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Post by Lucian on Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:49 am

IRC Nickname: Lucian
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Lucian`, Lucian``, YouDontMessWithTheLucian

Character Name: Takamachi Nanoha
Original Dimension: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Race: Human
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs
Likes: Tea, cakes, making new friends
Dislikes: Blatant recklessness

Physical Description: Brown hair tied back in a ponytail, blue eyes.

- Combat Instruction: Nanoha is a professional combat instructor, specialized in teaching advanced combat techniques
- Science, Math, Computer Operation: The nature of her style of mathematics emphasizes skills in these areas.
- Ranged Combat: Nanoha specializes in medium- to long-range magical combat.
- Melee Combat: She's no slouch with getting up close with Raisng Heart as a melee weapon, either.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Magic: Nanoha is trained in Midchilda-style magic, which prioritizes ranged attacks and defense over melee. In these styles, magical spells are prepared as "programs" (mathematical and logical formulae) which can be memorized, or stored in magical activation complexes (otherwise known as "Devices"). Magical energy is constantly collected, generated, and stored within a mage's body. This is achieved with an "organ" in the body called the "linker core".

-- Support Spells:
--- Area Search: This ability extends her magical senses, enabling her to find disturbances, sense magical power, or locate targets. A more advanced version of this spell, "Wide Area Search", covers a greater area, but takes longer to complete the search. Raising Heart can manage the use of this spell while Nanoha is concentrating on actual combat.

--- Restrict Lock: This is a bind-type spell which renders a target immobilized and unable to cast. It has several forms, ranging from a ring bind (target is bound by several rings circling its body) to a chain-based bind.

--- Crystal Cage: This cage-type spell creates an immobile prison around a target. Damage to the cage, however, drains magical power from Nanoha in order to maintain its integrity.

--- Flier Fin/Accel Fin: Gives Nanoha the ability to fly, and generally increases movement speed. Accel fin grants even greater speed, at the cost of some maneuverability.

-- Defensive Spells:
--- Protection/Protection Powered: This is Raising Heart's default auto-guard spell. The barrier is omnidirectional, but it can be penetrated relatively easily. The "Powered" version is used in conjunction with the Cartridge System installed in Raising Heart, and offers greater protection.

--- Round Shield: This spell can withstand a prolonged attack, whether from a barrage or sustained physical contact. As a shield-type spell, it can only protect in one direction.

--- Flash Move: Temporarily increases Nanoha's burst movement speed.

--- Reactor Purge: This spell detonates the outer layer of Nanoha's Barrier Jacket to counter an attack, similar to reactive armor.

--- Bind Break: This attempts to deactivate a binding spell. The time required varies on the complexity of the target bind.

--- Active Guard: Similar to Reactor Purge, except it can be used on a targeted area instead of just Nanoha's location.

--- Holding Net: This spell creates a net that can catch most physical objects. This is especially useful to prevent falling or impact injuries.

-- Offensive Spells:
--- Divine Shooter: This Shooting-type spell is Nanoha's rapid-fire attack spell, creating a small number of actively-guided energy balls. It has several variations, including Accel Shooter, which increases the count of missiles to over a dozen, or Snipe Shot and Crossfire Shot, which use more accurately-guided missiles at the expense of quantity.

--- Divine Buster: This bombardment-type spell fires a stream of concentrated magical energy at its target. With additional power, this spell can even penetrate magical defenses and even physical barriers such as walls or starship bulkheads.

--- Excelion Buster: This bombardment-type spell has several support abilities in addition to a greater level of magical damage. "Force Burst" fires multiple magical energy beams at a single target or multiple targets. "Barrel Shot" creates a binding field to prevent a target from moving before being hit. "Accel Charge System" is a combination attack where she uses an energy bayonet at the tip of Raising Heart to penetrate a barrier before firing.

--- Starlight Breaker: A variant of "Divine Buster", this bombardment spell is a specialization known as "collection-type", which gathers ambient magical energy released during combat. Therefore, the longer a battle has been going, the more powerful this spell becomes, as it gathers the residual energy in the area for its energy beam.

--- Barrier Burst: Detonates an active barrier to counter a melee attack.

--- Strike Flame: This is a melee-type spell which projects an energy bayonet from the tip of Raising Heart.

--- Stardust Fall: An "accelerated material"-type spell, Nanoha uses this spell to lift rocks into the air and hurl them at enemies. As these are physical projectiles, they can break through anti-magic fields.

Weapons and Gear:
- Raising Heart: Raising Heart is Nanoha's personal Intelligent Device, a magical weapon which acts as Nanoha's primary partner in the field. It is capable of both boosting her magical damage output and casting her defensive spells on her behalf. It has several modes, ranging from its "idle mode", which is a gem on a necklace, to a high powered magical staff-rifle with floating "bits", similar to AERODS or fin funnels.

- Barrier Jacket: While it appears to be a somewhat flashy, stylized costume based on Nanoha's old school uniform, the Barrier Jacket is actually a personal defensive barrier spell which physically manifests in the form of her costume. The appearance is based on the mental image she creates for it. It also has several different modes which are situational based on need. Common modes are "Sacred Mode", "Aggressive Mode", and "Exceed Mode".

While Nanoha is capable of channelling enormous amounts of magical power, doing so far exceeds the limits of a normal earth human. As such, if she has to push herself hard, she physically hurts herself. At one point, she was injured so badly she spent a year in the hospital, uncertain if she would walk again.

In addition, her magic is susceptible to "anti-magic fields". These fields work by wearing away at the magical energy links invoked in a spell; the stronger the field, the faster it can break the magic links. AMFs are generally not instant, and more complex spells take longer to "unlink". A common technique to overcome this weakness is to "wrap" a damage spell in a barrier. The barrier is unlinked first, increasing the chance that an attack will make it through to the target. AMFs are also countered by raw physical damage, which they cannot prevent.

Furthermore, Nanoha has a magic power limiter in place. With the limiter active, she's outputting about a third of her normal power. Above and beyond that, when she's not using her magical power for spellcasting, she is constantly consuming a portion of her power in a form of magical "weights".

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Takamachi Nanoha Empty Re: Takamachi Nanoha

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