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Post by Crono on Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:43 pm

TO: Blaze of Glory Public Posting
FROM: Crono Arinborn
SUBJECT: Daneys progress

Given we've finally made first contact with the populace here on Daneys, this would be a good time to recap and re-familiarize ourselves with the situation on hand. The Blaze of Glory was assigned the task of investigation when the Marshalship picked up the signal of a dimensional jump to the Sha System - specifically, a flex of the Space Gift. Initial analysis of the system revealed its basic attributes. Twelve major bodies including two stars, eight planets, and two belts. Only one appears to be inhabited, Daneys, and this was also the closest to the Void signature, making it the focus of our investigation.

Through use of Observers we were able to take our time studying the populace. All information was compiled to public access here. Part of our assignment, due to potential Void influence on the populace, was to approach the inhabitants and spread the good word of the CoRe in preparation for eventual arrive of a standard CoRe integration team while shying them away from any Void influence. Our arrival, however, had a different surprise for us.

Before we even landed, scanners picked up Void probes scattered along the eastern coast of the western, uninhabited continent. Upon physical inspection, these probes were revealed to be scanning for basic planetary analysis - wildlife, atmosphere, very similarly as we had done. What was of note, however, was the focus on the eastern edge, suggesting they might have their eyes on the water, in particular. Inspection of one even showed that its hardware contained sensory tentacles seeping into the ocean itself.

As a result of this, investigation was made to check out the obvious follow up - the underwater crater impact of one of the planets very old moons long before the civilizations development. If anything was foreign or alien about the planet in comparison with the rest, it would be that. Instead of finding any sign of Void work within the crater itself, however, we found further Void hardware stationed nearby it's northern instead edge at two locations, roughly a mile apart from one another.

The hardware in question were basic area coverage stealth devices, with basic pulse-scanners. When detection kicked in, the device would hide the space beneath. The first of the locations, however, was inactive and nothing of note was distinguished about the site. The second was a different story. The second field was active on our arrival, also projecting a disguised scene down onto the seafloor below. When deactivated, the space beneath was shown to have been dug up and flattened. Upon physical analysis of samples taken from the site, the soil present was not native, designed to create a sturdier floor than the ocean's.

Nothing was revealed to be hidden beneath, and after bugging the five initial probes and the two further underwater devices, no further Void presence or activity has been detected. No signals have been sent to anything beyond the probes themselves, implying the Void won't be able to detect our tampering without physical retrieval of the units. Initial speculation was that something might be even deeper, or that they were preparing for some construction underwater, away from the prying eyes of the populace. But were that the case, the question was still unanswered, why underwater as opposed to the western continent, and what made this planet so special to be of their choosing? With little more to be done of the matter than await the Void's return for the scanning hardware, our move was finally made to interact with the population to ensure the Void had not already made contact with them.


After our diplomatic team considered all options between the four countries present on the eastern continent, rather that complicating matters, it was decided we would approach one at a time, starting with Retharan. Retharan was chosen for being the least rigid on its caste system, allowing cross-caste marriages, hopefully putting them in a better mindset to accept the idea of other foreign customs. Along with this, the leading Eyes among the Retharan are a series of five council members, meaning a single eye of disapproval wouldn't ruin our entrance in contrast with some of the other options (Duna's single emperor).

As such, last evening, the team departed in shuttle to its capital, Rethaire. Their arrival was met as expected, drawing a crowd and a call of the local Stongarm to allow them immediate access to the ruling council without need for further complications. Unfortunately, however, there was one amongst the crowd who seemed distinctively foreign. Based on his caste marking, he belonged to The Mind, shedding a faint magical aura. His style was also foreign, suggesting he may not have been from Retharan at all.

His words among the crowd were:
"Are you sent from the Eyes of the Sky? Are you here to bring word of the Sha to this blasphming land?"

