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Post by Dulkor on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:53 pm

IRC Nickname: Dulkor
Alternate IRC Nickname(s):

Character Name: Talia Khallar
Original Dimension: Original

Race: Saurian
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 197 lbs
Likes: Quiet, practicing her art in peace, research into the nature of death, meat
Dislikes: Bigots, people who fail to respect the ultimate balance, repeated failure

Physical Description (Or picture):
Talia is tall, scholarly, lightly muscled and covered in scales. Her face is shaped into snout, with long red hair pulled into a pony tail. Her body pattern is mostly brown, with dark red stripes and a white underbelly. Her long fingers end in claws, and her feet are obviously inhuman, her balance up on the front with three toes each, the central and outer claws pointed, while the inner claws are curved into long, wicked looking sickles. Completing her inhuman physiology is a long, slender tail. She dresses predominantly in black and red, her clothing a bit worn down, but still obviously made of excellent materials. Her right arm is generally covered in a glove that goes all the way up to her shoulder. When removed, it is revealed that her entire right arm is skeletal, inscribed with runes. Tiny metal bolts poke out of the bone near her joints.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Ghoulish Arm - Talia's re-animated arm carries a constant magical chill, one she is capable of temporarily amplifying. It is strong enough that when used to directly grab (bone to skin) a living creature, it can stun them for several minutes.

Reanimation - Talia is capable of bringing a limited number of corporeal dead back to life. This ability only reanimates the flesh and bone of the target, not its spirit, creating an undead minion in her service for a few hours before the natural balance can be postponed no longer and the animated body turns to dust. So long as an intact skeletal system exists, and is still mostly once living tissue (IE, not a fossil or otherwise had the bone material replaced) it can be reanimated regardless of when physical death occurred. This spell only affects roughly humanoid creatures, and small-medium sized beasts. (limit: 3 servants at any one time)

Golem - Talia can create a single golem, out of some sort of elemental or organic component. A new golem can't be made until the old one is destroyed. Golems are somewhat intelligent, and last until destroyed or disenchanted. The materials a golem is made of affect its abilities, and they must be made of a pure, tangible element (IE, not air or anything manufactured) or a significant portion of a single body tissue (a few bones, a few pints of blood, etc.)

- Her current Golem is made primarily of Zerg Carapace. It's abilities are:
* Resistant to physical blows and acid
* Capable of high speed movement by rolling into a wheel like shape
* Armed with retractable foot and a half long claws, one in each arm and both incredibly sharp

Negative Energy - Through her studies of the border of life and death, Talia has found a way to harness the 'negative' energy that allows her creations to walk again for other purposes. She is capable of channeling Negative energy into a variety of ranged attacks and debilitating curses against the living and reanimated (having an 'overload' like effect on a reanimated body, causing the animation spell to negate itself immediately), however this energy has very little effect on machines.

- Negative Energy Attacks
* Bolt - A quick bolt of energy, which hits a single target. Very quick attack.
* Orb - A sphere of channeled power, takes longer to charge but can detonate and hit multiple targets in a small radius.
* Wave - Formed from collapsing a sphere before throwing the energy, takes longer to charge, but hits a wide area immediately in front of her. Lacks range

- Curses (Talia is capable of focusing on a maximum of two curses at a time. They can be targeted independently, or on the same foe)
* Slowing - Reduces target's speed, weighing it down artificially
* Misfortune - Reduces the target's defenses, leaving it more open to attacks mundane and magical from others
* Weakness - Saps the target's strength, reducing the force it can put behind its own blows.
* Silence - If successful, the target is utterly unable to speak for as long as Talia focuses
* Death - Infuses the target with negative energy, causing intense pain over time.

Magic Armor - A simple spell, that provides Talia with a small field of energy that can deflect some physical blows without the encumbrance of actually wearing armor.

Teeth and Claws.

Weapons and Gear:
Channeling Staff - A walking stick topped with a small charm. Use as a spell focus increases the power of her Negative Energy spells. Only one focus can be used at a time.

Mark of the Academy - A talisman granted to Talia on her graduation and promotion to full magi. When used as a focus, it increases the speed she casts her spells at. Only one focus can be used at a time.

Sanctified Knife - A blade blessed by the clerics of the Gatekeeper, the deity of death, rebirth and the balance in Talia's universe. -Required- to create golems and raise the dead.

Polymorph Amulet - Created by Ziranathz, this amulet is capable of shape-shifting Talia into a human form when worn. While active, it changes her into a red-headed, olive skinned human woman, as well as altering her garments to conform to the new body. Her arm is completely unaffected by this transformation, and must remain under her glove to stay out of sight.


Technologically illiterate.

Jinxed - When forced to use technological devices, by some quirk of fate they inevitably break at the worst possible time.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay):
Born second in line of succession to a minor noble of her people, Talia's life was not one of spoiled excess or quietly waiting for a husband to be common to the noblewomen of other races, but in her matriarchal society, one of learning the ways of the hunt, the relation of predator and prey and the ultimate balance the world was held to. After proving herself in the hunts many times as well as demonstrating an aptitude for the scholarly, she was admitted to the Academy of Light, a prestigious school for not only future governors and politicians, but of the arts of war and magic. Finding her scholarly nature drawn more to the arcane, she chose to follow the magical path for herself. At the Academy, she was instructed in the balance between life and death, and how it could be changed temporarily without upsetting the world's balance.

Talia graduated from the Academy as a potent magi, although somehow her right arm had changed from a natural limb into the reassembled and reanimated bones that once composed it. She set out from her home to see for herself how universal the teachings she had been given were, exploring the other nearby lands, where she slowly got used to the way her kind were somewhat shunned by the other mortal races. That was when The Magistrate appeared, severely damaging the planet in an effort to find buried technological artifacts deep beneath the surface. The cataclysm shattered the world, killing many and leaving Talia in a dissociative haze that she didn't come out of until the Marshalship had brought her to the relative safety of the CoRe. For several years now, she's lived in this new reality, struggling and failing to catch up with society, a perpetual outsider with her beliefs and abilities. Even so, her wandering was never completed, and through the Mark I, she has a chance to see even more of the multi-verse to seek the proof of balance she set out to see.

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