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Elenaya, Jedi Padawan Empty Elenaya, Jedi Padawan

Post by Lucian on Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:44 am

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Character Name: Elenaya
Original Dimension: Star Wars, 1024 ABY

Race: Norannon
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 175 lbs
Likes: Playing the recorder, gardening
Dislikes: People who use their power to make others suffer

Physical Description: Norannon are a humanoid race with several distinguishing characteristics. Both males and females have horns and pointed ears; Elenaya's horns sweep backward gracefully and curve slightly outward and upward at the tips. They're not very long, about six inches from her head to the tips of the horns. She has pale blue skin, and sandy blonde hair, tied back in a high ponytail. Her eyes are bright blue, almost glowing. She has a tail, about 75cm long. Her legs are long, and her lower legs sweep backward, ending in well-tended hooves. (She's proud of them!)

- Survival Training: Jedi are trained to survive in a variety of hostile environments
- Computer Use: Elenaya can use the standard functions of most computer systems
- Martial Arts: Elenaya has focused on martial arts training, improving her ability to fight unarmed and to dodge. Her training style specializes in finding breaking points, and as such, Elenaya can hit very, very hard.
- Athletics: Norannon are naturally athletic, and in particular, are fast runners due to their legs and hooves.

Powers and Special Abilities:
The Force: Elenaya has completed her basic training and has been assigned as a Padawan (apprentice) to the Jedi Knight Revia Bowen.

- Telekinesis: As a young padawan, Elenaya can only lift between 75-100 pounds without concentrating. She can achieve more if she can spend time to prepare.
- Telepathy, Empathy
- Speed Surge
- Force Trance
- Force Sense
- Force Bond: Revia and Elenaya are, with concentration, capable of giving each other a brief flash of insight into one Force power known by the other. This Force Bond allows a single use of one Force power known by the recipient.
- Energy Negation: If she is aware of an energy-based attack from most personal-scale weapons (blaster pistols and rifles, for instance), Elenaya can use the Force to negate the energy of the attack, effectively dissipating it harmlessly. Repeated or high-powered energy blasts can overwhelm her.

Weapons and Gear: Jedi tend not to hold much property, save for survival gear and consumables. Of course, her most notable weapon is her Lightsaber, which carries a blue blade when ignited.

Weaknesses: Many of Elenaya's direct abilities (lifting someone, or using telepathy, for example) can be resisted by someone with a strong enough will.

Background: Elenaya was taken from her home at an early age to train at the Jedi Academy. She recently graduated from her early training, and has been assigned to the Jedi Knight Revia Bowen as a Padawan apprentice and aide.

Elenaya is a formidable combatant with natural talent in telekinesis, but little field experience. She's also a bit unpolished in her lightsaber training. The Council believes that sending her to train with Revia will allow her to complete her training and recognize her full potential, as well as gain practical experience in the real world.

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Elenaya, Jedi Padawan Empty Re: Elenaya, Jedi Padawan

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