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Post by Makaze on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:12 pm

IRC Nickname: Makaze
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Smash`Daisaku, CommissarOfFlame

Character Name: Keona Tay'al
Original Dimension: Farsia (Steampunk/High Fantasy styled world)

Race: Prism Dragon (Sealed in a half dragon like form of her own will)
Age: 80
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 150
Likes: being creative, good conversation, finding new approaches
Dislikes: Wasted potential, waking early, repetition.

Physical Description (Or picture):
Keona Tay`al Keona

Powers and Special Abilities:

Strength: While not able to stop locomotives and the like, Keona is about 2 times
stronger than a normal human both endurance wise and physical exertion, though she is loath to use outright brute strength.

Flight: Even in her locked form she is still capable of flight, though true to the her heritage, she has no physical wings, instead translucent, energy wings form and allow her to fly.

Reflective Aura: By focusing her aura she can reflect your average martial artist chi blast with little effort or standard laser pistol, anything heavier, like say the
equivalent of your boring old dragon ball Z Blast of death, she can deflect, but it would drain her considerably, and she's still eat some "bleed through" damage and need some time to refocus.

Enchanter: Due to her education, dabbling, experimentation and finally just finding someone to teach her for a few decades, Keona is able to channel her natural magical energy into the creation of magical items, or even "buffing/debuffing" another being or area control/manipulation. These effects range from your standard growth spells, to enhancing strength and the like, to more complex things like armor or weapons made from sheer ethereal energy, or enchanting weaponry permanently, though the later takes time and lots of energy. She has the ability to cast enchantments and spells, and "hang" them, leaving them unfinished, then completing them as needed.

Aura Magic: By concentrating, and using subtle to complex hand gestures and a verbal commands, Keona can use her aura to affect the world around her, and in short cast magic, unlike her Enchanting skills however, these are damaging, and usually
elemental based, she rarely does this to extremes however unless it is horribly necessary as her offense spell casting takes more time than one who's geared towards it

Breath Weapon: By focusing her natural energies, Keona can emit a beam or cone of raw magical energy doing respectable damage to the area in front of her for a good 20 ft, if she wishes, she can cast a spell and channel it through this breath weapon, unfortunately this leaves her weakened due to her "sealed" state, as well as the weakness of her slower casting time when using offensive spells

She can sense other magical entities if she focuses on her own magical aura.

Empathic Link: Simply put, anyone she has connection to, like Anri, she knows where they are and their status, this is only relative to mates or kin.

Weapons and Gear: Various small books kept in small pouches on her person, she has no need for physical weapons, and has rudimentary skill with a whip, though she's somewhat embarrassed to say why.


Her reflective aura has limits and while she's using it, any offensive spells cannot
be used.

Areas of dead magic, or anti magic fields, or one who can simply seal chi or the like
is pretty much like suffocating her, she can still function but at great difficulty, and cannot cast any high powered spells.

Weapons meant to specifically harm dragons or magical entities also harm her

Her magical essence while always present, is not infinite, and she can only channel a finite amount before she exhausts herself and has to rest and the larger the spell, the more she's tired by the casting of it. As far as her enchanting abilities, the same applies both essence wise, and mental concentration,

ie: The more effects she has up, the more strained she is. Right now she can keep 8
or so up for a bit before giving in to exhaustion, but is unable to exert any
seriously high spell casting.

Hanging spells also takes up "space" as it were, limiting her availible spell power until it is let go, the more spells she has hanging before completion the less power she has access to

eg in dnd terms: She could cast say a 5th level spell, and leave it hanging, then cast a level 3 spell, due to the power needed to hold that level five, until she released it.

Background: Keona for lack of a better way to start this is a dragon sealed into the
shell of a human, not as punishment but more by choice.

She had grown tired of the usual mess that dragon kind had to associate with,
wandering adventures, thinking if it's a dragon it must have loot, or must be
terrorizing some poor village.

But she didn't have some of the usual disdain and "superiority" her elders or kin had
in regards to the "lesser" races, no quite the opposite, she was intrigued as she'd
watch them from her lair, going about their day to day lives, never approaching a
problem in the same way as the next lesser being.

Her curiosity grew as time passed, eventually giving in, and much to her elders
surprise and dismay, sealed herself in a lesser form, taking on the appearance and
abilities of a half breed and venturing amongst humans, elves and the like,
eventually taking an interest into their approach on magic, eventually enrolling in
one of the human academies and studying, enjoying actually having to work towards
magical craft and perfection rather than just being blessed with it.

However not everything she tried worked as planned, while studying a teleportation
circle, something went awry.

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