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Post by MajorJim on Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:02 pm

RC Nickname: Shana
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): InquisitorKessen

Character Name: Major James Foster
Original Dimension Super Robot Wars Original Generations

Race: Human
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 pounds
Likes: Girls, giant robots, burning passion, manly man stuff. Anime. Videogames. Cooking.
Dislikes: Rejection, catgirls. Potatoes.

Physical Description (Or picture): A powerfully built man in his late 20s, with brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. He is a bulky caucasian male, and gray hair is now quite thoroughly streaking through his crew cut, at the temples and edges but also swathes of the rest. He now has scarring on both his left and right cheeks, below his eyes. He will most often be seen wearing his combat armor while deployed on missions, so this pic is the most appropriate

This is jim in flight suit.
Jim side angle in clothes he'll likely never wear, but totally looks like him:

Powers and Special Abilities: No real special abilities or powers unless a fairly high level of mechanical skill and improvisation can be called a skill. His primary special ability in a robot is the ability to make a basically destroyed/disabled robot get up, and continue fighting at more or less full function. This is based entirely on his sheer willpower, mechanical skill, and general pissiness.

He's a fairly decent cook, an amateur practictioner of kung fu and kenpo, and has standard military basic training in small arms and tactics. Jim is now undergoing intensive close quarters combat training in 3 martial arts styles, White Raven, Stone Dragon, and Iron Heart. He can only use the nonmagical abilities of each of these style sets, however for Iron heart and white raven that's basically any technique he's got the skill to master, and his basic melee skills have gone from standard military training to a man undergoing specialized CQC training.

Weapons and Gear: Heavily modified Revenant Gespenst Mark 2, Particle Beam rifle, SAW 249, Robot Repair kit, rations, armored jumpsuit, heavy carapace armor for assault missions, a hand and a half, bastard, or longsword, (Depending on how you describe it), for close assault, cruciform in shape and picked out by Visyet and himself in gatekeeper.

Weaknesses: He's a fanboy, he's rather shy around women even when he's acting boisterous, and he tends to be a rather hot-blooded individual, haring off after the best idea he's got at the time rather than whatever plan he was initially supposed to follow.

Background: Basically, Jim was out on maneuvers one day when an experimental robot's black hole engine overloaded, and he got blasted out of his own reality. Previous to this he was just a regular member of the personal trooper force that was stationed on the moon near Mao industries. Beyond that, he's your average hot-blooded mecha pilot with a chump robot.

New revenant description is as follows:

Gespenst Mark 2 Kai Revenant
Unit type: custom mass production personal trooper
Height: 21.9 meters
Weight: 78.5 metric tons
Equipment: Tesla drive, Plasma Generator
Armament: split missile x 12, M95 machine gun x 1, Plasma Bucklerx2 Vulcan Cannon x2

Modifications from Standard Gespenst:

Active camouflage: A form of active color-altering camouflage that can allow the gespenst some attempt at stealth, particularly when standing still. It will break up the outline significantly at distance, and will cause the silhouette to become very hard to target, but drains the power core somewhat swiftly when used in conjunction with plasma buckler attacks.

Companion AI, off the shelf model with some redesign from Crono, named Britannia, female voice and persona.

Enhanced combat interface: Unlike standard gespensts, the Revenant also uses a neural-interface similar to that used in Marshalship and CORE combat simulations, allowing jim to control the robot with his mind and movements. The cockpit has been expanded and altered to allow jim to move around and let the robot respond to his movements. This also allows manual mode with no computer assistance, just Jim’s movement and balance being mirrored by the robot. It’s in this mode that Jim can use some of the non-chi channeling abilities of Stone Dragon,White Raven, and Iron Heart.

Tesla Flight control this massively enhances and alter’s standard Gespenst flight characteristics, allowing sustained gravitic flight and speeds of up to Mach 12. This also enhances maneuverability significantly,

Armor upgrades: Engineered by Challen Revess, the Revenant’s armor has been refitted with the newest ceramic/metal weaves, lightening the frame while increasing overall damage resistance significantly.

Plasma Buckler: Directly attached to the Plasma generator, they enable the robot to make extremely powerful punching and close combat martial arts attacks. Fighting with these for an extended period of time will drain available energy from the generator, and render the gespenst unable to do more than use the comparatively less damaging machine gun and missiles.

Vulcan Cannon x2 A defensive addition, these weapons are primarily designed to shoot down incoming missiles or slaughter light or heavy infantry that is unfortunate enough to get within short range of the gespenst.

Ammunition loader: The m95 machinegun now carries resin, armor piercing, and hammerhead rounds in addition to normal explosive slugs, these are arranged in magazines attached to the hip and rear structure of the gespenst.

Red Fury mode: A side-effect of the combat interface, the Red Fury mode is keyed to Jim’s highly aggressive subconscious and repressed aggression. Basically, the Revenant’s power output is briefly redlined and maximized, reducing mission endurance and flight time a great deal in exchange for enhanced melee combat output, and thruster power. (up to mach 15 in this mode) Active camouflage is deactivated and the Revenant reverts to red with black piping, Extended use of this mode can damage component parts, or exhaust energy entirely and leave the Revenant floating in space. Britannia presently has hard-coded buffers that will bring the Revenant out of the Red Fury before it exhausts enough reaction mass to make return flights to home base an impossibility.

Addendum: At this time, the Revenant has been completely destroyed and only the AI is left. Jim is currently sans robot entirely.

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Post by MajorJim on Sat Aug 01, 2009 7:44 am

Jim, for private reasons, has quietly retired.

(The player just didn't really wanna play him anymore, couldn't relate to the character as such, due to the nature of where the character's mind had gone.)

He has been returned to his home dimension by d-ship.

(not blown up along the way poochy-style Very Happy)

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