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Post by Crono on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:08 pm

IRC Nickname: Crono
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Sonya, Derick

Character Name: Crono Arinborn
Original Dimension : Malaith (Original)

Race: Human
Age: 24
Birthday: May 15th, 1985
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 180
Likes: Acrobatics, dancing, fantasy novels.
Dislikes: Silence, others taking things for granted.

Physical Description (Or picture): (Seconds from a full fantasy setting, but it has similarities).
Crono is a fairly average looking young man on the surface, blue eyes and blond hair trickling to his ears. Beneath any apparel, however, shows both strain and growth upon his body since the tragedy of his origins. Unusually thin when younger, Crono’s form now is honed to a precision to compensate for his lack of an imposing body type, but it’s been worked to the point of near unhealthiness, as though his work had been the result of instantaneous change. He tends to wear broad, waving pants tucked into leather worker’s boots so that his movements are never restricted to tight leggings. His tops changes to whatever is appropriate, often a fairly elaborate looking green vest, claiming it was standard attire from home, and defaults to an nonrestrictive tank-top when all else fails so he can work.

Powers and Special Abilities:

Dual-Bladesman: Crono was trained under the Malaith’s star duelist, Shenhale Marcuth, in his unique style of double long-blades. The focus is upon an unorthodox use of balance, compensating the weapon-choices obvious barriers of mobility by familiarizing one’s self with the center point of the blades. Thus the wielder is able to let force do much of their dirty work. It isn’t uncommon for Crono to simply ‘let go’ of his blade at the right time in a strike only to gather it from its new toppling trajectory a moment later in a violent swing.

Algorithm Specialist: Simply put, the son of his father, Crono excels in a field of tech, with a focal point on pattern recognition. He has a keen understanding that gives him a broad sense of how even the most unfamiliar of technologies functions, and given time to study is often able to create his own AI to translate problems for him.

Keen Eye: Given his lithe body type honed to a strain, Crono has developed extensively acute senses and balance, and a tactical edge in breaking down most one-on-one encounters.

Basic Military Background: Familiar with most military concepts and equipment, as well as having the basic training required to operate most common firearms.

Vitality Rune: Single-target regeneration spell. The spell will continue to gradually replenish the target's health for the entire duration of a battle.

Weapons and Gear:

Phase Blades: Crono carries two seemingly simple rods with sword-like guards looped to his belt that are the pride and joy of his own accomplishments. Utilizing the unique structure of Unobtainium, an element native to the world of Malaith, Crono created hilts which attract and compress ‘blades’ about the hilt into and out of existence. The technology is a method of ‘hyper’ magnetism in a sense, creating the proper field to pull the blade together and apart in the blink of an eye from its coating over the hilts. The metal itself does not even truly ‘bond’, but simply resonates in the blade-shaped-field, giving it an almost ethereal, magical look and a resonating-based cut sharper than a metal would usually allow.
Update: After some extensive work, Crono has adjusted his blades to emit their blade from either end, or both ends at once, as well as adapting a hand 'following' system to have the grips keep themselves positioned properly up and down the length as the hands move. By doing so, he can join the blades together, and then link them as a Phase 'staff', while keep the impressive properties of the usual blades.

Hardening Blood: As per any fighter within the Militant Academy’s of Malaith, Crono was given the opportunity to become injected with a questionably unsafe concoction. The concoction itself, a mix of microscopic metallic shavings bound to benign bacteria that would serve as a transporting agent throughout the body. Given time to mature, the bacteria fuses with the blood, creating an effect that ‘hardens’ the blood when the muscles are flexed. This allows for an effect resembling synthetic muscles, in a way. By hardening the blood in the right motions, a stance becomes that much stronger, a swing that much harder, etc, without the limitations of a truly bulky body. When hes dug properly in his stance, Crono might as well be a steel pillar rising from the ground. This is not, however, a substitute for good ol’ fashion muscle in many cases (he can only hold, not exert).

Emblem of Saillune: A pin specialty created for Crono by Genevieve and Ralf as a gift. The astonishing creation taps into the user's mental command and magical talent, allowing them to fly unhindered for 15 minutes, at which point the pin begins drawing on the user's power specifically to sustain itself. Given time it will regenerate itself given a proper environment with dispersed mana to do so. Crono's particular magical talent is present, but unexplored save that it is enough to activate this trinket. He wears this gift proudly pinned over his heart at almost all times, unless hes in his military combatant uniform of Malaith, of which he has modified the belt to clip the pin securely as a buckle.

