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Post by Lucian on Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:14 am

IRC Nickname: Lucian

Character Name:
Original Dimension: Midchilda (Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)

Race: Human (genetically-enhanced)
Age: Currently Physically 11 (real age unknown, however, ages normally). Phyiscally about 18-19 when transformed into Saint King mode.
Sex: Female
Height: 4'11; 5'11 when transformed into Saint King mode
Weight: 99 lbs, 139 lbs when transformed into Saint King mode
Likes: Reading, martial arts, magical study, omelettes, pretty things, stuffed animals (especially rabbits), her friends, having fun
Dislikes: Green peppers, mean people
Birthday: June 13

Physical Description (Or picture):

Vivio's most distinctive feature is her heterochromia. Her eyes are different colors, one green, the other red.

Powers and Special Abilities:

-- Saint King ("Adult") Mode: Vivio can transform at will into a physically-teenage version of herself, gaining height, weight, and proportionate strength. Her mentality, however, does not change; she is still behaves like a 10-year-old, precocious as she may be.

-- Vessel of the Saint King: The Belkan Royalty of the Saint King Era were heavily geneitically-modified. As such, Vivio's physical strength far surpasses the strength of a normal human. Her melee strikes can send targets flying across a room and end up embedded in walls.

-- Saint Armor: In either form, Vivio is naturally resistant to physical and magical damage. When she activates her full Saint Armor, it acts in a similar way to the Midchildan 'Barrier Jacket': It is a magically-enhanced personal shield which covers the body, and commonly appears to be some kind of outfit that the mage or knight fancies.

-- Close-Quarters Combat: Vivio has a natural latent knowledge of hand-to-hand combat as a result of her creation. In addition, she's spent the last several years learning practical self-defense and fighting arts from several masters

-- Magic: Vivio practices both the Midchildan and Belkan magical styles, primarily Belkan. Belkan magic focuses on close-range melee combat, while Midchildan magic focuses more on ranged combat. Vivio's primary method of fighting involves magically-enhanced melee strikes. She learns magic easily through observation and rapid learning.

-- Spells
---- Panzer Armor: Creates a barrier sphere around the caster, to mitigate incoming damage
---- Panzer Shield: Creates a unidirectional barrier shield, to block incoming attacks
---- Bind Break: Breaks binding-type spells through a combination of physical strength and magical interference
---- Information Search: Not a combat ability by any stretch. This spell searches through large amounts of data, whether in print or digital media, to locate a desired topic. This search can take a long time (read: faster than doing it by yourself, but generally as long as the GM wants), depending on how obscure the data required is, and the completeness of the information source.

Weapons and Gear:

-- Sacred Heart ('Kris'): Vivio's Intelligent Device, Sacred Heart is a crystal-type device bound inside a plush rabbit doll. Currently, Sacred Heart cannot talk, and its functions are limited to flying, posing, and some very light carrying. Its primary function is to assist Vivio in activating her Saint Armor. As Vivio develops, Sacred Heart may gain additional functions over time.


-- Age: Vivio is still 10 years old, and therefore, lacks the judgement or experience of an adult. While she's rather mature for her age, as much as her mother was, her relative lack of experience can cause her to make bad choices.

Background (Please keep this semi-short):

Vivio Takamachi is a product of Project Fate, a program designed to create Artificial Mages: human clones bred specifically to be able to cast and channel magic. Specifically, she is the clone of the last member of the Royal Family from the Belkan Saint King era, Saint King Olivie Segbrecht, over three hundred years prior. Vivio broke out of her life pod while she was being transported through Midchilda's capitol city, Cranagan. There, she was found by members of Nanoha Takamachi's team, Section Six. At the time, she was physically and mentally a six-year-old girl. Nanoha became particularly attached to her during this time, taking her in as her ward.

A short time later, Vivio was recaptured by the doctor responsible for her creation. His intent was to use her as an 'activation key' for the ancient Belkan artifact known as the "Saint's Cradle", a large, heavily-armed starship. One of the doctor's combat cyborgs brainwashed her into believing that Nanoha had kidnapped her real mother, and forced Vivio to fight Nanoha. Nanoha was able to stall Vivio long enough to locate the cyborg and knock her out, then release Vivio from the control of the Cradle.

Nanoha later adopted Vivio; they've spent the last four years living together as a family. Recently, Nanoha was given the opportunity to serve as a representitive to CoRe and the Marshalship. She spent the first few months by herself, but was eventually given authorization to have Vivio come with her on the Blaze of Glory.

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Post by Sokai on Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:23 am

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