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Post by Dulkor on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:54 pm

IRC Nickname: Dulkor

Character Name: Erim Solan
Original Dimension: Star Wars, 1024 ABY

Race: Human
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 176 lbs
Likes: Battle, self-improvement, dueling, study of politics and theory
Dislikes: Pointless action, self-denial

Physical Description (Or picture): Erim is tall, wide-shouldered and agile with a body of hard-packed, lean muscle. Short dark hair is kept within about an inch in length, but a perpetual layer of stubble never seems to ever be entirely cleared from his cheeks and jaw. His eyes are a bright green, and his skin is the light tan of someone who spends as much time outdoors as in. His most common outfit is a form fitting black and red body-suit, the space over his middle-front left open and exposing his abdomen, along with the muscles and glancing scars chiseled into it. In addition to the suit, he wears a utility belt, a combat vest, sturdy black boots and gloves.

Powers and Special Abilities:

Piloting - Like many in his universe, Erim is a perfectly capable pilot of craft between scout-fighters and small transports

Technologically proficient - Erim can recognize, use and maintain just about any standard, day to day high tech device, including his weapons

Hand to Hand - Erim fights effectively unarmed and with his preferred styles of melee weapons.

Pistols - While certainly not a crack shot, Erim is good enough with his guns to handle most ranged situations

The Force - Erim Solan is a Dark Jedi, with the following powers:

Self-enhancement - Speed, Agility, Jumping, etc. The standard Jedi movement and reflex power suite

Telekinesis - Throw, pull, choke, limited levitation, etc.

Telepathy & Empathy - Erim can, with effort, sense the thoughts and emotions of those around him.

Force Persuade - Erim can influence those with weak minds to follow his suggestions and orders

Force Cloak - Erim is capable of using persuasion on a subtle, but large, scale, effectively masking his presence from the minds of living creatures nearby him. He is still perfectly visible to anything that lacks a living mind.

Force Trance - Erim is able to enter a meditative trance state of increased healing and recovery to the body

Force Senses - Like most Jedi, Erim can perceive things through the Force rather than his own five senses

Force Lightning - Erim is able to channel the force into bolts of electrical energy, shocking and burning targets in a small arc in front of him.

Force Resistance - Dealing with other Sith and Jedi has left Erim with knowledge of how to manipulate the force to give himself a limited protection against uses for it others might attempt against him. Requires intense concentration.

Weapons and Gear:

Disruptor Pistols x 2 - Erim's preferred weapons in most situations. These weapons are capable of outright disintegration of a living target under the right circumstances, and can bypass many forms of energy shielding and deflection. They are, however, very short range. Usually holstered under his vest.

Stun Tonfas / Guard shoto-style sabers x 2 - While normally viewed only as being a pair of electric stun batons in the tonfa style, these weapons in fact conceal Erim's lightsabers, allowing him to carry both weapons in plain sight without arousing suspicion. When extended, the blades possess a magma-like orange glow. Usually carried on the small of his back, attached to his belt, or strapped to his outer thighs.


Erim is fully mortal.

Slave to Passions - Erim can be a bit of a hothead. While certainly a firm believer in subtlety and manipulation, his temper occasionally gets the better of him when pushed. He is, however, far more in control of himself than the average Sith due to the nature of his work.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay):

Several months ago, when a spy within the Alliance discovered plans to send a Jedi representative as a diplomat to the newly discovered CoRE, a shadowy and ancient group of Sith were most displeased with the turn of events. In an effort to keep pace with the Jedi, they have spent the intervening time preparing an infiltrator, Erim Solan, to slip secretly into Gatekeeper space. He arrived mere weeks after the Jedi agent, Revia Bowen, and immediately set about his objective of investigation and intelligence gathering by entering a Marshalship recruitment program to infiltrate the organization, keeping the full extent of his abilities hidden from his superiors as he began to analyze them for their potential as tools or obstacles.

