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Post by Makaze on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:59 am

IRC Nickname: Makaze
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Makaze`Afk, Dave`Sleep

Character Name: Devon Mana Miller
Original Dimension (this should refer to anime/TV show/movie/etc your character is from if they are an original based in that world or an established from that world):

Race: Cybernetically Enhanced Human. (Polynesian/African American lineage)
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 6'10
Weight: 330lb
Likes: Barbecue, Spicy Food, being a grease monkey, Shirley Temples.
Dislikes: Red Tape, Strawberries.

Physical Description (Or picture): A caramel complexioned man of athletic, muscular build and serious demeanor, with a well kept Van Dyke with short cut hair. He wears a pair of thin, small, square framed glasses which hide a pair of brilliant green cybernetic eyes. He tends to dress in track suits and other loose fitting gear unless on duty then it’s uniformly colored fatigues n' boots.

--Heavy Weapon use and maintenance: Does it have a caliber that would put a hole the size of a bus in something? Does it have the Wattage and intensity to burn through steal at 8000km? Does it toss out enough kinetic force to break the sound barrier with each brass casing shot out? Devon knows not only how to use it proficiently and well, but how to strip it down, gut it, repair it, clean it and give it a 50k shot warranty.

--Demolitions/E.O.D.: If it moves, or is an objective, he knows what to use to blow it into itty bitty bits. Inversely, he knows how to disarm them too.

--Hand to Hand: Skilled in restraining/grappling maneuvers and hand to hand strikes.

--Bar tending: More a hobby than anything else, the man can make a good sex on the beach.

--Mechanic Certification: He's more geared towards heavy armor and assault helicopters, but has learned to work on engines in smaller vehicles and has the aptitude to pick up others workings.

-Languages: English, Swahili, Russian, Klingon (yes he was a star trek nerd in his early years)

Powers and Special Abilities:

Cybernetics: Through various surgeries and implants, Devon is, to use an old phrase, Faster, Stronger, Better than a normal human. This encompasses every aspect of his physical being as follows. Note: Only his muscles, heart, skeleton, eyes and lungs are biotechnological cybernetics, his skin and other organs are still real.

--Enhanced Strength: Fairly simple to explain. He's capable of feats of strength lesser men would never even comprehend. Capable of hoisting several tons from a dead lift and exert that same pressure in a physical blow. To date his maximum lift has been 10 tons under duress, though that heavy a load causes a massive strain on his systems.

--Enhanced Durability/Stamina: Fire, Electricity, Energy Blasts, Houses falling on him, Devon's suffered it all and then some. Needless to say he fits the stereotypical super hero brick motif, able to shrug off most small and automatic arms fire. He's also able to keep the fight going, and keep trucking for a while longer than Joe average.

--Internal Energy Grid: A series of implants within his body, places symmetrically apart from one another, giving him a bit of a needed edge in ranged and anti armor confrontations. The best non technical explanation is that it is a high yield energy projector. Which enables Devon to take harder hits for short periods of time as he closes on a target or inversely use it as a short range, high intensity energy discharge, perfect for disrupting shields or helping him shred armor. Aka: Personal energy shield/energy weapon with a range of about 10ft.

Weapons and Gear:

Weaknesses: Due to the processes used to save/change him, Devon heals from serious injury at a slower rate naturally than a normal human mostly due to the bio-tech parts of his body taking on nutrients and medicines needed to heal much more slowly as the processes are still new and his body is still adapting. His implants are also susceptible to cold going into a sort of sleep mode, while not fatal, pretty much makes him a normal strength man.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through role-play): Devon was once a member of the US military, trained in artillery, demolitions and just general heavy weapons and mobile armor/power armor maintenance and use, having been transferred to a military weapons development lab testing new heavy weapons, demolitions and non lethal combat solutions.

An accident via a terrorist cell of metahumans and the subsequent battle via another group of metas trying to stop him changed his life however. Long story short, he ended up gravely wounded and to compensate, save him, much of his body was replaced with cybernetic and bio technological parts. Having nothing really left of his assignment in the armed forces, and having been given a medical discharge due to his medical "status", he ended up signing on with a global UN protectorate known as the Aegis foundation. Pretty much over glorified UN Peacekeepers, who existed solely to handle metahuman crime and affairs.

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