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Post by Kuro on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:00 pm

IRC Nickname: Kuro
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): see above

Character Name: Kuro Hirohiko
Original Dimension: Marvel Universe, original character

Race: Human (mutant)
Age: 21
Sex: female
Height: 5'
Weight: 110 pounds
Likes: Loud music, swearing, smoking, drinking, people who use their powers for good
Dislikes: People who don't like it when she swears, smokes, or drinks, people with powers who use them selfishly

Physical Description: Kuro is an oddly pale but unmistakably Japanese girl who looks younger than she is. She dresses in a simple black pants/jacket combo that looks very much like a uniform. This, plus her short boyish hairstyle, causes her to be frequently mistaken for a boy.

- Martial Arts: Kuro has been trained in various martial arts, including two variations of Karate, Muay Thai kickboxing, American Boxing, and Jeet Kune Do.
- Knockout Artist: Kuro has been trained extensively in non-lethal combat. She has learned to suppress her super-strength and "hold back" during combat, allowing her to knock out or injure instead of outright kill opponents.
- Improvised Weapons: In battle, if necessary, Kuro is skilled in the use of improvised weaponry. She has been known to use furniture, parking meters, street signs, traffic lights, and vehicle parts as weapons. Not appropriate for every battlefield, as it both requires and causes collateral damage.
- Flying Combat: Kuro has been trained to combine her martial arts skills and super-strength with her newfound power of flight.

Powers and Special Abilities:

Strength: Kuro possesses super-strength. She can lift objects weighing up to 6,000 pounds (3 tons) over her head, throw lighter objects, and deal enough damage with a single strike to kill a normal human.

Toughness: A power closely tied to her super-strength, Kuro possesses superhuman resilience. On average, she has to be struck about with about as much force as she can put out to cause injury.

Flight: Kuro has the power of psionic flight with perfect maneuverability. Since both her strength and flight are psionic abilities, her carrying weight is unaffected while flying. She can reach 25 MPH from standing/floating still, and with enough time and space to accelerate, she can reach mach speed.

Weapons and Gear: Durable clothes made from high-tech materials that can withstand the rigors of super-strength combat and high-speed flight.

Weaknesses: Physically, it takes about as much force as Kuro puts out to take her down. However, she is vulnerable to telepathic and mental attack, as well as magic that doesn't emulate physical forces. In otherwords, she could charge through a spellcaster's fireball, but a spell to jolt her mind and stun her would have normal effect. In addition, anything that disrupts or negates psionics can also affect her powers.

Background: Like many mutants in the Marvel universe, Kuro's powers began to manifest around the age of puberty. It wasn't until she was 12 years old that her powers became truly noticable, resulting in her spectacular win at a junior karate tournament.

She did the best she could to conceal her abilities, both from her father and her friends, until a need for them arose several years later; another mutant, one whose powers were similar to hers, had taken hostages during a bank robbery. Her sense of responsibility took over and she decided to finally use her powers, rescuing the hostages and subduing the mutant until the special police unit could arrive.

It was shortly thereafter that she saw a wanted ad for a budding superhero team. She applied and got the job, taking on the name of Tough Girl and becoming the youngest member of the team at the age of 16. For two years she has been fighting crime, whether mundane or against mutants who abuse their powers.

After leaving the Mark I, Kuro spent several months on Gatekeeper, doing odd jobs as "dumb muscle" (heavy lifting, security, bouncer, etc.) before leaving for her home dimension. She resumed superhero work and began to take the role more seriously, maturing as a person and coming into her own as a superhero. She ceased to use an alias, dropped the gothic lolita fashion, and grew up. Now she's acting as a representative of her world on Gatekeeper.

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