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"Sirrah" (Grace Hayama) Empty "Sirrah" (Grace Hayama)

Post by Lucian on Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:56 am

IRC Nickname: Lucian

Character Name: Grace Hayama
Character Aliases: Sirrah (not public knowledge)
Original Dimension: Original

Race: Human
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Likes: Acting, Reading, Sunny Days
Dislikes: Thunderstorms

Physical Description: Grace has blue eyes and light blue hair. She tends to wear eccentric clothes, from a variety of time periods. She favors hats, umbrellas, scarves, and pocket watches as accessories to her outfits.

Powers and Special Abilities:
As Sirrah, Grace is capable of surviving in space and hard vacuum. As such, she does not need to breathe and is immune to the effects of extreme cold. She can still be held by an ice-based attack.

Searing Spotlight - Sirrah can fire a concentrated beam of searing magical light from her hand(s).

Spotlight Saber - Sirrah can transform the blade of her Star Saber into a beam sword

Barrier Shield - A single-direction force field which can defend against prolonged attacks

Barrier Plus - A barrier which surrounds the target(s) completely, and can withstand both attacks and hostile environments

Sparkle Star - Sirrah creates a field of shimmering lights that can be used to distract or mesmirize an opponent, or a light burst equivalent to a flashbank.

Mask of the Thespian - Sirrah has a minor shapechanging ability, limited to altering her clothes, eye and hair color, skin tone, and facial features.

Shimmering Masquerade - Sirrah is able to turn invisible.

Travel Powers - Sirrah has limited teleportation abilities, within a 50km radius. She can fly, at a maximum speed of about 550 mph in atmosphere. In space, her flight speed is significantly faster, as she can traverse space at FTL speed.

Photographic Memory - Sirrah has a perfect eidetic memory, able to recall facts and places she's read about or seen personally.

Items of Note:
Locket - Grace carries a locket which contains five different locks of hair, braided together. One blue, one green, one red, one light blonde, and one golden blonde.

Star Saber - Sirrah can summon her magical blade at will

Weaknesses: When not transformed into Sirrah, Grace has limited access to her magical powers. She is otherwise a normal human, susceptible to anything that could directly kill a normal human.

Background: Grace Hayama is aboard Gatekeeper as an actress and stage director, looking to set up a travelling stage troupe to entertain crowds across the multiverse. It is, in fact, her personal love in life. It's also the perfect cover for a spy from an unknown organization that is looking to find out what they can about the Marshalship, for better or for worse.

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"Sirrah" (Grace Hayama) Empty Re: "Sirrah" (Grace Hayama)

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