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Tactical Dossier - Allistar Zanuff Empty Tactical Dossier - Allistar Zanuff

Post by LocheEric on Sat Mar 20, 2010 11:10 pm

Race: Elven
Age: 55 (this is fairly young, apparently, for this strain of elf - roughly the age of mid-20s humanwise.)
Crimes: Unintentional Genocide, Intentional Genocide, Resisting Arrest, Escape From A Holding Facility

Background: Allistar Zanuff was a young elf when his powers first manifested at the age of 35. Dredging up the memories of his entire hometown at once, and manifesting magical constructs, he and his family were quickly run out to live in solitude, struggling, trying to maintain control over his natal talent. Pressured by his parents, he quickly rebelled under the tight yoke - he killed his parents outright with their worst memories, that of an entire army of constructs resembling imperial footmen.

Shocked by his actions once his rage cooled, he fled offplanet, hopping from system to system until his eventual apprehension by the Marshalship. He was found to be not guilty of outright genocide only due to the fact that evidence had been shown that it was unintentional, and he was placed into a special high-security holding facility to attempt to hone and control his power.

However, Allistar grew resentful of the Marshalship, believing himself powerful and capable enough to not only control his talent, but to master it. Feeling that he only needed to obtain more memories and gain more powers and abilities, he concocted a master plan, successfully escaping his control collar via manipulation and escaping his holding facility through use of several very potent distractions.

He remains at large.


Short-range Blink - Allistar can use this to teleport through small gaps, through walls, and out of snares or binding magics, about 10-20 yards in front of him.

Status Resistance - Allistar has incredible resistance to spells or abilities, supernatural, psionic, or magical, that ensnare him, render him directly unconscious (read: Sleep), or otherwise impair him. Straight damage, however, works as normal.

Natal Talent - Memoryshopping: The source of his power, Allistar's memoryshopping talent is unique among his race and even his dimension.

He utilizes this supernatural talent to probe anywhere from 1 to 6 people's memories, only 2-3 seconds needed to extract the most powerful, morst engaging memories from their psyche. After this, Allistar assumes a mist form to protect himself from harm, and creates a magical construct from those memories. This construct is very real and solid, nearly a mirror of the memory itself. It does not share any sort of weaknesses, elemental or otherwise, the actual being the memory is based on has, and can even possess abilities that may be unknown by the original holder of the memory. This can lead to unfortunate surprises, and can make an altercation with the shade much more challenging than the actual subject of the memory.

Allistar can maintain these memories for upwards of one week.

Weaknesses: The greater the power difference between Allistar and the subject of the memory, the harder it is for Allistar to actually control. Full potential can't be unlocked unless Allistar fully understands what he wields, which, due to his refusal of Marshalship assistance, he often does not. Allistar's mist form can be attacked with certain attacks, however, this has not been fully tested. (OOC note: Though the PCs know of ways to attack Allistar's mist form, this dossier does not!)

Allistar's mist form cannot be maintained indefinitely - if a battle with a construct goes too long, his mist form can dissipate, causing him to appear and become vulnerable.

Allistar is extremely dangerous and paranoid to a fault - he's mentally unstable and will not hesitate to kill to get clear. He's addicted to his power and the powers of others, and seeks only to grow more and more powerful with memories of innocents.


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