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Post by Azriel on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:49 pm

IRC Nickname: Azriel
Alternate IRC Nicknames: Azzy, Kanna

Character's Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Nicknames: Brat (older brother calls her that), or anything else the group comes up with.
Original Dimension: Tomoeda, Japan (not far from Tokyo and is not really a REAL town, but a figment from the CardCaptor Sakura (second season series.)

Race: Human
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Birthday: April 1 (Aries)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Likes: Noodles with seafood, omelets, making pancakes, cheer leading, baton twirling, gym class, music class, swimming, Yukito, and rollerblading.
Dislikes: Mathematics class, ghosts, people she cares about that are in danger, her older brother teasing her, giving up without a fight, and when the cards cause trouble for others.

Physical Description (or picture):

Sakura Kinomoto Card_Captor_Sakura_by_Utane

Powers and Special Abilities:

- Able to use magic through the ability of summoning special cards she keeps in a book called the "Book of Clow" which holds the 52 magic cards she can summon.
- These cards are infused with Western and Eastern sorcery centered on the concepts of the natural forces and elements. They can give the user a vast variety of abilities and combos to help others and their Master.
- Keeper of the Clow Cards and is a very resourceful and efficient mage herself.
- Has a keen sense of magic and can sense other cards if they happen to be stolen or scattered and people with very strong influences in the arcane arts.
- Has the ability of transforming each Clow Card she has and can capture into Sakura Cards by writing her name on the bottom of each card. These new Sakura Cards prove that Sakura is the new Master of the Cards and instead of relying on the celestial energies of the sun and moon and Clow Reed. The cards will rely on Sakura's own magical capabilities and power.

Sakura activating her Star Staff and summoning a Sakura Card for those not familar with the series.

Weapons and Gear:

- "Key of Clow" is a magical staff that comes to the aid of its Master when called forth. At first, it is a harmless key charm on a necklace that is worn around the Master's neck, but when called upon it can grow to the size of a magic staff that fits the personality and likes of the Master.
- Sakura's Star Staff is a long, light pink wand that's the correct size for her age to handle with one hand or two hands. It has a pink circle at the top with a gold star in the middle of it as a representation for the symbol of the moon and sun in Chinese. On the side of the circle are small, winged ornaments that prove to have a useful purpose later on.
- The "Book of Clow" looks like any regular magical tome. It has a thick, copper-colored cover with a magical seal on place and chains on the front, but it's completely hollow on the inside and has a deep recess to hold the deck of cards while putting on a facade that it actually holds pages on the outside. The Book is protected by an incredibly strong, magical barrier that prevents anyone other than the rightful Master from holding it or using it.
- Her 52 cards which have their own special abilities and personalities and will react to their Master's commands and other cards they get along with.

Sakura has the following cards in her possession right now:

The Arrow- is an attack card capable of creating and firing a continuous stream of magical arrows.Sakura can use this card to summon a hail or volley of arrows at her disposal and attack enemies with them.

The Change- is able to do things involving change. Sakura can use this card and is able to swap the minds (or bodies) of two people. This swapping can only occur once a day, and if a change is not reverted after some time, it becomes permanent.

The Dark- Sakura is able to create and control darkness. If given enough time on the field, the darkness can nullify and isolate non magical beings from the existing reality into thinking nothing is happening, much like a "glamour zone".

The Dash- when summoned, gives Sakura or anyone she chooses freely the supernatural ability of running fast at great or short distances.

The Earthy- Sakura is able to create or manipulate the earth using this card for attack or defense. It is one of the elemental cards and its weakness is Wood.

The Firey- when summoned, Sakura can create and manipulate fire using her wand much like a flamethrower. It is one of the elemental cards and does not get along too well with Watery.

The Float- Float's normal form resembles a large balloon with white wings for transport. It falls under the control of Windy. When summoned for purposes other than transportation, Sakura can use this card to float either objects or people off the ground a couple inches off, but no higher.

The Fly- when activated it adds large wings to the end of the sealing wand that allow Sakura (and at least one passenger) to fly. Her second option is to create a pair of angelic wings on her own back and allow her to fly by herself and still cast other cards for greater mobility.

The Glow- is one of the harmless cards, as its only power is the ability to create and manipulate hundreds of tiny glowing orbs that resemble fireflies.Thus, Sakura can use this card to illuminate darkened areas for light or just to cheer people up.

The Illusion- is an aggressive card (reasons for this behavior are unknown) capable of creating illusions based on whatever the viewer expects to see or wants to see. Each person will see something different when viewing the Illusion unless everyone is thinking of the same thing at the same time. Usually this illusion takes the form of whatever the person is most afraid of, though it has been known to take the form of whatever is most significant in a person's mind at the time. Illusion can change its form based on what the watcher expects to see, but while transitioning between forms, it resembles a kaleidoscope pattern.

The Jump- appears as pair of wings on Sakura's ankles and allows her not only to jump great distances, but also to land safely from falls that would otherwise kill or injure her.

