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New Ammo Types! Empty New Ammo Types!

Post by Kuro on Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:49 pm

Challen has programmed the nano-assembler with several new types of ammunition, as detailed below. It can create these ammo types in any caliber required, from small pistol rounds to big ol' machinegun rounds, as well as shotgun slugs and caseless ammo -- however, ammo for massive guns (such as those used by mecha) require significantly more resources to make than the usual types.

Normal Rounds
- Bullets with no special characteristics.

Anti-Personnel Rounds
- Hollowpoint rounds: Spreads upon entry to cause widespread internal damage.
- Shredder rounds: Fragments into tiny pieces of shrapnel upon entry.

Armour Piercing Rounds
- Strengthened casing with hardened and specially shaped tips.

Hammerhead Rounds
- Flatten on impact, increasing the amount of physical force transferred to the target.

Chemical Rounds
- Acid round: Carries a payload of highly acidic chemicals that release upon entry. Causes extensive internal damage as it burns away at organs or components; also effective against some types of armour.
- Cryo round: Carries a payload of a fast-freezing, rapidly expanding chemical. Can hamper movement on both armoured and unarmoured targets, if the rounds strike joints.
- Incendiary round: Carries a payload of fast-burning chemicals; effective against soft targets.
- Explosive round: Carries a payload of dense explosives that detonates upon entry, causing extensive internal damage to soft targets; also effective against armoured targets.

Other Rounds
- Phasic rounds: Emits energy that disrupts shield technology, wearing down particle and deflector shields faster, sometimes disrupting them enough to allow a round to pass through to strike the target.
- Shock Rounds: Upon impact, delivers a one-time burst of electrical energy to stun organics or disrupt electronics.

CHALLEN'S ADVICE: "Colour-code your magazines of special ammunition so you don't accidentally use the wrong type of ammo! Phasic rounds are the most expensive kind to create, so get the most out of them by mixing them with regular ammo!"

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New Ammo Types! Empty Re: New Ammo Types!

Post by Lucian on Mon May 11, 2009 5:51 pm

From: COL L. Testarossa
Subject: New Ammunition Type: Thermite Round

As a supplement to the current inventory of incendiary rounds, Engineering has added a new type: thermite round. Thermite rounds are extremely high-temperature shells designed for the purpose of melting through heavily-armored or normally heat-resistant targets.

For any further questions, please contact Engineering, or CDT S. Viridiant in the gunshop.

COL L. Testarossa
Asst. Chief, B.o.G. Engineering Dept

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