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Post by Dulkor on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:55 pm

IRC Nickname: Dulkor

Character Name: Omega-624
Original Dimension: City of Heroes

Race: Android
Age: 29 total, 2 in current chassis
Sex: N/A (AI is programmed to respond to male pronouns)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 380
Likes: Practicing Medicine, Defending Freedom, the USA, Ice Cream and Apple Pie
Dislikes: Communism, Tyranny, Villainy

Physical Description (Or picture):
Omega-624 (Inactive) Pbucket

Powers and Special Abilities:

Omega is a self-sufficient, walking triage center with a full suite of medical and surgical programming installed, along with integrated tools and replicators designed to produce a wide variety of medications and essential organic and non-organic materials.

Omega's frame incorporates a holographic projection field. While unable to fully hide his mass from sight, the device is able to adjust his coloration on the fly into the most appropriate camouflage for the surrounding environment.

While powered by an integrated compact fission reactor, Omega is able to store and process the waste produced into offensive capabilities, using a form of shielding technology to form intensely focused blasts of radiation as a defense mechanism. It is very much a weapon of last resort, as while there is nearly no risk of short-term contamination to nearby friendlies, long-term environment contamination is possible in worlds without adequate radiation cleaning technology.

Omega's chassis is strong enough to carry approximately 400 pounds of additional weight in each arm without affecting his ability to maneuver in the field, primarily in order to relocate injured soldiers or displace rubble. However, this strength can be used in physical attacks in a pinch.

As an android, Omega is highly resistant to physical attacks and solid slug munitions. His armor is less effective against energy weapons and explosives.

Weapons and Gear:

Omega has a full range of surgical tools, medical scanners, analyzers and other similar devices integrated throughout his chassis.

Omega carries no 'traditional' weapons into the field, but through overloading laser cutters and misuse of sharpened surgical tools, he is able to defend himself beyond simply using his radiation blasts.

Omega has an optional jetpack attachment for use in combat zones requiring high mobility.


Omega's chassis is only partially shielded against EMP. This shielding extends only to protecting his core processing, data storage and shield control systems, to prevent loss of coding or release of stored radiation in the event of a pulse-induced shut down. All functionality beyond safe radiation storage is lost in the event of exposure until repairs can be made.

While able to defend himself in a combat zone, Omega is not a combat android and should not be employed as such. He is unlikely to act beyond debilitation, refuses to use weaponry and will never match the speed and strength of androids designed specifically for fighting.


The result of the Cold War 'Hippocrates' project, Omega-624 is a one robot field hospital designed to protect the lives of American soldiers in the event relations with the Soviet Union ever deteriorated into full scale war. When the Union ultimately collapsed rather than starting open confrontation, the program was re-purposed to provide support units for superpowered individuals in the employ of the United States government.

624 is the only remaining 'original' generation AI core, the rest having been destroyed or otherwise lost over time. As such, he is the most fervently over-patriotic Hippocrates android in existence, and has repeatedly been sent back to headquarters by partners tired of his antics. With little other place to send him, he was re-fitted with a new, Rikti technology enhanced chassis and reassigned to support Portal Corporation survey teams instead. His team returned from its most recent survey without the droid, citing no explanation for why he was left behind.


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Omega-624 (Inactive) Empty Re: Omega-624 (Inactive)

Post by Sokai on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:22 am


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Omega-624 (Inactive) Empty Re: Omega-624 (Inactive)

Post by Dulkor on Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:34 am

Omega has opted to remain on Seron, assisting the colonists with rebuilding efforts and lending his medical expertise to the soon to be growing refugee community.

He has left a data copy of his full medical encyclopedia in Ness Leigh's possession, complete with a VI interface based on the robot's personality programming.


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