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Post by Makaze on Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:43 pm

IRC Nickname: Makaze
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Makaze`Afk,Makaze`Sleep

Character Name: Sylph Leira
Original Dimension: Ventais (original world, odd mix of technology with ancient roman styled society)

Race: Venstarian
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 115 lbs
Likes: Baking, Camping, Cultural observation.
Dislikes: Bullying, Boorish people, "priestly" duties.

Physical Description (Or picture): Sylph Leira Sylph1

Not Shown: ( mainly due to most wings for poser SUCKING) When in flight or using her magic, four ethereal, faerie like wings of varying blue hues manifest adding to her gentle countenance.

-Ranged Combatant: Sylph is an accomplished archer and user of
thrown weapons, while she's not Duke Togo as far as ability,
she is no slouch or liability when it comes to ranged combat.
More a hobby of temple tradition and protocol in her eyes. But
still practical in use.

-Bowyer/Fletcher: During her time training and being educated
at the temple of winds, she's learned how to craft, enhance
and repair the bows, and crossbows her people make.

-Baker: This is by far her best skill, in her opinion at
least, far more important than her archery talents, even more
important and pride filling than her status as a Templar,
she's pretty handy in the kitchen in the area of sweet baked
goods to shepherds pie.

-Acrobatics/Gymnastics: Able to flip, bend and contort herself
on an Olympian level, this is a boon while flying and dodging

-Stealth: She's somewhat skilled at hiding, and shadowing,
perfect for scouting ahead.

Powers and Special Abilities:
-Natural Flight: Standard to her race is the ability to fly
via the ethereal wings on her back, while her speed is nothing
to write home about 80mph without magical aid she is very
maneuverable (Perfect in D and D terms).

-Enhanced Senses: her hearing is higher than that of a normal
human as far as how far out she can hear something.

-Enhanced Reflexes and Agility: Due to her training she is at a level of reaction and movment that could be considered peak human.

-Aerokinesis: Sylph due to her time and training with her
order is able to manipulate winds via her mind. Her control
and power isn't devastatingly awe inspiring, but affords her a
small sphere of influence and control of the winds around her
roughly six meter diameter sphere with her as the center. An
added not is she has a very tight control on this power so she
can manipulate small objects and the like, or "levitate" items
of roughly 80lb or less.

Common Utility Uses: Gusts of wind to blow away or bowl over
advancing foes, or catch falling allies. A small "sitting
cloud" she can create and rest upon, usually used for reading,
or short, sharp gusts of wind on her person for sharp, sudden
movements when flying or trying to avoid close combat assaults.

--Psionic Arrow: Using her bow as a focus point, she conjures an arrow of psionic energy to fire.

--Breeze Daggers: A rapid fire assault of small elongated
compressions of air and psionic energy. not very damaging, and
lose potency the further they go, about has hard as a good
solid jab.

--Concussion Bomb: A sphere shaped distortion of air that
detonates either at her bidding or on impact with the impact
of a shotgun slug, good for knocking back and harming armored
foes and capable of denting a half inch of steel, or a
distraction given it creates a very loud boom as the air

--Concussion Lance: Similar to the bomb, though more
concentrated and designed to severely harm a specific target.

--Binding: a nice stout gust of wind encircles her target,
limiting their movement, or holding them fast depending on
their strength.

Weapons and Gear:
-Bows: A Collection of various Bow and crossbows, all
functional, but mostly for her own collection. She does keep
one with her of her own make, a collapsible, wing motifed bow.
She keeps a variety of arrows (note, not green arrow like
trick arrows) like arrows for distance, or piercing of armor
or pinning.

Weaknesses: Very light weight, and not made for up front
confrontation, she is no tank and folds rather easily against
a some decent, well placed blows. She also lacks any sort of
serious melee training being primarily a ranged combatant. her
powers, while potent have a very little effect on heavy
armored and resilient foes/targets. aka your standard mecha.

Also when she is "casting" there is no hiding as her wings are
very visible, even in pitch blackness.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find
out about a character is through role-play): Sylph comes from
a world, that for eons was isolated in the cosmos, until a
fateful crash landing by a CoRe ship and subsequent aid/rescue
from the marshal ship came. Giving her people their first
extraterrestrial contact.

This was ages ago, perhaps ten to twenty years ago. After some
negotiations and diplomatic contact since then, CoRe was
allowed to set up an observation station in their system as
well as a cultural and technological exchange, though the
Venstarian people had little to offer save for their unique
minerals and metals on their world, as well as plants, fruits
and other exports not found anywhere else in the sector.

In continuance of this relationship, a "student exchange" of
sorts was arranged, between the "Temples" of Sylphs world;
essentially her world's military centers and of some
military of the CoRe and marshal ship in order to exchange
training ideas and tactics.

Sylph was one of those chosen to head towards the marshal ship. Much to her chagrin.

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