Anri Tay'al[ NPC and W.A.F.F. incarnate]

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Anri Tay'al[ NPC and W.A.F.F. incarnate] Empty Anri Tay'al[ NPC and W.A.F.F. incarnate]

Post by Makaze on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:15 am

Name: Anri Tay'al
Age: Six in human years
Sex: Female
Race: Half prism, half void

Physical Stats
Height: 2ft 8in
Weight: 25lbs
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Violet
Special: Small horns, pointed ears, short dragon like tail.

APPEARANCE: very petite and somewhat undersized when compared to a human child, complexion is like beach sand being a very faint tan, her insane amount of purple hair is done into two "buns" kept in check by two white bows with silver clasps, and usually when they break she looks like a mini cousin it given the amount of hair she has. Given her draconic heritage she sports two small, slightly curving horns on her head as well as a very short dragon tail.

Anri Tay'al[ NPC and W.A.F.F. incarnate] Anri
Also as a result of her accidental enchantment her clothing varies quite a bit from moment to moment given her imagination and attention span.

Empathic Teleportation: Simply put Anri can teleport with pinpoint accuracy to someone or something she has a close emotional attachment to. The stronger this feeling, the greater her range. So far her maximum range is 50 meters more if it is directly to Keona. This of course tires her somewhat, if it’s local, like the confines of a house or yard she’s fine, but when it spans blocks, prepare for a tired Anri ambushing you.

Beacon Teleportation: Simply put, Anri makes a marker using her own natural, ambient magical aura, usually someplace safe. Which she can teleport to with relative accuracy.

Breath Weapon: She has two breath weapons, both fairly weak compared to her mother or someone like Zira.

1) A burst of raw magical energy of non elemental nature, doesn't hurt so much as make the body go numb and non responsive for a few seconds, much like a taser and yes it hurts a bit, but more like a good static shock than oh god my leg!

2) A burst of physically and magically weakening energy, typical of her void heritage.
It's has a minor physical weakening property, nothing major, just a light, tired feeling.
However it is very disruptive and weakening to magical spells and properites, it doesn't shut them down like a anti magic field, but it does suppress them some.

Natural Stealth: She's a bit hard to spot in darkened areas when in whelp form, and fairly quiet and hard to spot.

Hammerspace Access: Anri due to incidents involving the creation of a dimensional pocket and disguise pouch, has access to a plethora of toys, props and other things that tend to appear on a whim for her, this serves no real purpose but does prove for odd amusement and occasionally a good disguise or concealment.

Minor Spellcasting: As she ages, she's begun learning minor spells, mainly cantrips, and a few defensive spells.

A final note, Anri is a very adept climber for her size and age.

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Anri Tay'al[ NPC and W.A.F.F. incarnate] Empty Re: Anri Tay'al[ NPC and W.A.F.F. incarnate]

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