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Post by Makaze on Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:20 am

IRC Nickname: Makaze
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Dave`KTFO, Phobos

Character Name: Leyden Ceska: Marshal 3rd Rank
Original Dimension: Varias (Biotech/psionic fusion based world)

Race: Velen
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 139cm
Weight: 47kg
Likes: Video Games, Space Walks, Old Human Television Shows, useless trivia
Dislikes: Control freaks, Idleness

Physical Description (Or picture): Leyden is short yet athletic in build, with a bronze complexion and light green eyes. His black hair goes just beyond his neck and is braided. Along the back of his hands, outer forearms, center of his forehead,lower and mid back, shoulder blades are patterned, symmetrical crystalline growths that are a faint pastel green in color.



-Standard Marshalship Training: Hand to Hand, Weapon Use and protocol training, the standard array of training really.

-Energy/Solid State Weapon Manufacture and Use: Leyden is trained in the use, classification and manufacture, maintenance and use of energy based weapons of various makes and classes. He is way more capable and knowledgeable on energy based and psionic based weaponry than anything involving physical ordinance, and is currently in studies to rectify this.

-Velen psionic infantry training: Use of his innate psionic abilities for use in the field and non-military applications, this mainly focuses on mid-range weaponry use and mobility training.

Powers and Special Abilities: Leyden is capable of channeling and converting psionic energies through the crystalline formations on his person which manifest in kinetic, mass and inertia affecting abilities, this energy is always present and cannot be shut off without great pains on his part(see weaknesses).

Repulsion: Leyden is able to convert and briefly amplify kinetic energy during close combat attacks, making his punches, and kicks a bit more effective. He has to be actively moving or attacking, unable to simply will the energy into being for amplification. While the melee strikes he makes with this are marginally more effective, maybe 10% stronger in force, the amplified kinetic force is enough to stagger or floor those not braced or prepared for it which is the core purpose.

Repulsion Mobility: Leyden can propel himself via a mix of mass and inertia negation and kinetic repulsion, this has a "cruise" speed of 40kmph or a short 200 meter sprint of double that.

Needless to say the "sprint" option is horridly taxing and leaves him winded both mentally and physically. A side note is he is easily tracked by a visible, energy wake of psionic energy.

Mass negation: Limited to touch, Leyden can lessen the weight of an object, living or not by a fractional amount negating roughly 1/4th of an objects mass, the limit he can effect is 200lb before alteration, anything more becomes incrementally less. (300lb would be 1/10th negation 400 1/20th up to 500 where he couldn't affect the object).

Weapons and Gear:
Leg and forearm guards: These forearm and shin covering guards are crafted of a carbon fiber and ceramic mesh, and dotted with two diamond formations hosting a series of crystals of similar composition to those growing withing Leyden's body. These serve as part of a set of light body armor he wears, and serve as a "shaped charge" of sorts for combat by focusing his usual repulsion abilities into a focused strike for specific points. Each use of this focus removes, deadens one crystal.

Weaknesses: Leyden's size is a very big issue when it comes to melee given his lighter weight and reach. The "gems" along the areas of his body are directly connected to his skeleton as well as have a portion of his nervous system directly connected to them, so shattering them needless to say is horridly debilitating and painful, as well as negates any abilities tied to them.

He also "pings" to any being or equipment that can monitor, detect, or track energy readings or psionic emissions, be it Infra red or otherwise. He can negate this by "shutting down" his crystals, but it is akin to holding ones breath, so it doesn't hole water too well. Anything mind influencing or capable of psionic negation is also an issue.

Background: Leyden's people are recently joined to CoRe, freed some 35 years from their "creator" race known as the Isande a race who had been genetically tinkering with the people Varias for untold ages, manipulating the indigenous people on a genetic and psychological level, turning them into subservient soldiers and servants, setting themselves up as the planets ruling body, some going as far as to call themselves their gods.

Thankfully this cycle was broken via a whistle blower within the Isande themselves who with a small cadre of liberated Velen made an attempt to make contact with a passing Marshalship vessel who'd been scouting the region. Had they not been pursued and had the Marshalship vessel not been fired on events would not have unfolded as they did. The following series of events lead to a deep planetary audit and the uncovering of the Isande's history of playing "god"

During the subsequent years of Marshalship presence it was decided to send members of their own their own kind to venture out on "pilgrimages" to learn of other worlds and just what is out there as free beings, and not creatures of servitude and war. The Marshalship and CoRe seemed to be a perfect place to enact this. Leyden was among those selected for this.

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