Microfiber Boots and Gloves: As described in
After completing the commission for Marshal Alex Scott, Crono swiftly created a pair of each for himself. These allow resistance to vertical surfaces without the true restriction of adhesion. An average user may scale walls with both boots and gloves at roughly the speed one would expect of a cliff side with proper grips, and boots alone allow for impressive cling-and release wall acrobatics.

E.M.U.S: Electromagnetic Unobtainium Suit
A two-layered leather suit with an in between-layer mesh of small, unobtanium devices capable of creating electromagnetic attraction and repulsion within themselves. This allows the entire suit to 'push' or 'pull' itself at incredible speeds. Controlled by a variant of the wave-thought projection field, the wearer of the suit is able to 'shift' themselves within the suit by having it move. The final effect, to the naked eye, makes it appear as though the wearer is simply teleported to their new location. This effect is most reliable in full-body transportation.

In theory, the force of the suit can be used in an attack, but as a normal human, Crono's body is subject to the same force of impact as the opponent. The primary use is for unhindered motion, and anything further need be done with particular caution on this fact.
Suit appearance: Formed after Crono's military uniform from his home dimension (minus the wings)
Crono Arinborn Holy_Knight

Marshalship Certification: CQC - A certificate that proves Crono's tried and tested ability to teach Martial Arts at a Marshalship-acceptable level.
Lucky Coin - A worn but shiny coin from the magic kingdom, said to bring the holder luck. Has fitted it to a chain, which he now almost always wears as a necklace.
Ivory Comb - A fine comb given to him as a Christmas gift, with swirling patterns carved into the handle. Uses: Combing hair, being awesome.
White Leather Boots - Given as a Christmas gift, a nice pair of white, leather boots, fitting his usual style (not often seen simply wearing shoes).
Genevieve Doll - Robo-Genny, crafted by none other than the skillful Sokai Hemmingway, this remote-control Genny was given to him as a Christmas gift. It flies, casts a fake barrier, and will also cycle through Genny's spells at random in holographic form.
Interdimensional Atomic Clock - To be fitted into a comm link or datapad, this baby TELLS THE TIME. Anywhere! Based on Gatekeeper standard.


Crono’s biggest physical weakness is his stamina. His life has forced his body into shape, but at the same time, is also quite simply put ‘overworked’ as it were. He would personally call himself a duelist over a soldier.

His style, based upon senses, balance, and dexterity, force him to be quite susceptible to simple disorientation. While he can break down bluffs and feigns in a fight quite decisively, a physical hindrance on senses is almost unmanageable.

Crono’s past involved a shocking trauma, and any event similar in appearance practically causes him to go into an all-out relapse of the events surrounding the end of his home planet.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay):
Crono’s planet Malaith thrived upon technology. They were particularly strong upon artificial intelligence, creating algorithms that learned and solved almost any problem brought before them, allowing an exponential growth within society when ‘a computer learns to build a better computer’ as it were.

Crono’s father was one of the planet’s most renowned scientists, creating many of the more modern aspects of life enjoyed. Being the son of his father, Crono was schooled strictly and had many expectations coming from his father. Crono excelled vastly beyond most students his age, but strained under the pressure and eventually rebelled from his father’s wishes, joining the populations Military in an effort to become what he saw as the opposite of his father. Still, as any loving father would, he supported the boy, his prestige even granting his son lessons from Shenhale himself. These events marked the dramatic turn in the boy’s stature, from under worked mentalist to striving martialist, but Crono toiled away regardless of physical repercussions.

The dimension itself was unvisited during the times of The Magistrate, but misfortune struck much harder than even the vessel itself may have. As Malaith, a fairly advanced society by average means was performing experiments based around warp travel to visit other stars within its own dimension, a dimension bordered by the same leyline as Malaith was under siege of Reven's forces. The feedback interfered with the experiment on a broad scale, chaotic energies tearing it out of control, causing a chain reaction that warped reality in its entirety. Entire chunks of the planet were torn asunder, others seeming to implode without explanation, and other catastrophes all causing the planet to become inhospitable. By luck, fate, or some divine interference, Crono manages to stay upon a piece that remained intact, the only survivor he knows of. Little did he know of the existence that would be set before him when he was rescued by investigators from the CoRe many months later.

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