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Post by Kuro on Thu May 27, 2010 11:25 pm

IRC Nickname: Kuro
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ku|AWAY Ku|BUSY

Character Name: Marshal (3rd rank) Kaln Stonefist
Original Dimension: Original: Dimension 655-beta; home planet in early industrial age (1800s)

Race: Farem
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 280 lbs
Likes: Introspective meditation, tea, animals, sunshine
Dislikes: Cruelty

Physical Description: Kaln is a towering red mountain of muscle, with tough leathery skin and incredible muscle tone. Despite his size, his steps are light and sure, and his movements are cat-like in poise and grace. His eyes are an unnerving shade of yellow and his hair is black and messy, with a pair of small white horns peeking out from under his bangs.

His typical outfit consists of a pair of blue monk pants with a white sash, a black tanktop, and an extra-extra-extra-large brown Marshalship jacket. He is also never seen without his prayer bead necklace.

- Physical Conditioning & Farem Racial Traits: Kaln combines his natural size, tough skin, and dense bones with the benefits of intense physical conditioning, toning and refining his already formidable muscles. His martial arts training has also given him sharp reflexes and agility that belies his hugeness.
- Unarmed Arts: Kaln was originally trained in the Stonefist fighting style, but has trained in several other arts, including: Iron Heart, Diamond Mind, and Stone Dragon (taught by Visyet), Shaolin Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, and Kyokugen-ryu Karate.
- Weapon Arts: Kaln has been trained in a wide variety of weapons, and has shown particular talent with the kanabo, katana, staff, dao swords, and greatsword.
- Firearms: Part of Kaln's Marshalship instruction included firearms training. He is competent with pistols and rifles.

Powers and Special Abilities: Kaln's intense martial arts training, beginning with the Stonefist style, allows him to channel his chi in various ways. For ease of reference, this section is divided into four categories: Offense, Defense, Mobility, and Utility.

- Hundred Fists: Kaln's favourite technique channels chi through his arms (or legs) to enhance his attack speed, allowing him to deliver a multitude of punches (or kicks) at extreme speed in a very short period of time. Using Hundred Fists, Kaln throws an average of 4 full-strength punches per second, and under optimal conditions, can continue the assault for up to 30 seconds.

- Stonefist Defense: Kaln takes a strnog, stable stance, channeling his chi through his body to form an invisible barrier around himself that protects from damage and makes him nearly immovable at the cost of mobility.
- Action Before Thought: Kaln's meditative training has allowed him to enter a state of mind during combat where he is able to react to danger before he's actually aware of the threat.

- Heavenly Leap: This technique allows Kaln to leap great heights and land without harm.

Nothing yet!

Weapons and Gear:
- Lawgiver MKII with custom handle and trigger for his size.
- Prayer beads: A set of 108 wooden prayer beads in a necklace; 6 large, 18 medium, 36 small, and 48 tiny. Infused with chi to aid the concentration of whoever wears it.
- Brown Marshalship jacket.

Weaknesses: Kaln's current only method of ranged attack is his Lawgiver; he lacks any chi arts that allow him to attack at range. His Stonefist Defense technique is powerful, but only effective when both feet are firmly planted on the floor -- he cannot benefit from its defense if he's on unstable ground, in the air, or on the move. Kaln's chi techniques also required to be able to concentrate; while his prayer beads help, some status effects prevent or hinder concentration.

Background: Kaln was the runt of four sons in a primitive farem tribe, in a war-torn third-world country of his home planet. As the runt, he was of little value to his family and community and was expected to be killed before reaching adulthood, and was thus sold into slavery. This didn't last long, as the slaver to whom he was sold was attacked a mere week later by a traveling monk.

Awed by the monk's prowess and skill in defeating foes larger and better-armed than him, Kaln insisted on becoming the monk's student. Over the next 15 years, Kaln was the monk's most devout and dedicated student, learning the ways of asceticism and spirituality, as well as the Stonefist fighting style. Kaln forsook his family name and took the Stonefist name in honour of the monk who saved him from a life of slavery.

Approximately six years ago, his planet was host to a skirmish between Marshalship and Void forces. Kaln met the Marshalship auditing team and decided to join them, undergoing Cadet training and becoming a Marshal.

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