Whether by deception, fate or mere cosmic coincidence, the Sith in hiding has been assigned to the new command of Marshal Ralf Derrison.

Outwardly, Erim appears to be a simple mercenary turned Marshalship soldier. He tends to avoid using his more spectacular abilities to avoid attention, and in fact resorts to his sabers only when absolutely necessary. He gives little to no indication of his true goals and allegiances, and whether or not his agenda fully matches with that of his hidden masters is difficult to say...

((For simplicity's sake and to avoid giving Eric too much of a headache, I've posted a full profile right off the bat. I would like to reiterate, one final time, that Erim is starting off -fully hiding himself-. He's a callous jerk, certainly, but please, please, -please- don't use this profile's details to meta-game. He'll reveal himself naturally through the course of RP sooner or later.))


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Post by Sokai on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:22 am


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Post by Nyx on Wed Jun 03, 2009 11:40 pm

(( Erim, canon:

Erim Solan Pbucket ))

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Post by Dulkor on Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:15 pm

With his new certification as a Marshalship combat pilot in hand, Erim has acquired one of these.

XM-1 "Nova Wing" Space Superiority/Heavy Strike Fighter

Erim Solan Pbucket

A high speed interceptor/strike craft, the Nova Wing, more
colloquially known as the Missile Boat, is designed to engage capital
vessels and fighters with equal ease. It is fast, maneuverable, well
armed and heavily shielded.


High-Capacity Concussion Missile Launchers x2 - 20 missiles per pod, 40 total.

High-Capacity Variable Warhead Launchers x2 - Designed to hold a wide
variety of munitions to suit a particular missile role. Can carry an
additional 20 concussion missiles each (40 total), 15 proton torpedoes
(30 total), 10 Heavy Rockets (20 total) or 5 Proton Bombs (10
total). The structure of the launchers prevents 'mixing and matching'
ammunition types. One type must be loaded at a time.

Laser Cannon x1 - Basic energy cannon, serves as a backup weapon and
as the capacitor for the SLAM system.

Munition Types

Concussion Missiles - Fast, maneuverable and lethal to most
fighter-sized craft. These missiles are considerably less effective
against larger targets. They are also fast enough to be used in an
ordinance interception role, shooting down larger rockets and bombs
before they impact their target.

Proton Torpedoes - Larger and more damaging than missiles, but
considerably slower and less maneuverable. Intended to strike larger,
slower targets such as transports, light capital ships and the like.

Heavy Rockets - High damage, next to no ability to maneuver. These
rockets are intended to strike against larger capital ships and

Proton Bombs - The single most destructive warhead the Nova Wing can
carry, these bombs are large, slow and practically dumb-fired, but can
unleash devastation on any large, stationary target they manage to
connect with.


Deflector Shield - The XM-1 is equipped with a deflector shield as its
primary mode of defense. The shield is strong, but not impenetrable,
and a few solid hits will disable it. It can be adjusted to various
levels of protection over the front and back halves of the fighter.

Sub-Light Acceleration Motor (SLAM) - The SLAM system is an advanced
thruster suite that shunts power charged in the laser cannon's
capacitor to the engines, effectively doubling the craft's thrust
until the battery runs dry and needs to be recharged by the main
generator. Generally only lasts for roughly one minute or until
disabled by the pilot. Excellent for evasive or pursuit maneuvering.

Tractor Beam - The XM-1 includes a tractor beam. It has a limited
charge, but while active can be used to either 'tug' small objects or
limit another fighter-sized craft's ability to maneuver. Must recharge
between activations.

Hyperdrive - The fighter is capable of long-range operations requiring
FTL travel.


Speed comprable and slightly superior to the standard A-Wing, good
maneuverability and a very high munitions payload.


Has only a single energy cannon to rely on if an engagement depletes
all munitions. Armor was sacrificed to maintain speed and payload, if
the shields go down the hull can only withstand a handful of direct


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