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Post by Crono on Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:53 pm

It was late. Or was it early? It was 3AM of the morning after the second time the crew had simulated a fight against Reven, and Crono had prior given up on hope of sleep. He had too much work to continue as he continued to tinker about the sim room, analyzing the events as they had unfolded. By the time 3:30 rolled around, he finally decided to take a rest, strutting back to his personal quarters.

As he sat down to his desk, he stared for a long moment at a flashing | designating the position on screen. He let his breath settle with it, let it double as his own pace, as his hands reached out. They didn't end up on the keyboard, though. Instead, he reached for a pen and a piece of paper - any paper he could find. Usually his script was nearly illegible to any but himself, but unconsciously to him, it was flowing well tonight.

One man,

In truth, that is what we are up against. The mysteries surrounding Reven are revealed more and more with each study done upon him. Today I had found myself overjoyed that I was able to prepare the simulation environment to such specifications that the sim itself did not become self-aware of its mimicked existence. But that was one of the major reasons I was hired aboard, after all. Falling in with all of these crewmates, my naivety was obvious. They are a team, a cohesive unit, and I was simply an added piece at the last moment without proper exposure to this unit. I suppose that will come with time. But even with such a fact in mind, one truth overrides any positive thoughts concerning the subject at hand. I forced myself to bite my tongue as the crew went over the improvements they had, and the fewer amount of causalities. Yet the truth still remains.

He let us go. That simple fact does not need reaffirming, at least not from my perspective. Pinned, slowed, assaulted – and yet we could not even strike at him within the Agamemnon’s bay. Even when we thought we’d made our escape, he locked down the Wraiths ability to dimensional jump, and waited for us – or rather, for Sokai – in ship’s core. And after demonstrating his full superiority, after leaving his final words to the woman, he left. He let us go – a fully unaware, unselfconscious simulation – Reven – let us go. I’ve created my own madness.

And that madness has given me pitfall to his trap. The man destroys worlds, leads a vast army, and could overwhelm us at any moment. The results of the simulation just leave one lingering, and so I have to ask myself, ‘why’? It took me an hour just to calm down before I could come to any conclusions.

I could study simulation after simulation. I could waste my life away completing tool after tool for the crew to counter and protect themselves from each ability we have seen thus far, and yet for every moment I’d be wasting here, he’d be out becoming stronger, learning new abilities, learning new tactics, and would simply outpace any efforts put forward. That is a given. Why not, after all? I am but one man, one of many on this vessel. I am but one of infinite in the multiverse. Upon realization and acceptance of this fact comes the truth. Reven, also, is but one man in this infinite existence. That is why he let us go.

Even the Space Lord is but a man, and his personal influence can only reach so far. It can only be in so many places at once. As a centrifuge of power, he is able to expend resources on simply assessing possible threats. When he finds something wholly unthreatening, he can let it go. Why wouldn’t he? It brings him little risk, and only furthers his presence in each of us, troubling us. We, pawns of his strategy, spread our defeat, our doubt, and our questions surrounding Reven’s capabilities and goals.

Over and over again as I pondered these things, I kept telling myself to stop, but I was already well within the own overwhelming conclusions. Regretfully enough, by wondering about this strategy so deeply I found myself looking up statistics surrounding the Marshalship itself. Since Reven has been labeled the prime threat under Marshalship files, there has been a growing trend of defection of those in contention. 74 planets once opposing him have pledged loyalty, and most recent estimates of his personal forces weigh over 40,000. Be it from fear, respect, or agreement, they have all been drawn.

If I wanted to deepen my madness, to prolong my constant shaking of realization of this scenario, I would tell myself I should be worrying if that’ll ever become the case for me – but I cannot. Within my own stubbornness comes my own personal motivation. If I were to join with this man, if I were to believe in his promises for a utopia, then my existence would become meaningless. My joys expand from my discovery, and there would be nothing to discover in a world where this man answers all.

And that, in turn, will be the source of my efforts. I love the intrigue and experience the world around me brings me, and so I will continue to study it, I will continue to live in it. I will continue to do everything in my power to defend it.
-Crono Arinborn

He tried to force that final thought as fact in his mind, sweat beginning to roll down his forehead. Why was he so... frustrated? It was illogical to let these simple simulations feel so overwhelming!

"Rargh!", he roared at himself, though hushed in the night, sliding his arms all about his table. "I need some sleep." Papers began to scatter

As he went to hop onto his bed without even tucking in, a single piece of paper slid from all the commotion, off the table... and resting slid half way through underneath his doorway.

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