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Post by Captain_Tylor on Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:26 pm

IRC Nickname: Captain_Tylor
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Iris_Chateaubriand, Ben-dead, Ben-nothere

Character Name: Marion (Marion Arisato)
Original Dimension: Persona Game (Not anime, specifically 3/FES)
Race: Half Human/Half Denizen of the Velvet Room
Age: Time is meaningless in the room/ageless
Sex: Female
Height: 163CM
Weight: 64KG
Likes: Reading, Singing, Stargazing, experiencing new things, experiencing new points of view, Collecting Weapons used in famous Assassinations
Dislikes: Tedium, feeling trapped, television, malicious dishonesty

Physical Description: but with ruby/blood red hair (Still shiny)

Powers and Special Abilities:

Fluent in Lost Carcosan: Can speak Lost Carcosan, the language lost to time but used mostly in cult summoning of dark gods. HOWEVER, Marion has a complete understanding of the language and is more inclined to sing cheery song with no evil in them in it. Regardless, sentient being who hears it will be a bit creeped out and magic users may notice it as one of the more dark tongues out there.

Fluent in Latin: Um, yeah, pretty self explanatory

Firearms Training: Specifically revolvers and rifles. Not military level, closer to police or survivalist training. Understands how to clean and repair weapons, as well as how to remain still for a long time and aim. Not good with “Rock and Roll” settings as she isn’t terribly strong.
Wildcard Persona User: Standard later generation Persona users have only one persona which they may see evolve once. Marion has the Wild Card ability which means she have up to 8 persona imprinted upon her soul at once, and can change between them by thinking about it (this takes a round or so in combat terms). It also means if she can return to the Velvet Room, she can leave persona behind and have new ones bound to her.

Bullet Rune Etching: Demons and Shadows are magical creatures, and even cursed firearms don’t normally hurt them much. Marion has been trained how to charge bullets with mystic energy to convey a small amount of energy with Lost Carcosan runes. A standard rune simply gives the bullet the ability to do supernatural damage as well. She can handle maybe 30 of these runes in a day. More complex ones can imprint a specific elemental damage, however, she must have a persona that can DO that damage type (Fire, lightning, acid, what have you) and she can only inscribe 5 or so of these bullets in a day.

Tarot Affinity: Best – Fool, Judgment, World
Good – Hermit, High Priestess, Moon, Tower, Death
OK – All cards not in Best, Good, or Incompatible
Worst - Fortune, Emperor
Tarot Affinity simply states what kind of Persona she is most comfortable using. Each Persona is linked to a major Arcanum of the tarot. As she is a wild card, she is not bound to a single Arcanum, however Persona in the OK class tire her out more quickly than those in Good or Best. Persona in the “Worst” category she has little understanding of that portion of the Fool’s journey and they tend to tire her out incredibly quickly. A persona is a connection to a spirit, god or hero that provides 1-8 spells or spell like ability and usually some sort of elemental or physical resistance as well as weakness. A persona with a particularly famous physical attribute may also portray that to the person using is.

Demonic Negotiation: Knows how to initiate diplomatic conversations with spiritual beings (Not just Demons as the name implies) due to her position as a Persona user. The beings are under no obligation to do what she wants, or even listen to her if she tries this in a battle, but, under neutral or even slightly hostile but not trying to kill each other means, the being won’t kill her for trying to initiate a dialogue. Generally this is done to get contracts for essence of the beings to mend into persona, which, Marion can’t do on her own.

Sing: She is a concert hall singer level in ability

Tarot Readings: Given how she works with tarot cards in persona use and demon negotiation, she understands how to read fortunes with them. Convincing her to do them is a bit difficult, and getting her to focus on it if something shiny runs by is also difficult, but she is trained in it.

Personas: She currently has 3 as listed. Only one can be active at any given time. A persona’s powers can ONLY be used while it is active. For both her current persona, the first 4 powers are spells that require activation, the last 4 are abilities that are on when the persona is in use. This is not how all persona work however.

