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IRC Nickname: Sparda
Alt. Nickname: Big_Boss

Name: Midou Yamato Zanji
Age: 22
Sex: Male
B-day: August 18
Birth Year: 2007
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan.
Parents: Midou Ban and Reina.
Nationality: Japanese.
Speciality: Imagination.
Hobbies: Mechanics.
Likes: Money, women, things that don't require three Dimensional vision.
Dislikes: Fudou, three dimensions.
Favorite Food: Cajun.
Least Favorite Food: Non-Crawfish or Catfish type fish.
Favorite Music: Death Metal.
Favorite Sport: Baseketball.
Most Valuable Possession: Nothing.
Level of Education: High School.
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Hiyama Nobuyuki.

Physical Stats
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Dark Brown.
Special: Missing an eye, tan skin.

Well built, snazzily dressed young man with an eyepatch, so he usually wears glasses to cover it up.
Other than long-ish spikey hair, would be unnoticeable in a crowd, but is exceptionally nice looking up
close and personal.

Midou Zan GetBackers-MidouZan

Moody, brooding, dark and extroverted. Has a short temper which he needs to contain in order to work
as a Get Backer, especially since his abilities require him to have a clear head. Has a lot of pain and
angst from the loss of his father, then his eye at the hands of Fudou. Really likes Hiraishi and money
though, so tries very hard to keep the angst at a minimum in public at least.

Zanji is the first born son (and only born son) of Midou Ban and Reina. He grew up pretty
much expecting to be a Retriever.. He also grew up alongside his father's best friend's kid,
Things were looking up.
Zan (as he had asked to be called, because it was morbid to be named after his dead 'uncle'),
grew up being trained on how to fight by his aunt mostly, because the Aescapelus was still very
much in his father. Ban insisted Himiko teach him how to fight because the kid would come with pre
existing enemies by the simple fact of their bloodlines.
Not wanting to be recognised as a child version of his Aunt, Zan came up with
his own variety of perfumes to use instead of Himiko's by now well known abilities. It seemed when
Zan would turn 18, he'd get to be a Get Backer too, just like his daddy.
And then Fudou got his revenge. He and Ban had their final fight, and Fudou barely walked
away with his life. Ban, meanwhile, simply didn't. Their last battle was the only one Ban didn't win, and
Fudou was far less merciful than Ban had ever been to him, at the core. This made Zan furious. He lost
it completely and ran away from home, searching high and low, through the whole country to get his
hands on Fudou, who eventually found out about it. When Zan met Fudou, he was a shell of his former
self, his lust for revenge having taken absolutely everything away from him, and being left with nothing
after the death of Ban. He wasn't even able to muster up half of his usual strength when Zan came in
to kill him.
Which of course, was about ten times more than Zan could handle at 15. Fudou, after all, was
the man who beat 'The Strongest Man on Earth', and some people compared him to luminaries like
Kurei, now. After thoroughly trouncing Zan, who refused to give up, Fudou actually got enraged that
his rival's son was unable to even hurt him, even without using his Satori, so he simply gave him a
reason to focus. After Zan's last attempt at getting him, Fudou simply reached in and plucked his eye
out, then crushed it. This was what was needed to awaken Aescapelus within Zan, since it had gone to
him after the death of Ban.
Over the next few months, Fudou kept Zan around, mostly trying to rekindle his own flame by
making Ban's son a threat. He made Zan learn how to fight and how to win, which, obviously, was for
nothing against Fudou. After this time, he decided this wasn't going to work, told the kid to get stronger
if he's going to live for violence, knocked him out, and threw him onto the street, where he was found
eventually, then returned home.
After this, Zan knew he had to get more experience, so he and Hiraishi, who was about the
only person able to calm him down with all the pent up rage in him welled up, became the new Get
Backers, after some education by Ginji, and some rules to follow.

Jagan, the Evil Eye: Can make anyone who catches his eye become entranced in an illusion for one
minute. This can only be used three times from Midnight to Midnight, and only once on a
single person.
Snake Bite: Able to inflict 400kg of pressure with his hand, so his punches and grips are INCREDIBLY
damaging to anyone and most things.
Hit and Away: Moving faster than the eye can see, Zan can hit someone from afar without moving, or
so it would seem. This is actually faster than a speeding bullet and most people can't even
notice until they get a fist in their face.
The Seven Perfumes: Each of these fragrances allows Zan to use a special ability from them, against
any foes vulnerable to scent, or in some cases, just plain attacks. In no particular order, they
-Silent Hill: Causes a mist which neutralizes all other senses and 'traps' the person in a fog, where they
can't see far ahead of them, hear odd noises all around, while real noises are blocked by
radio white noise, and even touch and smell are affected as if wading through a thick fog.
-Street Fighter: Causes rabid behaviour and heightenned aggressivity on anyone inflicted by this
perfume. It can cause riots, and will make any percieved insult turn into a reason to fight to
the death.
-Wind Waker: This perfume fills the air, causing everything to get colder. If applied directly to something,
or spat out by Zan, it will act as a 'spray' of pure out ice and completely freeze over the target
at 100° K.
-Blood Omen: This perfume is devastating against certain people. While alone it's mostly useless, this
perfume will thin whoever's blood it touches, causing any cut, no matter how shallow, to bleed
profusely. Not only that, it will do so at an accelerated pace. If applied directly to someone,
internally consumed, the person's orifices will start to bleed. This is essentially portable
-Splinter Cell: This perfume has no effect on living matter. However, inorganic matter will become fragile
and brittle upon contact with the perfume. Applying directly is the only way to make alloys
the same way, however. This is perfect against weapons and barriers.
-Mark of the Wolves: This perfume, when covering someone, will make them appear as rival predators
and delicious prey at the same time, making any and all remotely aggressive animals seek
them out and try to tear them a new one. It can lead to people being mauled or killed, in the
right environments. Note that the animal must be able to smell to attack.
-Biohazard: Turns people into zombies. Not.. REAL zombies, but mindless people who go 'uhh' and try
to bite others. If taken internally, Zan becomes immune to pain but keeps his wits about him.
-Toxic Resistance: Due to his using of perfumes, Zan is mostly resistant to drugs and toxins. While they affect him, they have a diminished effect (paralysis will slow him down, death will make him sick, dizzyness will.. make him less dizzy? I dunno.) And he gets little to no high from drugs.

Martial Arts: Excellent
Driving: Incredible.
Investigation: Very Good.
Haggling: Poor.
Scrounging: Poor.
Trivia: Excellent.


Only has one eye.
Jagan only works three times a day. If he uses it a 4th time, he gets erased from reality.


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