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Post by Azriel on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:51 pm

IRC Nickname: Azriel
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Azzy, Kanna

Character Name: Aliciel Rozencratz
Nickname: Ali
Original Dimension: Sion (original with some concepts drawn from Cyber Team in Akihabara as far as mech concept.)

Race: Human
Age: 23 (But her body actually looks like she's 20 due to temporary immortality issues.)
Birth date: May 28th (Gemini)
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Likes: Cream puffs, helping out others when she can, Hayate, being sisterly to Shaila and Genny, hanging out with Shaila or Genny, baking, and her home dimension.
Dislikes: Athena being cynical or misbehaving, being kept in the dark on things, people she deeply cares about getting hurt, and getting into trouble on behalf of Athena.

Physical Description:

Aliciel is an averagely tall and moderately attractive young woman. She has slightly pale, white skin in comparison to some though not to the point of sickly and has soft, but a bit roughened hands from war. Her hair is slightly short and wavy/curly a bit. There are two longer strands of curls in the front that go past her neck a bit and shorter strands/curls in the back. She has bangs in the front and her hair is the color of black. Her eyes are a light shade of brown, similar in color to milk chocolate.

She has the physique of a well-toned and trained military personnel in her legs, arms, and torso a bit, yet she maintains her girlish figure if at all possible.
Aside from her physique, is a pair of long legs for running and her Diva suit-up. She has one scar across her back that hardly ever gets shown from a battle as a Diva.

Most of the time she'll wear her military uniform which consists of a black skirt with a red stripe going up on each side, black high-heeled, knee-high boots, a white blouse or sleeveless turtleneck top with a red tie, and a short, black jacket with red trim along the cuffed sleeves and going up along the sides of the arms as a line. The jacket stops short of covering her upper stomach area, and has a couple military badges on the right side of the jacket. She can also occasionally have alternating red and black ribbons on the two front strands of her curls in her hair sometimes.

Her transformation sequence into her armor, Athena:

Powers and Special Abilities:
-She has control of a special set of armor infused with her body called a Diva.
- Her suit of armor is called Athena and is named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War.
- Athena is one of the Divas' that is extremely efficient at melee combat and agility.
-The suit carries extra protective armor against physical and magical attacks and can endure a lot longer than normal Divas'.
- Athena can store and absorb electrical charges she creates or when they are thrown back at her.
-Athena has a pair of metallic thrusters that resemble wings on the back part of the suit that allow gliding across land and sea easily. She can also break the sound barrier when her thrusters are at maximum overdrive.
-Athena can convert the thruster system into a framework of electrically charged wings and use them for flight or attack purposes.
-No need to store Athena in the hangar as Aliciel transforms into Athena on the spot when needed due to a special device on her wrist called a DI unit.
-Athena has now been upgraded since events leading on Sion to a sea, land, and air craft Diva.

Weapons and Gear:
-Her suit of armor, Athena.
-Her DI unit.
-Athena's wrist gear can incorporate short, but stable blades of metal that can cut through anyone foolish enough to tick her off and semi-hard minerals/metals.
-These arm blades can be combined with the electrical charges to add a status effect for paralyzing opponents whether mechanical or biological.

-Sometimes weapons can pierce through the armor depending on the effort of force applied.
-Aliciel's life span is shortened a little bit with each and every use of her Diva.

Past Character Background:

Aliciel was born on the world of Sion. A once beautiful, technology based planet that strives to continue to change and expand its knowledge. But soon after the birth of special suits of armor that supposedly could grant immortality, war ravaged her once Utopian paradise. The war was a struggle between who would get to use the Divas and gain the immortality they supposedly granted their users. Sion was once lush with trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, and large, wondrous cities. Now, it's broken down into pieces of rubble and debris with survivors scattered across the planet seeking safety from the deranged people intoxicated with power and war. Those that were against the use of the Divas except for themselves were called the Apostles.

Aliciel was chosen at the age of 16 by the military as a candidate for infusing with one of the Divas secretly and taken away from her friends and family in her hometown. It was true the Divas could grant a person immortality as they provided all the necessary functions for a human body to live such as nourishment, energy, and an ageless body. But it was at a cost, a terrible cost of shortening the user's life span if they kept infusing in and out of the Diva. The Divas were meant for permanent fusion, but with time running short and Aliciel so young, it couldn't be permanent until she was 25, the proper age of where she stopped growing and thus, having an ageless body of perfectly 25 was suitable.

So, Aliciel lived most of her life on military bases and in the face of danger against the rebellion group bent on killing her and other Diva users. The Divas are mass-produced as common models for trainees and lower ranking officials, but there are only 5 Major Divas that proceed as generals and commanders to squads. Aliciel commands squad ATH-5 as a Major and serves on the front lines most of the time. Besides Athena, there are the other four Diva units: Hestia, Aphrodite, Amphitrite, and Erinyes.

Current Character Background:

With the help of the Void (specifically Reven) and the crew from the Blaze of Glory, the painful events of Sion's past were resolved along with Aliciel's past. The world of Sion had been completely remade into a thriving, gorgeous green planet teeming with life. There were no future signs of anymore electrical storms in the atmosphere or the planet's core about to collapse, and the mad scientist that caused all the disturbances along with the 7 years of war was finally arrested. Aliciel, after much consideration and help from Seiya's advice, convinced her father to let her stay as a crew member and representative of Sion's military on the Blaze of Glory.

Afterward, Aliciel went back to her old job of just being a security officer among the crew and looking after her two best friends, Shaila and Genny. It didn't take very long either for her to develop personal and intimate feelings with another crew member, Arisu Hayate. As of now, they're still going steady with the relationship and Aliciel seems much happier than she's been since the first time she was dimensionally dropped onto the ship. Her main current goals are to continue progressing as a melee fighter, learn as much information as she can on leadership positions and strategies so that she can be ready to replace her father as the head of Sion's military, and try to mold Athena's cynical and snarky behavior into something with more manners and consideration.

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