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Post by BomberGirl on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:34 am

IRC Nickname: Rhonda
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): see above

Character Name:Rhonda De`santa Lacroix
Original Dimension: Star-trek type universe
Race: Human (Bioengineered Soldier)
Age: 19
Sex: female
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 520 pounds
Likes: Order and being upper teir, helping others, gaining friends and influence.
Dislikes: Ignorance, people without discipline or ettiquette, disruptive people.

Physical Description: Rhonda is a powerfully built olive tan skinned woman with a perfect
complexion. She has hard flaring curves of muscle and intense green eyes that seem to almost glow
, she has gentle features of a sophisticated woman as well and holds herself with dignity and
military swagger, her hair always up tightly and shining dark brown.

- Tactical Arts: Rhonda has been through many combat scenarios in training and is familiar with
small unit tactics and security protocalls and tactics. Trained with most small arms as well as
trained to pilot defense fighters and dogfight.
- Grappling and hand to hand: Rhonda excels in hand to hand her natural prowess for it due to her
genetic therapy and bioengineering makes her an exceptional grappler able to subdue most of her
opponents with expert ease.
- Acrobatic: When some opponents first face her they will be alarmed at her coordination and
ability to vault around with inhuman alacricity, A tactic she uses to close the gap to make enemies
subject to her grappling.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Enhanced physical attributes: Her speed, strength, endurance and coordination are all finely tuned
to make her more potent as a special operations soldier.Thanks to this she can deadlift nearly a
ton of weight and move or drag three times as much, she can run at a max of 90mph but sustain
speads of 50mph for nearly two hours, her immune system is nearly impenetrable to conventional
diseases, but tailored ones can be made if her blood is examined. Her body as well can sustain
more punishment like high gravities and abrasive atmospheres due to her tailored genetics her
enhancements are made to her to make her a more rugged explorer for the company that made her.
Healing: Her genetics have been tweaked to allow her to heal from all physical wounds and ailments
within hours regardless of how traumatic they are(Aside from atomization, beheading and keeping
her head from her body for three minutes, freezing her solid but she can recover if thawed.)
unfortunately she has hypermetabolism voracity due to this and must consume calories to compensate
after a particularly bad run in.
Enhanced eyesight smell and hearing: All at about canine magnitudes, except her eyes are also
capable of seeing ultraviolet and infrared thus are very sensitive making her have to wear
polarized protective goggles if intense light is present, her ears are as well incredibly
sensitive and weapons involving sound can wreak agonizing havok with her.

Weapons and Gear: Old corporate light armor and vaccum suits with the Planetary Inc. symbols removed, no weapons due to her fleeing the corporation.
Weaknesses: Constant physical barrage focused on her and hitting will eventually bring her down,
anything that exploits her sensitive senses will work. Any psionics trying to exploit her body
will not work, but her mind is easily exploited due to her being used to taking orders. She has
never encountered magic therefore she has no way of knowing what to expect from that ability.
She has a phobia of small furry things and insects, if confronted she will try to do everything in
her power to avoid contact with them, if forced to remain in contact she will curl up and go
catatonic until awoken.

Background: Rhonda was not always a supersoldier she used to be a mineral prospector for asteroid
belts and Planetary Inc. She was a colonist that had to get the genetic tailoring to save her life
from an accident that exposed her to cosmic radiation. To cover it up they took her crew and her
and destroyed the evidence to save face and stocks.
Rhonda was brainwashed and remade into a security officer for one of Planetary Inc.'s flagships
The courageous there she served blindly for many years as the corporation's puppet slowly
dragging her into moral ambiguity.
One day she regressed into her real personality that was forced into her subconscious to watch as
her new powers where exploited for the corporation's goals. She was broken and fled the company in
ashamed exile, ten years have passed since then the corporation was disbanded for doing genetic
experimentation without licensing.
As of now she is a drifter trying to gain perspective and repentance for what she had to bear
witness to.

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