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Post by irte on Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:06 pm

IRC Nickname: irte
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): malpt

Character Name: Babh'Awiita (or, in English, Awiita the Younger)
Original Dimension: None.

Race: Shadowkin
Age: ?
Sex: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Likes: Pleasant conversation, learning about new and different people, art, music, "magic" (real magic, or sleight of hand), cooking and baking, waxworks and candle making, amateur behavioral studies (or "people watching", if you prefer), meditation, religious studies, beekeeping.
Dislikes: Bad smells, bright lights, destructive forces of any kind, ignorance, aggression, poor crafstmanship.

Physical Description: Being somewhat tall and lanky, she never seems to have come to grips with her size and movement, so would be classified by most as 'awkward' in her movements and decisions. Her skin is a middling grey, with no obvious flaws, as if she were made of scorched porcelain. Two bright, icy blue eyes peer out from under the disheveled mass of moppish blue-black hair, adding to the overall impression of meekness one would undoubtedly get in her presence. She wears very simple clothes, usually a short blue, violet and black plaid skirt, with a white t-shirt, and a pair of white socks and tennis shoes (which she would seem to put a good deal of effort into keeping pristinely white), and a black and grey denim jacket, if she should happen to get the chills.

Powers and Special Abilities: She has a very acute sense of smell, and can very readily tell - by the actions of changes in a person's phermones and perspiration - a person's disposition at any given moment (if they're lying, happy, sad, trying to be secretive, as well as a sense of what the person IS - human or other, though she does have a little trouble amongst cold-blooded beings, as they don't have the same 'perspiration profile', so to speak, that a warm-blooded being might have.)

Weapons and Gear: Only tools of the trade that she uses for beekeeping and her artistic endeavors, being that she doesn't believe in the use of excessive force.

Weaknesses: Bright lights (which her eyes are not able to adjust to, and seems to cause her some measure of physical pain, otherwise), as well as all other typical human weaknesses. Absolutely no special defenses against anything while taking a human shape (and she doesn't know how to change her shape or drop it completely, soo...)

Background: Being born as a Shadowkin, she followed the traditional path of training that all of her tribe follow... Near the beginning of that path of studies being that they act as muses for various people throughout the galaxy. It was during the beginning of her stint as a muse that her host's house caught fire, and she was forced to vacate his person, and take a physical form, which she had been taught as a last-chance tool of survival if such an emergency arose. However, she was never taught how to drop or change that form, so she has been forced to live as a normal person, separated for an indefinite amount of time - if not forever - from her tribe.

Reason for being on Gatekeeper: Being forced to live as a normal person, she's naturally had to find a way to make a living for herself. Being that she was formerly working as a muse, she decided that taking advantage of her natural creativity was her best choice, and established a shop for herself selling her waxworks (ranging from amazingly life-like wax sculptures to candle-making) and paintings, as well as ancillary sales of honey, candies, pastries and other sweet edibles, as the season or occasion may dictate. It didn't take long for her to pick up from conversations in her shops the best place to make a home base - a bustling space port, visited by untold numbers of people yearly! So it went that she set up her home base on the Gatekeeper - including a museum for her wax sculptures, a store for candles and incense (including scents from all the different planets on which she has established shops, some very unique and to be found ONLY on that planet), and a small general store featuring a wide array of unique coffee blends, a bakery and sweet-shop. Her main base on the Gatekeeper is the only one where she carries scents and baked goods from all of the places she has stores - stores on individual planets only carrying the scents and foods that are native to that world, naturally. Her shop on the Gatekeeper, additionally, is the only one that she herself sees to the management of; she sees to the management of her other stores, but her store on the Gatekeeper, she decided, was the most convenient hub for the running of all her various branches and museums.


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