The Little- when summoned, Sakura is able to shrink people or objects into tinier versions of themselves to non-magical beings, when used on magical beings. She can shrink their capacity for magic and make it more difficult to focus and cast.

The Lock- is able to lock almost anything (doors, padlocks, etc.), also preventing their unlocking by conventional means. Lock can seal off entire rooms by magically shielding any and all exits such that they cannot be penetrated or destroyed. Similar to an ability of Maze, magical senses are diffused when in an area sealed by Lock. Though weaker than Shield in terms of defensive strength, Lock can actively defend itself by creating a psychokinetic storm to drive away threats.

The Mist- when summoned, is a corrosive entity, able to eat through almost any material including metal bars. It can also create a blanket of fog for cover.

The Move- when summoned, appears as a little set of white, fantasy-like wings that can attach themselves to a single animated or inanimate object and move it to the desired location that Sakura wishes.

The Sand- Sakura is able to create and manipulate sand, often creating vortexes of it to trap targets.It falls under the Earthy.

The Shadow- is a mysterious card able to manipulate shadows. It can gather shadows from people or things to increase its own power, but these shadows fade when they are exposed to bright light, leaving only Shadow itself behind. Sakura uses this card to immobilize people, objects, or other Cards by trapping their Shadow.

The Shield- is Sakura's most-used defensive card, able to create a force field around its target that is great against almost all physical and magical attacks, including the effects of other Cards (i.e. Time). However, it can still be penetrable by other means if the force over exerts Sakura's own hold over her wand.

The Shot- is one of the more dangerous cards. Sakura calls forth a single shot of crackling energy, much like a homing missile, to target and lock onto one enemy and fire at them. The shot will not stop until it hits its intended target or something else.

The Sleep- is able to put people to sleep, whether it be one person or a whole festival full of people, and is one of Sakura's most frequently used cards. It is often used in combination with Time; after Time stops time, Sleep is activated on all the people. When Time wears off, everyone falls asleep at once. This prevents people from noticing others falling asleep before they do and also from seeing Sleep while it does its work.

The Storm- is a powerful and aggressive card that when summoned, allows Sakura capable of summoning huge rainstorms and tornadoes that can be used both to attack an opponent and to bind them. However, despite its power, Storm is vulnerable to attacks directed towards its center (the eye of the storm) and is easily defeated.

The Through- is able to allow Sakura to pass through solid objects, such as walls. The thickness of the object and the strength of the user's magical powers are factors for using the card successfully. Failure will result in the summoner being stuck in the wall.

The Thunder-allows Sakura to call upon the powers of lightning through her staff, much like a lightning rod and fire off either a single, weak bolt, or a volley of them. Each degree of how much lightning she needs requires more magic and focus.

The Time- has the ability to influence the passage of time in the world: speeding it up, slowing it down, stopping it entirely, and even turning back the passage of time by a whole day. Altering the passage of time is extremely taxing for all but the most powerful of sorcerers, and a great deal of magic is required even to activate it.Sakura can only hold it for maybe a minute at best as it is extremely taxing and only uses it as an emergency.

The Watery- allows Sakura to shoot water from her staff and manipulate it toward her opposers. It is one of the elemental cards.

The Windy- Sakura is able to create and manipulate wind from her staff that can either attack or bind opponents. Despite the ability to create massive whirlwinds, Windy is hardly used for aggressive purposes.

The Wood- Sakura can summon vines from her staff to trap, corner, attack, or even bind her opponents.

Sakura is missing the following cards to finish the book: The Dream, The Bubbles, The Big, The Light, The Maze, The Rain, The Sword, The Cloud, The Create, The Erase, The Fight, The Power, The Flower, The Freeze, The Libra, The Loop, The Mirror, The Return, The Silent, The Snow, The Song, The Sweet, The Twin, The Voice, and The Wave cards. Total of 25.


- She needs time to properly chant and cast.
- Is vulnerable when she doesn't have any kind of card in effect to protect her.
- Normal human that can be hurt with force and other objects.
- Relies heavily on her magic and lack of healing magic.
- She's missing 25 of the cards and cannot be ordained as a full Master or have the Book's full power yet. She's still a middle average mage.


Sakura Kinomoto used to be an average, normal girl. However, that was all subject to change when she was the age of ten years old and found her way curiously searching her father's study. There, she found an ancient magical tome that glowed with power and magical energies, ironically, she was the only one to notice. While her brother was working at a part-time job and her father still at the office, the book drew her curiosity enough to open it. Once she opened it, many cards scattered from the book in a blink of an eye and to far off traces within the city she lived in. From that day forward, Sakura would never be the same ever again.

Now at the age of eighteen, Sakura is still looking for the remaining cards that have scattered far and wide. Her search is not without danger as finding and sealing each card is like a small test and requires her to use all of her wits and skills just to seal them. The cards must be sealed within the book she carries or calamity will ensure the ones she cares about.

At first, things are going smoothly for her and she has already collected at least 25 cards out of the remaining 52. Little does she know that trouble stirs elsewhere and will draw her into an even greater adventure and depth to her search the like she never imagined armed with only her staff and magical prowess.

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