Request Regarding Newly Identified Zerg Presence

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Request Regarding Newly Identified Zerg Presence Empty Request Regarding Newly Identified Zerg Presence

Post by Excellen on Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:21 am

FROM: Genevieve Arinborn Derrison
TO: Blaze of Glory Posting Board
SUBJECT: Request Regarding Newly Identified Zerg Presence

Dear Blaze of Glory,

The following is a request from the Blaze of Glory's medical personnel.

While we don't have a lot of detailed information yet, we have confirmed the presence on one remote planet in this system, of Zerg creep, the substance upon which the Zerg race lives and breeds. This means that there exists a very strong possibility of facing them in combat on our assignment here.

If it does come to facing them in combat, I would like everyone on the field to keep a close eye out for this unit in particular, known as the Defiler. It has very dangerous abilities, but chief among these is the "Plague" it has hit our personnel with in a past battle. Since Zerg share a hive mind, it might be too dangerous to try to capture one, but if anyone could safely retrieve any sample material from one, even some of the spores it spits out, it would greatly aid with researching a countermeasure for its debilitating attacks.

This would be of great assistance to us, but please be certain to exercise all possible precautions with handling of any such material, as it has been recognized to be an extreme biohazard that harms on even remote contact through clothes or armor. A ship-based transportation from specific coordinates may be the safest means of returning such material here without risking human contact, but this naturally depends on the situation as it stands, should the opportunity come up.

Thank you for reading this and for giving it your consideration.

~Genevieve Arinborn Derrison~


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