If one were to go off that alone, it's likely he held some relation to Duna, the country whose been founded around a religion which sticks wholeheartedly to the caste system. The Dunan religion is Sha, founded on the idea that the suns Shagan and Shatal are the 'eyes of the sky,' ever-watching and observing. When displeased, the suns send down disease, harsh weather and at the very worst, a fist to pummel the planet (this is the Dunan explanation of Rucksland). If this is the case, there could be a stir of trouble from our open arrival, though something just as easily quelled from misconception so long as we get the opportunity to roam the populace (discussed below), or likewise assured against by the council themselves, as the crowd itself seemed very dis-favorable of this man's remarks. He was seen being held by the Strongarm once they arrived.

Regardless, after the Strongarm's arrival, the team was lead to the Compound of the Council. The full recording of the event may be found here.

To give a summary, the meeting itself went believably well. Appropriate description of the Marshalship was given, proof of the claims shown by presence of the shuttle along with the gift offered, a map of Retharan, as assurance the team was not a cluster of charlatans. On top of that, two requests were made. First, that we gain access to mingle amongst the public to get a better idea of how the society functions and how we might best assist them, and second, asking of the possibility that a Great Summit could be called between all countries on the planet, to make planet-wide relations easier for everyone. Both requests were received with the promise of consideration. One of the Council in particular was rather apprehensive, but unless they're actors and leaders both, this did give the general meeting a better feel of realism - that the Void has not contacted these people, and if there has been no spread from other contact, we may have beaten them to the populace in its entirety.


That is our standing, currently. It brings forward the question, 'What next'. I won't speak for our diplomat's plans or thoughts (and encourage them to be spoken here), but I would like to address our current dilemma if one chooses to believe the Void isn't interested in the populace here.

Our waiting game doesn't seem to be adding up. The Void's actions here have been particularly careless or particularly uncaring of discovery.
-The Void's probes were traceable before we even landed the Blaze, here. Why something so easily found? In particular, given the probe's placement along the eastern coast, it seems likely they already had their eyes set upon the planet's oceans. Given their capability to hide further equipment beneath from planetary scan, why not exclude the top-side probes altogether?
-Next, the 'stealth devices' beneath the waters were particularly curious. The Void went out of its way to give the impression it was 'hiding' something on the ocean's floor. But let's think realistically here - we weren't going to find anything walking along the entirety of the ocean floor, the only reason we found the areas was -because- they had electronic equipment set up at that.
-If they are digging something up, why dig at one area, and not the other, but mark both?
-If they are building something, why set the foundation in one area, and not the other, but mark both?
-Why are all of these devices so cheap and reliant that they can send no out-bound signals space-ward, to warn the Void of potential tampering without having to make a physical recovery?
-If they are digging for something deeper than our instruments can sense, how are they so specialized? What could be beneath that would be more apparent to them than us?

I believe we should consider the possibility we're being trailed along, here. They caught our eyes immediately, hinted exactly where we should go next, and sent on a goose chase that has us speculating a million strange possibilities. They gave proof that they have been here, therefore forcing our hand to interact with the populace to ensure they haven't had a further hand here. And in turn? We are now committed to continue presenting ourselves as our focus. It's a possibility the Void's goals are not even on this planet at all.

A second possibility might be, what if they were careless because they were finished? Looked for something, found it to be missing, and left? They may be looking for something off rumor themselves, following some naturally displaced object, or any number of things. If what they're after is close, where is the next place we should be looking? Keeping within our current scope, the system has twelve bodies of note. Two stars, two belts, and eight planets. The bulk of these are terribly Hot Rockballs. Daneys is, of course, another. But if they're convinced of finding something in an ocean? Another planet in the system, Arsha, is oceanic in nature. Given the freedom of the Observers now, it seems most sensible to send them there before anywhere else.

Details of this planet, for reference, may be viewed here. It should be pointed out, everything at this point is pure speculation. The Void may return, they may have been careless, they may have contacted the public elsewhere, or we may be missing a larger picture. Until we have some further proof against any speculation, we'll be focusing on the task at hand, ensuring as we were ordered to offering this place proper introduction to the Marshalship and CoRe.

Pending the Council's answer to our request of mingling, I'll be posting further information here on plans for helping the societal development. Please do post any concerns, thoughts, or question here.

Thank you for your diligence,
-Crono Arinborn

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