Magic and the History of Daneys

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Magic and the History of Daneys Empty Magic and the History of Daneys

Post by Lucian on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:06 pm

FROM: Capt Takamachi Nanoha (TSAB)
TO: Blaze of Glory - Daneys Forward Team
SUBJ: Magic and the History of Daneys

The following is a summary of the recent magical development in Retheran, and a recap of the recent history of the four nations of Daneys. It is important to note that the history and international relations covered here is entirely from the perspective of the Retherans.

Magical development

The Retherans have only recently begun a serious study of magic within the last decade. Its discovery was accidental and found so far only among members of the Mind caste in Retheran; however, Councilwoman Zinao later mentioned that there were reports of Foot caste performers in Avenley being able to perform "impossible feats". Berlson appears to have no developed magic use at this point.

There appears to be very little evidence to indicate a developed, structured magical system is in place at this time. The most-developed nations in regards to magic appear to be Retheran, and possibly Duna. We will need to visit the other nations directly in order to gain a better view of the worldwide development level, but this appears to be a new concept to them all around.


The prevalence of the caste system across all four nations has a historical significance: all four nations were originally part of a larger empire. There was a difference of opinion regarding succession between two major houses of this empire. This difference led to the split of the empire into Avenley and Berlson. Retheran and Duna were colonies at the time; Retheran achieved its independance early on.

Duna's split from Berlson occurred about 150 years ago when they sought freedom to develop their religion in devotion to "Sha". Duna's primary disagreement with Retheran is based on the latter's adoption of intermarriage between selected castes. However, it has been reported that Duna appears to be in an expansionist phase, attempting to gain territory from both Retheran and Berlson.

Currently, Retheran enjoys a healthy political and trade relationship with Avenley and Berlson. Supported by its naval forces, Retheran ships its products to both large nations. They appear to have no trade agreements with Duna. Retheran's primary exports are luxury items, and exotic spices and fruits.

This was a brief summary of the current state of affairs of Daneys. Again, it is important to note that this is entirely from the perspective of the Retheran Council, however, the information appears to be consistent with observations to date.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Takamachi Nanoha, Capt., TSAB

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