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Post by Azriel on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:53 pm

“Honestly child, if you sleep any longer you’re going to be late for school!” said a motherly woman with a pale complexion of someone who has seen much in her life. The one she scolds only tosses her left side to the opposite on a mattress of feathers and grunts in displeasure. The woman bore up and just fixed the pins that hold her messy bun of thin, dark hair behind her head. She carefully slid a lone pin from its cradle of hair to poke the bottom of the sleeping one gently with another verbal chastise, “Get up you deaf girl! Get up now, I say!”

The sleeping girl reacts to the subtle poke of a pin against her bottom and retaliates with a shout of her own, “Alright! Alright! I’m up!” The girl swings her legs over the edge of the mattress and scratches a small hand through her tuff of matted hair, “Geez…it’s not like they’ll miss me if I’m a little late…” as she frowned and glared at the motherly woman. The woman merely brushed the arrogance of the child aside and slid the hairpin back into the depths of the bun behind her head and replied bluntly, “Even though you are sixteen of age now does not give you permission to shoot off your mouth. Be more punctual, like your father.”

The child of sixteen just huffed and got up from the bed to walk over toward an antique dresser in the quaint, Victorian style bedroom. The motherly women merely stepped aside to head down a flight of old wooden stairs and prepare breakfast for her family. The girl got dressed into a school uniform that would have suspected her of coming from a rich or well off family where private schools are the only schools. She stopped at the stairs heading down to greet her morning into a fresh start of verbal annoyance from her mother and silent submission of her father and instead, decided to skip out the window and start her journey for the day in solitude and sunshine.

But, she was never alone when she walked every day to school. For sixteen years, a cruel smile would turn after every step she took, a hand under every shadow she’d pass and all in ignorant bliss. However, that bliss would end and she…would be missed.

“Aliciel….Aliciel, my darling...the clock ticks away…” he smiles sickly as his voice quivers with a hand running down the body of the teenager. She groans and stirs with the feathery touches he gives her and opens her innocent eyes. Her eyes are greeted with the sight of an overly bright ceiling fixture and the aching of a durasteel table underneath her body. Her voice cracks when she tries to speak through an air mask over her nose and mouth and her movements restricted by the overwhelming muscles aches of her arms and legs, they never bothered to even tie her down. To his delight, he squealed with her subtle response to him.

She turned her head only slightly and was greeted by a blinding pain shooting up from her entire body, mostly her spine, and her reward for the pain..? A smile from the squealing man and a jolt of electricity sent through her body without warning. Oh, how she screamed, how she squealed and writhed so hard against that table, and oh, how it only made the smiling man tingle with joy and ecstasy.

A lever was brought down some feet away from the table that left Aliciel panting and quivering with more aches than she could count and a pain she would never forget. The man casually walked over, his boots clicking its soles against what she surmised as a metal floor. He walked over and just loomed his shadow over her tortured body and smiled that cruel, thin smile. “Awake now, my dear…? My, how you seem to love the feel of electricity ravishing your body every time I lift that switch. It feels good, doesn’t it…? Think of it…as me running my hands all over you in joy, your life brings me much joy little Ali…” he chuckled in response to the young girl’s panic and squeals of pain and fear.

“Why…? Where…? Who…?” she quickly got out before her voice could crack again and knew that they were probably stupid questions and wondered if her voice as scrawny as it is, was audible. She was proven wrong.

“Ah? Curious are we…? Curious to know the man that watched after you all these years like a mother duckling, hmm? Will you scream for me again Aliciel…? Will you give me that fleeting pleasure…? Of course, it is your own choice if you want answers to those…many questions….”

She was at a loss for words and didn’t know what to do or think. Was this real…? Was she honestly going through this nightmare? Would she give in to the pain to seek an answer that he might not even give her? She did, and it wouldn’t be the first time either.

The man told her everything she wanted to hear, everything she wanted to know and in return, gave him the thrill that he wanted to see. This Q&A went on for hours and Aliciel was being ravaged down to an unconscious sixteen year old. The man, not worried, took this opportunity to its fullest and in a bland disregard, struck through her uniform with a scalpel as easily as cutting paper. And he only…just smiled.

Others in white coats came through a pair of double doors; they helped pull each fabric away from her body, the last thing she knew in her life that was comforting. In a moment’s time, she was flipped onto her back, baring her flesh to them as naked as a newborn. If it wasn’t for her unconscious state, she would have felt a painful gash, clean down from her upper back to her tailbone in one smooth motion. However, it’s a pain she would live within the future, but never remember why or the day she was missed.

Hours passed on and she was greeted by the same, thin smile again when she awoke. “Coming around finally…? That’s a good girl…a good, good girl…” as he dote her like one would baby a pet.

She groaned again and felt different, different in a way she couldn’t put into words at the moment and just leaned up from her stomach position. She pulled all her strength from her body to her arms and slowly pushed herself up from the table. The smell of fresh blood and ozone still in the air and it made her gag and the man, merely giggle.

After some time and gasps for clean air, the girl managed to pull herself to sit; hands neatly in her lap and finally, gets a good, hard look at the man.

He wasn’t as sickly looking as he had sounded to her, built well from head to toe, a prominent nose against a pale, smiling face. His wavy, blonde hair complimented his green eyes under a pair of spectacles. A long, flowing white coat over a prestigious pair of dress slacks, military jacket, and white gloves. She could only smile and in that brief moment, her vision was black and her thoughts were blank. Her bliss was extinguished and her freedom…forgotten.

Years passed after this day…”Where is she!? Where is Major Rozencratz!? That little bubble head was supposed to be here in an hour! Find her, now!” roared an elderly man of graying hair and a large physique to a rather, timid crowd of soldiers who could only reply in hasty obedience and run out of the office. The elderly man grunted and turned back to look through a large glass window behind his desk at a blackened world of gunfire, screams, and smoke from cities afar. Without a moment to spare, a young woman came running through the doors of the man’s office gasping for breath and nearly toppling on his desk.

“Major Rozencratz reporting for duty, Sir! Forgive my ignorance! I was currently in the process of training my squad, Sir!” blabbed the woman as she saluted the aging man with an arm across her chest and a bow while one hand still tried to rub the creases out of her skirt. The aging man scowled at first, but soon his laughter bellowed hard through the office, echoing.

He grinned at her and gazed her over “Stand down, Ali. My goodness, you look as if the rebels just beat you down at a 100 meter dash. I have an assignment for you and Athena today, your squad can wait. It’s a rescue mission and you’re the quickest we’ve got. Is that clear, young lady?”

Aliciel smiled and nodded most happily and saluted the elderly man once again. “Yes, S-Sir! I mean, as you wish…my father...”

The aging man smiled again and nodded to her in return “Be safe…though I may have only adopted you seven years ago. You are still my most precious treasure and best soldier. Do not make me disappointed in you, Major Aliciel Rozencratz. Do not for shame this family name.”

Aliciel once again smiled in joy and nodded as she replied with exactly what he wanted to hear from her, “I live only to serve you and this army.” She gave another salute and walked out into the red skies and black clouds of her future…

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