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Name: Seiya Sumeragi
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 3
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Specialty: Eastern spiritualism
Level of education: Masters Degree in East Asian History, graduate of CLAMP School

Physical Stats
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Pale blue
Hair: Silver

A tall woman with long silver hair and blue eyes, usually seen wearing formal business wear with jackets and slacks, as well as impeccable shoes.


Seiya was born and raised as part of the Sumeragi household, a clan of Onmyoudou practitioners which traditionally oversees all other such clans in the country of Japan. She represents the clan as a spiritual consultant, dealing regularly with major businesses and government agencies. She has also undergone special training with several multi-national private agencies to deal with spiritual issues of the more unpleasant variety.


Human Guise: Seiya has partial demonic blood, which can be a liability in her line of work. As such, she keeps it suppressed with a set of specially imbued gloves and glasses. While wearing these, her true nature is indiscernible, and she has all the weaknesses of an ordinary human.

Spiritual Sensitivity: Strongly sensitive to supernatural presences. This can also be expanded to include sources of generally hostile intent, even non-spiritual ones.

Onmyoudou Practitioner: Capable of performing a wide range of onmyoujutsu techniques, including banishments, purifications, and blessings.
NOTE: When in demon form, her level of versatility in practicing of these spells is significantly decreased, due to her own unholy nature. It doesn't make casting impossible, but it's much less preferred.

Mind-diving: One of the more specific of her onmyoudou abilities is that of being able to enter an unconscious person's mind. This allows her to navigate it as a sort of dreamscape. If the mind environment is hostile and hurts her, it can cause permanent mental damage. Likewise, if she damages any of a mind's environment, it can permanently damage the subject's mind.

Barriers: Seiya can control medium-level damage absorption barriers, either around herself or other targets or groups. If one of these is forcibly shattered, the damage is absorbed by the caster as feedback. These can also be used to contain opponents, if properly set up beforehand with good ofuda placement.

Shikigami Familiar: Can summon various shikigami, which share all senses with her own. Her most common signature shikigami takes the form of a blackbird. When one sustains damage, so does she.

Wards: Seiya has a small range of ofuda-based spells she can use on others. These include stasis, paralysis, unconsciousness, dispellings, and flame.

Spiritual Interaction: Seiya is capable of sensing and interacting with spirits that have ties to the mortal realm. She can also summon dead spirits for questioning in certain DM-allowable circumstances.

Kekkai: A high-level barrier cut off completely from the outside world, existing within its own pocket of subspace. Generally not used except in cases where absolute privacy is preferred.

Ki-stepping: Can use her natural ki to move at bursts superhuman speed, allowing her to perform quick-dashes. This can also be used to perform midair dashes and double jumps.

Judo: Her preferred method of dealing with human opponents. Has a high ranking black belt in it.

Sword Master: Trained since childhood to deal with both Eastern and Western style blades. The specific style she prefers is one called Dark Slayer, which emphasizes quick, deadly draws of the sword.

Sparda Bloodline: Descended on one side of her family from the legendary dark knight Sparda. When her demon side is not suppressed, she enjoys the following benefits.

Strength: Can break large objects with her bare hands and lift a lot of weight.

Endurance: Can withstand heavy amounts of bodily harm, up to and including being shot in the head, and continue to function somewhat normally.

Regeneration: Will slowly recover damage sustained to her body.

Devil Trigger: A temporary release of Seiya's full power as a devil, utilizing a form created in conjunction with the currently equipped Devil Arm. This form gives her increased strength, speed, durability, regeneration, and power. It also allows her to unlock additional moves for her weapons. It is a very temporary ability, one which lasts roughly 10-15 seconds at a stretch. The DT gauge that powers this ability can be replenished through extended combat or taunting a foe.


Sealing Gloves, Glasses:
Designed specifically for Seiya, these accessories work as seals upon her power. All three items are redundant, and as such, all three would have to be removed in order to unseal her demonic side.
New note on seals: These are no longer effective, and will not be for the immediate future.

In addition to the glasses, Seiya wears a pair of protective contacts at all times, in order to protect herself from eye contact based spells.

Yamato (Devil Arm):
A great katana imbued with the power to slice through virtually any "ordinary" material. It is also capable of creating miniature pockets of vacuum at large distances with a rapid slash. Seiya keeps the blade in a suppressive sheath, and may summon it at will.

Rahu and Ketu (Devil Arm):
A pair of twin metal crescents, one silver, one black. They may be joined together to form a single melee weapon, or split apart to act separately. The silver crescent, Rahu, is blessed. The black crescent, Ketu, is unholy. She can also summon it and desummon it at will.

Nine Hells (Devil Arm):
Nine Hells is a cursed hellcrafted weapon. It has the ability to cast [Dis] when dealing damage. [Dis] lowers HP and MP, however, apart from Nine Hells' original intended weilder, [Dis] becomes less effective after repeat casts and casts on a proc - any high roll on a connecting attack will proc it.

Pokeball containing Persian (male, bold)
All eight Pokemon trainer gym badges from the Kanto region


Human: When her demon side is sealed away, she does not enjoy the benefit of regeneration from injuries sustained. If shot in the head or stabbed through the heart, it will kill her unless her seals are removed promptly.

Demon: As a part-demon, she is particularly vulnerable to blessed weaponry and Holy-based attacks, but is still capable of regenerating from such wounds. This only applies when her demon side is unsealed.

Rahu/Ketu: This weapon is a manifestation of Seiya's power. To break it would be the same as breaking her.

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