain her strength after her husband's chasing her out of her home. Now recruited in the CoRe she hopes to be rushed forth in aiding the ship in her abilities.

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