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Post by Sokai on Fri May 21, 2010 7:17 pm

As of 05/21/2010, DJ is going on a summer hiatus.

Eric and I are up for a very busy few months; we're moving into Seattle from the suburbs, Eric's still job-hunting, my job is getting busier and busier as co-workers vacation, we'll be having a near month-long house guest in August and a lot of our friends are back in town for the summer from college. We really want to focus on RL stuff right now, and it's been pretty noticeable that both of us are suffering some major lack of motivation and drive to GM in the channel lately.

In September we'll reevaluate where stuff stands and start looking at opening back up; we do still have a very concrete couple of missions to finish up the Void arc, and a plan of what to do afterward.

While the channel is on hiatus, all our players and bystanders are welcome to remain in the channel for OOC chatter and social RP, but we'll be considering the plot frozen - this is, time won't be moving in a linear fashion and there will be no forward plot motion. We're not running stuff until we come back.

Thanks to everybody who's stuck with us so far. We know this might kill the channel and that makes us super-sad, but we really need to focus on the most important stuff.

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