Abdul Alhazred: Arcanum Fool
Heavily resistant to (50% damage resistant) elemental damage, this persona is very weak (200% damage taken) against holy or evil magic. It slightly increases the wearer’s resistance to physical damage more through reinforcement of endurance as opposed to any mystic protection.
Media – Healing spell, recovers light damage to friends around the caster. Nothing major
Amrita – Healing spell, can cure poison, disease, mystical confusion on a single target
Recarmdra – Healing spell, heals others around caster by using the caster’s own life force. Can not KILL the caster, but knocks them within an inch of death’s door.
Evil Smile - 25% chance of forcing the targets to see their greatest fear, tends to hit everyone within 10 meters of the caster.
ResistFear – attacks do not work on Persona user well
Regeneration – The wearer of this Persona quickly heals from wounds, cuts and bruises healing in seconds, minor injuries in minutes, broken bones over the course of a night
Fear Boost – Increases the chance of Evil Smile working to 50%
Survive Light – Should a holy spell target the user of this persona, this ability gives them a 50% chance of surviving it with 1 HP instead of it just blasting them away.

Herbert West: Hermit
Weak (double damage) from physical attacks, strong (50% damage) from elemental magic, very weak (Quadrupal damage) from holy attacks
Dodge Physical – More likely to avoid a physical attack
Mediarama – Moderate healing spell for a group
Recarm – Revives ally with some life (not much)
Revival Experiment – Revives downed mook as ghoulish thing that attacks the nearest target till killed
Resist Fear – Fear attacks do not work on Persona user well

Henry Armitage: World
Resist (50% damage) from physical attacks and dark attacks
ResistFear – Fear attacks do not work on Persona user well
Tetrakarn – Reflects on Physical attack
Makarakarn – Reflects on Magical attack
Spell Master – Allows persona user more stamina with magic use
Mind Charge – Next magic attack does 250% more damage
Megidola – Burst of almighty (element neutral) attack energy. Mid level blast
Mustard Bomb – Tosses bomb of mustard gas which hurts targets and has low (15% or so) chance of stunning them, saps strength from user
Patra – Cures rage, confusion or Fear

Weapons and Gear:
6.5 x 52 mm Italian Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle with a six-round magazine: Serial Number C2766 with Side-mounted Ordinance Optics 4 X 18 telescopic sight. Used in Dallas Texas November 22, 1963. This "relic" of a weapon coated in an innocent man's blood has the mystic bonus of confusing those fired upon to think the bullet came from some other conspicuous location.

.44 Webley British Bulldog revolver with an ivory handle: Used in Washington DC on July 2, 1881. This "relic" of a weapon coated in an innocent man's blood has the mystic bonus of bullets fired by it are much harder for doctors or healers to find and extract from the body due to illusion magic.

Bone Cell Phone: Modeled after Igor's phone, it works as a cell phone that always has at least 3 bars unless the area is specifically shielded, but no text. If she was properly trained (She is not) she could form personas from tarot cards collected from demons in the velvet room.

Velvet Room Key: Can enter Velvet Room, can use any unimportant door as gate to the velvet room till the door closes

Evoker: Looks like a small pistol, used by novice persona users to call their persona by holding it to the head and pulling the trigger. She doesn't need it, but enjoys the reactions of others when she does and tends to use it when she can.

Note on Firearms: They are both historical, given that she prefers firearms, and historical assassin weapons tend to be from the USA

Each Persona has specific weaknesses listed with the persona.

Marion herself is incredibly unlucky and things relying on random chance as opposed to skill almost never succeed (she REALLY sucks at cards).

Marion has a THEORETICAL knowledge of linear time at best and things that rely on time moving in a line frequently confuse her. Schedules, they’re completely beyond her comprehension.

Given the being Marion’s soul is linked to she is a very big eater, and if she can’t eat 4 to 5 times what a normal person does in a day, she starts getting very sleepy till she smells food again. If she goes without eating for a day she’ll slip into a deep, almost comatose sleep.

Also, Marion shares a fragment of a soul with a Great Old One, which also serves as her final Persona (She does not have it, nor is it easy to obtain). Given this, any supernatural being senses her connection to the Old one and normal people find her kind of creepy regardless.

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