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IRC Nickname: Friend/Ershin (Xach)
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Xach

Character Name: Endicott Severin "Endie" Gyldenstierne (Eight-One)

Original Dimension: Amalgamated Union Dimension 001 - Great Gaia. The dimension home to the Amalgamated Union and its ruling technocracy, the Infinite Solidarity of Mankind. The ISM was formed between the Quorum of Hammerstrike and the European Hegemony and eventually grew to encompass nearly all of the world's governments in less than 200 years. The ISM formed the Amalgamated Union, a unifying government with a regulatory stance on culture, education and personal worth, but because of this, the last bloc outside of the ISM's control, the Empire of Greater Eastern Asia, revolted and pulled its claim as a suzerainty to the AU. This lead to the greatest war known to this Earth which resulted in the deaths of nearly two billion people and the destruction of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, India, Bangladesh, parts of Southern China. The Japanese, the rulers of the EGEA, refused to admit defeat and unleashed their ultimate final solution, the destruction of their nation and their culture at their own hands via a methane hydrate cascade set off by charges. The results was the near-extinction of their people and the end of life as the world had previously knew it.

The world's temperature rose and its atmosphere was ruined. The Earth's surface was scarred and people were dying off in droves from the radiation and changes. To save themselves, the people of the former EGEA and AU turned to a previously outlawed method of survival: Cybernetics. As the years passed and cyborgs became more prevalent, the ISM and the AU launched an audacious plan to create a habitable shell around the world known as the Firmament. The Firmament became the new home of the bulk of Mankind and guaranteed the unquestioned control of the ISM over the huddled masses. Former remnants of the EGEA had no choice but to be assimilated into the technocracy. Years passed and the ISM and AU grew laxed. The Firmament was only half completed but it was large enough to hold a great majority of Humanity's peoples.

Race: Talented Human (Augmented) (English/Norweigian)
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Likes: Tinkering, laughing and making jokes, games of chance and skill
Dislikes: Self-righteousness, unreasonable people, ignorance

Physical Description (Or picture): A man with a medium built with carefully groomed sandy blond hair and green eyes. Endie's disarming smile is perhaps his greatest feature. He usually wears a self-designed greatcoat over his normal, black coveralls or pressure suit. He also enjoys wearing frock coats and Victorian-period wear. He's always seen with a smile on his face and is noted for looking far younger than his birth age.

Endicott Gyldenstierne Pbucket

Powers and Special Abilities:

Reduced aging: Endie's rate of aging has been slowed, allowing the ISM to make full use of his abilities for as long as possible. Though he's nearly 30 by his timeframe, he looks to be in his late teens.

Machinespeak - Endie, along with the other members of the Convocation of Heuristics, have the ability to 'speak' with complex machinery via artificial clairsentience and psychometric means. Machinespeaking allows Endie to glimpse into the past of the machine and see how it was made and what parts were used to make it. Deduction, intuition and know-how is then applied to help repair or dismantle the machine. Rate of success for Machinespeaking is purely determined by a diceroll.

Basic Telepathy: Alllows Endie to pick up on the surface thoughts of a nearby individual. He cannot mentally communicate with them.

Electronic Acumen: Endie, along with the other members of the CoH, were installed with artificial mental augments that gave their natural potential an extraordinary boost, turning them into something akin to the Machinespeakers of old. Their artificial Esperhood is also accompanied by a series of quantum computer circuitry hardwired into their brains. The circuitry and processors serve several roles. The first being Machinespeaking, the second allows them to think process information at an increased rate and deduce technical problems with amazing speed. The third is an underlying background process called the 'Scatterer.' Endie, while naturally brilliant, is not allowed to retain the vast amounts of superscience he knows. His technical prowress is kept in check by the thought scatterer than immediately destroys any sort of great epiphany. This means that Endie's cleverness and brilliance will always be kept in check and he can never use his skill to build weaponry or help any other organization with his technology outside of AU.

Weapons and Gear:
Dimensional Auto-Tool: A nanomachine device used in conjuction with Machinespeaking, the DAT automatically conforms into the tool necessary to fix whatever problem Endie might come across. The DAT also has the ability to temporarily stave imminent destruction or failure of a machine system with a whack of the device across the failing apparatus, creating a temporary stasis field around its systems. The DAT can only do this on a sucessful Machinespeaking roll. In idle mode, the DAT looks like a Stillson Wrench.

Pressure suit: A counterpressure suit developed to withstand the vacuum of space.
Gyldenstierne Ablative Greatcoat (GAG): Before his full conversion into a Machinespeaker, Endicott was asked to make a series of specially-designed all-environmental overcoats for the Convocation. What they got was the GAG, a greatcoat made with ablative materials that allows some dispersion of photonic weaponry and can withstand ammunition shot from small arms. The GAG also looks quite stylish in its gray coloring, modelled off of the greatcoats of the Finnish Army from their Earth's past.

The Naildriver: The only weapon Endie carries. The Naildriver is a retroengineered electromagnetic nail gun designed to fire eight-inch long Galvanized nails at a rate of 100 nails per minute. The range of the Naildriver is short (less than thirty feet), but the only reason he carries it is because it can also be used as a normal nail gun.

Weaknesses: Due to his mental augments, Endie is susceptible to electromagnetic pulses and EMP weaponry. An EMP in range of Endie will instanteously render him unconscious. He can also die from any of the things a normal, mundane human can die from. His immune system is stronger, however, as it was designed for traversing.

Background: Born in City Eight, Sector One of the Firmament, Endicott was immediately sought out for his potential. Born in a technocratic society, Endie was one of the few remaining progeny of the old Talents before the AU-Asia War. His lineage came from the Machinists, the 'original machinespeakers', the members of an ancient plutocracy known as The Quorom long ago. The sudden new interest in the progeny of the Machinists came about from a new Hegemon of the Solidarity who was fascinated in the abilities of the Earth's peoples before the rise of the ISM. The Solidarity rounded up the ancestors of the Machinists and with them formed the Convocation of Heuristics, a military branch used to solve the problems of Humanity. The ISM's main issue was the preservation of Mankind and as such, they developed ways to pierce through the fabrics of time and space. They first sent inanimate objects through, then graduated up to smaller creatures and eventually humans. The first of these humans was Endicott, who willingly volunteered to become one of these Interdimensional Pathfinders. He, along with ten others, were sent into the Quiesence, the binding void between dimensions, in hopes of discovering a new dimension and ultimately life.

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